Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 31

We finally got out to play in the snow!
Socks ADORES snow! He never gets enough of it!  And he loved having us outside with him today!

I was holding Abishai when I took this shot.  I held the camera out as far as I could and randomly aimed.  Kind of interesting isn't it?

Rosy cheeks!  Abishai doesn't mind being outside if he's being held.  But he gets upset if you put him down because he can't move!  He was fascinated by all the going on's though.

After my urging, Jared told the kids we would go outside after picking Justin up from winter camp and make something.  Justin was to make a BB8 or snowman, and Keturah choose a dolphin.  She tried on her own, but then Daddy came in and built this for her.  With his BARE hands because he didn't wear his gloves!
Another view of "Winter" (from Dolphin Tale) the dolphin that Jared built!

All done outside.

Time to warm up! Hot chocolate (cappucino for me) with cool whip and marshmellows!

Justin didn't get his snow BB8 finished and was upset that he wouldn't be able to keep it anyway, so he built one with Legos that stay together better than snow.

Justin ventured out and did all the names for the original Star War series.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 30

It's Saturday, so we didn't do homeschool today.  Plus, Justin is at a winter retreat, so it's super quiet.  I was able to pick up the camera more often today, yeah!  I'm still getting used to it's weight, so I haven't messed with other settings yet.  I'm working on the manual zoom of the 28-135 macro lens.  I did try out the video feature too.  So, here's what it looked like when the snow was all done.  We got maybe 5-6 inches, which is really not much.  And the temps warmed up a bit, so the roads cleared up well.

I'm starting to think we got the PS4 for Jared and not just the kids, lol.  Bonding time!

No, she didn't use it, but I thought she looked cute!  I love that we have a snow blower!

Abishai has been working on his pincher grasp and likes to study his hands.

Watching Baby Einstein together on YouTube since Daddy showed Mommy how to get to the internet on the PS4.

And now Keturah and Daddy are out on a date to see Kung Fu Panda 3, Abishai is sleeping, and both of the boys are with friends.  Mommy's working hard to get done early so she can watch her TV show and go to bed!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 29

I haven't voiced this, but I finally figured out why I had to keep stepping way back to take pictures with just the 50mm lens.  Whoops!  Should have been using the macro lens!  So, some of these shots are with 50mm and some with the macro.  We were home all day, but babysat some precious kiddos of a dear friend.  Then Jared drove Justin to winter camp at our local Christian camp for the weekend which was not canceled just b/c of a "few" snowflakes.  He took forever getting home because someone got stuck in the ditch at the camp and the drive home was very treacherous.  I'm glad I didn't go this time.  Speaking of going....

Going, going...the grass is disappearing like it should this time of year....we have a little snowstorm with us tonight.  It should be done by morning.

This is with the 50mm.  Abishai actually did help Justin put away the utensils.  He took them out and put them on the dishwasher's door.

And this is with the macro lens.  Yeah, I found a solution to my problem!  And yes, Abishai looks adorable on Jared's shoulders.  He always goes to the door when someone is coming and going just like the dog does, lol.

Day 28

A full day with school, an appointment, a short visit with a friend, and basketball practice for Mr. J-man.  I'll need to get some pictures of Justin on the basketball court at some point to share with you.  He has improved drastically from not being able to get the ball to hoop at all to now getting a few baskets when they work on technique.  He likes to hang back during scrimmages and just do his job guarding rather than shooting.  That doesn't surprise me given his peaceful nature.  So, what do I have to show you today?  How about a 2nd grade girl who brought up from the basement an old game of "Hot Hoops" to play.

Then there's the A-toddler who never ceases to amaze us with his quick thinking and movements.  The latch broke on our china cabinet so here's a temporary fix so that Abishai doesn't get in there and break our special dishes!

Yes, it's this guy that is growing up too fast and so full of mischief.

Day 27

I love how our homeschool co op meets on Wednesdays because it helps to break up the week a bit.  We had a great morning learning lots about geography after some fun show and tell.  The kids are always excited about sharing their prized possessions and it's a great way for them to work on their presentation skills!  Even a 2 1/2 yr old did it!  Here's a couple of fun moments:
Playing a rousing game that contains facts about PEI!  They were having such a blast playing a fairly straight forward game.  It was fun to watch their excitement!

One of our moms read some books about PEI to the younger crowd.  Then they danced and sang to a song about Prince Edward Island by Stompin' Tom called "Bud the Spud." I love listening to the local entertaiment!

Keturah loves to pick up Abishai and she was dancing with him during the song.


