Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tourists, Swimmer's Ear, and Personal Journeys

Gorgeous day here on PEI for our 7,000 tourists from the Emerald Princess and Veendam!!  I wish it was this nice all the time.  Too tired to do much with it, but at least the kids are outside.  I had to take Benaiah to the doctor for his ear b/c he says the sound is muffled.  There's nothing wrong with it though.  The doctor mentioned that even the slightest bit of too much loudness from earphones and earbuds can cause hearing loss, so we are going to stay away from those for awhile and see if it heals itself.  we have a place to go for a hearing test as well.  Benaiah had a lot of ear infections as an infant/toddler, but no tubes.  And now he gets water stuck in his ear when he swims.  But this muffling has gone on for 2 months.  I feel bad that it's been 2 months, but we were hoping it was just swimmer's ear.  anyway, we did a little bit of school, but it's on days like this that history and science don't get done, and that's ok.  we only do them 3 or 4 days a week, so we can have errand running days.  I'm feeling less angry and frustrated today though, so I hope that continues.  Gary comes to visit in a few days, so that always brings it's own up and down emotions and reactions, good and bad.  I'm only human and I'm discovering that God doesn't expect me to be perfect in my emotions and reactions.  I expect that I will fail, as I learn to express myself better and relate to others.  And that's where forgiveness and grace, and communication come in.  Silent treatments do not work.  Although, at times, I wish my parents could have used the silent treatment.  we always knew some of the things they were thinking.  but that's how it was, and as Scripture says, the consequences of a person's sins can be felt by the children and the children's children.  it's up to us to break the cycle, as best that we can, by recognizing those patterns and finding ways to improve them.  that's why counseling is so vital to me.  hopefully I won't need it forever, but, it's such a great way to discuss where I'm at and who I am, and where I'm going, etc., especially when Jared doesn't want to talk about it.  the right questions and the right perspective can make all the difference when you are on the journey and discovering yourself.  My life is good.  And by good, I mean fairly stable, joyfilled, moving at a steady pace.  No immediate crisis.  I don't know how long this break will last, but I hope it will for awhile still as I heal.  Losing both parents, having family members with difficulties, hurts alot in ways that it's hard to understand.  I wish my parents could see where Jared and I are at now.  The college, homeschooling, our marriage.  So much to be thankful for and I know they would be proud and enjoy it as well.  I can't be sure they know, the Bible doesn't say either way, but it's nice to think that they know.  Thanks for reading my ramblings, and maybe someday I will really get this blog going....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where have we been?

Where did I go?  Well, I won't tell the whole story, because most of you know it.  And if you don't, FB feeds are great for that.  Feel free to scroll my FB page at your own pace.  But this week, FB kicked me out because of an error with my email address and it has yet to be resolved.  A friend commented that maybe it's a sign from God that I need a break from FB.  I do post a lot, and repost, and comment, and well, yes, I probably do need the break.  But I miss writing about our life, so here I am.

I also recently got back on Twitter, but 140 characters isn't enough for me.  Thankfully, what I post there is getting to my FB wall, so my friends know I'm still alive and kicking.  I think my new plan is simply to start writing.  Not today, perhaps, but in the next few days when little ones aren't underfoot or over my shoulder. 

PEI is a great place to be, and I am grateful.  We are approaching our 10th month here.  And I am content.  Routines are established, adjustments are being made, and we feel like we can breathe and slow down some.  I can't wait to share some details and ongoing stories in upcoming posts.

But for now, we have the rest of our Saturday to check things off the to do list before heading out for some fun activities tonight with friends.  So, how 'bout, eh?