Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

All About Us

Hello!  We are the Johnsons, or the J6!  Jared (aka Daddy), Melinda (aka Mama), Benaiah, Justin, Keturah, and Abishai, with our dog Socks.  Jared is currently working a couple of jobs as we transition back to the United States (Indiana) after being in Canada for 4 years.  He loves power tools, cool science videos, and late night TV shows like Steve Colbert.  I (Melinda) am a full time stay at home, homeschool mom.  My interests encircle the globe including the desire to own a farm with horses (yes, still), travel, and watch cool superhero shows.  Benaiah, 14, is in 9th grade and attends a private Christian school after being exclusively homeschooled his whole life.  He loves Counterstrike video game and working out with his Grandpa.  Justin, 11, is in 6th grade and is homeschooled.  He still loves everything Lego, Jurassic World, and the video game Destiny.  Both Benaiah and Justin are in Bible Bowl this year.  Keturah, 8, is in 3rd grade and is also homeschooled.  She loves music and plays cd's from her boombox constantly.  She is also our most creative child who can sit and color for hours.  And last but not least, there's Abishai, who is 19 months old.  He loves everything about matchbox cars and carries them everywhere, setting them up in perfect formations.  He's loud and loves to wrestle with his brothers or snuggle with his sister.  Our dog Socks is 6 years old and lives with Grandma and Grandpa because we don't have room for him at our condo that we are renting this year.  He's a great pyrenes/retriever mix, which means he's large boned, but actually only weighs 70 lbs.

This daily blog contains pictures from our ordinary every day life.  Some days, there is a lot going on.  And sometimes we are just too busy to take pictures.  It is also a way for me (Melinda) to showcase pictures I have taken with my new to me DSLR.  It forces me out of my comfort zone.

The J6 in November 2015 (nearly a year ago at this writing!)

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