Then Benaiah and I got to join our friends at Cornwall Christian Church for a lovely time of praise and worship and prayer for our church and our communities.  It was just what I needed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 26

Grandma went home today.  But the middles were able to do a little reading last night before bedtime with her.  We will miss her and look forward to our next visit together, whenever and wherever that may be.

The kids were spoiled by Grandma and got lots of Bulk Barn treats and new books! Justin loves his new Star Wars VII ones.

Precious baby enjoying his time on my mom's childhood rocking chair.  Keturah, the decorator, put Frozen stickers all over it.

The PS4 getting its daily workout.  Justin and Keturah love standing on the blue chair to get closer to the screen.

Day 25

Just an average Monday trying to get into the swing of things again for the week.  Grandma took Justin and Keturah ice skating for the first time this year.  We've been so busy that we just haven't gotten there yet.  Most rinks are only open from October through March, so we'll try to get to the rink more often in the next few weeks.  Then they had lunch with Grandma and back home to Mom to do some school.  Meanwhile...
Just a little Stuff 'N Things.  That's what Jared gave Justin as a nickname on a video game and Justin continues to use it as username on different games.


Backstory is that Abishai accidentally got stuck like this in the exersaucer.  Justin decided to recreate the moment for us, lol.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 24

Just your average Sunday with great worship and fellowship, leftovers for lunch, a nap, playing with each other, talking on Skype with grandparents, and then off to bed.  Here's a few pics of our day!

The Battle of Hoth

Time to eat their creations!


A little reading time with Daddy and a book called "60 second bedtime stories..the end" or something like that.

Jared likes to say "stuff 'n things" and Justin picked up on it and has used it as a username on a couple of websites.  I have no idea what the drawing is though.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23

The kids got to start their day with some yummy leftover cake made by one of Justin's good friend's dad. It was from a meeting Jared had last night.

Then we finally took the Christmas tree down! I was actually NOT sad to see it go this time.  Maybe because the living room is so full of toys and we need all the light from the window we can get.

 A tad blurry, but I love how they are positioned in this one.

 Those baby blues! The only true blue eyed, blonde in our family of 6!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 22

Ah, it was a great day! Mommy had a massage appointment 1st thing at 8am to try and work out the awful pain she's been having in her neck and back (thanks gluten and stress!)  Then home for some grammar, math, and history.  Then off to another appointment in the afternoon.  When we got back, Grandma and the middles put together the gingerbread "houses" I got at a great discount after Christmas.
Saying good-bye to a trusty old friend.  We've had a great 4 years together. We've been to Disney World, Indiana, Nova Scotia and everywhere in between.  You've been dropped numerous times, but it still took awhile before the damage was permanent. Onward to bigger and better models!

I left the refridgerator open a little too long and this monkey grabbed the mushrooms.  I poked a whole in them so I could let him try one.  He hated it, but he loved dumping the rest of them on the floor! Don't worry, I gave them a good washing before I used them tonight.

The creativity and concentration this girl has is awesome!

Keturah's gingerbread ice castle is done!

Justin's kit makes a mini village! I love his long piano playing, basketball dribbling fingers!

Yup, blurry...I really need to get some help with that. But Justin is actually eating one of his candies, while thinking about his next move.

We all agreed that the one on the right looks like an outhouse complete with a chimney!

Why is Benaiah missing from these photos? Well, he's a teenager.  And teenagers apparently hate their picture taken and would rather take a nap so he can grow even more taller than his mother.  He's already 5'6" and well, he's close to a man's weight.  But he's still just a 13 year old kid with lots of playtime left ;-)   He'll help eat the gingerbread projects, I'm sure.

Day 21

Whoops! This will be published on the 22nd, because I simply forgot! Or was it that I was so excited that the DC show "Arrow" is back on, plus a new show "Legends of Tomorrow" premiered on the 21st.  I think I'm showing my fangirl here. Hehe.  Anyway, let me see what the 21st brought.  Yes, some good news that I can't share just yet but did lift a huge burden from me.  Playtime with Grandma Leah as she visits.  The never ending new tricks Abishai learns (that kid is SO fast now on the stairs!)  Hm,...let's search the photos....
I messed around with the macro setting and was able to capture this really neat old fashioned candle holder Justin made!

Keturah and Abishai in their footie pj's. (Note how wiggly Abishai is).

Perfect shot of Abishai eating Justin's basketball!  And another glimpse at how alike these two are.

I used the landscape setting and caught our beautiful sunset from our porch (I stood there all of 5 seconds, it's been cold but no new snow!)