Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, December 8, 2017

Year 2, Day 241: Angel Alert

And he nails it! The man child that is.  I had a pretty busy day with a dentist appointment, errands, schooling and then back out for Benaiah's choir performance of "Angel Alert."  Benaiah actually has done this production before, but it has been updated.  It used to be called "Angel Aware."  It was quite endearing and funny to see tween and teens singing the same songs and doing hand motions like the elementary kids and Keturah do.  And of course, Benaiah as Michael the archangel was the best! I'm super proud of him!  Miss Christy (our kids' choir director) and Mrs. Ruth (his drama teacher on PEI) would be super proud of him.  He said his lines super loud and super clear!  He even ad libbed! And he looked super in his full white tux complete with tails and white shoes and well, you'll see! 

But we almost missed it!  Because Benaiah's performing twice, we decided to split up and only Keturah, Justin and I went tonight.  Jared, his parents, and Abishai will go tomorrow night.  We left at 5:40pm and normally it takes 20-25 minutes to get to school.  Tonight, it took 50 MINUTES!  What in the tarnation! Well, there was a 7 car pile up on I-65 near Southport Road which relatively close to us.  And since the highway was backed up, everyone was using the back roads.  I sat for 15 or 20 minutes in one line up at a 4 way stop in the township!  It was nuts!  Because I no time to really set up and test out the DSLR camera, the videography is really rough.  I am switching from the Flip video camera we got 6 years ago because the video quality has deteriorated and it's very grainy.  But I had no idea how the DSLR would do with longer videos and how the battery would hold up.  Well, the battery indicator was flashing and I thought I had to change the battery, so I stopped recording midstream to do that.  But I don't think it was that because it still blinked when I had the new battery in.  The camera stopped several times on it's own, too, maybe because of the length of the video?  I don't edit anything, so I'll have to mess around with that.  I used my phone to take the still photos and some shorter videos to post on social media.  Thankfully, I could send the camera with Jared tomorrow, or even the Flip camera as a backup.  Or we could all go again.  But now I know what I need to know for Sunday for Keturah's performance.

Yes, it's one of those "cram everything into two days" kind of weekend.  But then life opens up again.  But I have to put my head down and work on budgeting, finishing gifts (or starting them or purchasing them), write out Christmas cards for a couple of exchanges we're doing, find time to get to the grocery store, etc. etc. And teach one more solid week of school.  Then I'll need that week before Christmas to focus on Christmas.  And then it's vacation time!  Eek!  I do hate to stop the schooling because we've hit a great stride.  But alas, with all the books we are borrowing from the library, we have plenty to do and read!  Onward!

Benaiah enjoyed "A Christmas Carol" put on by the IRT downtown with his school today!  Yeah for school discounts!  But you know what he told me? He counted the LIGHTS in the ceiling (and there are over 50), how many catwalks they have, where the stage managers were, all the trap doors and set changes, etc.  He commented on why the actor who played Scrooge was better as the happy Scrooge at the end versus the mean Scrooge.  And he noticed the tech booth and what headphones they were wearing.  Once a techie, always a techie.  But he was thoroughly impressed by the show!

It snowed for like 3 hrs today!  Nothing really stuck, but at least it was in the air!

Yeah, the snow showed on my camera! (I was in the dentists' parking lot when I took this pic!)

Yeah, my new Adora flexi clip came!  So pretty!

Hand motions!  Yes, that's my man child all the way to the right.

The whole cast!

Dialogue with Gabbriel (Gabbby) and two mischievous angels, Halo and Harpo.

So daper.

Aww, so cute!

Yeah, Jesus is born, time to celebrate!

Some of the guys did some fun hip hop moves and wore backward hats.

Benaiah is the big one on the left.

The Star of Bethlehem.  I remembered about half of the songs, especially the one that Mary and Joseph sang.

Benaiah has fallen in love with suspenders!  I told him that he would be in good company with Grandpa Howell who always wore suspenders and a belt!  He also said that these were the most comfortable dress up clothes he's ever worn.  Louie's Tux Shop let him borrow the tux for free as a donation to the school so he was properly measured and fitted.  He did have to go up a shoe size though because of his wide feet, but yes, shoes were included!

Justin playing around afterwards.  They had lots of fun things that we had to wait to enjoy until afterwards because we barely made it in time to sit down and watch the play!

His first "fusion" of Poke'mon characters, whatever that means.

Oh my word.  Jaw dropping handsome, don't you think?  The Johnson men always look great in suits!

The shoes!

The proud mama next to her HUGE son!

Coat tails!  He loved them!

We could write notes and buy candy to put int this bags of encouragement for the cast.  It's obvious that the choir teacher has put on many, many plays and musicals before.  Her son attends the school as well.

Lots of "professional" touches like this posterboard, the programs, the refreshments, etc.

The angels talked about hot cocoa in the play.  I got a cup, but probably shouldn't have because now my stomach hurts.  Oh well.  I knew I couldn't have the cookies.  But the other two had plenty of cookies on my behalf.  They had to be talked to about being greedy.  Justin did bring home a cookie for Abishai though.

Benaiah was at school all day and afternoon and evening, so he spent a little bit of time with Abishai.  Such a contrast these two are!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Year 2, Day 239 & 240: Better Days

Tuesday was ok. We were home that day, but were slow on the uptake. I made cranberry bread and a nice dinner. We finished our studies and checked over work from Monday. I think Abishai threw a few trantrums that day, because it seems like his tantrums are getting louder and more frequent. He refuses to potty train/give up paci. He is very picky about bowls and silverware and food. He can be quite mean at times, but he does have to push hard on the others sometimes. As we all are, he is a work in progress. At least he did sleep well. At this stage, those naps are crucial for all of us introverts.

Today was a good day. Keturah made a big effort not to back talk me. Abishai listened to me when we were at gymnastics. Justin didn't cry at his math lesson. And Benaiah had fun trying on his tux for the play tomorrow night. We went to the library after gymnastics and I think I checked out over 50 boxes I had ordered (vacation reading!). I've worked a bit on cleaning out some photos on my phone. It's a process when you don't like to get rid of anything, but I was ruthless with it today. It's the amount of videos I keep on there. I know I load them up to YouTube and we can access them anytime, even without wifi if we use our data (but we rarely do that), but having it right there on the phone is nice. I want to think I'll use them to entertain Abishai but in reality, I don't. I need to be more ruthless. I did have to laugh at several of them today as I watched each one in order to decide what to get rid. (It's a process! Leave it alone!) And we all had a good time at Bible Bowl tonight, including little man throwing our fake soft snowballs at Daddy. Then Abishai had some great laughs with Jared in the bathtub blowing bubbles, while Keturah put away her massive amount of clean laundry she was hiding in her closet. Justin did dishes and Benaiah did homework. Now the littles are in bed and the bigs are getting there.

Cranberry bread!  I misplace my GF recipe every year, but found a decent paleo recipe that used almond flour and a ton of eggs, some flax, backing soda, etc.  It came out great!  The key was to let the batter sit for a bit so that the apple cider vinegar reacted with the baking soda and flax in order to make the bread fluffy.  We also added nuts this time.  I made two loafs, split them in half, and froze 3 halves.  Otherwise we would have eaten it all up in a day!  I don't bake very often, so the kids gobble it up when I do.

Who said you can't garden indoors in the winter?  We planted these in April.  Still going in December!

Two more tomatoes from the vine I thought would certainly die.  Awesome!

I did get a chance to play piano Tuesday evening when Jared took Keturah and Abishai to fill up the gas tanks in the cars before the price went up.  This is the only sheet music I have out of the 3 Christmas albums Michael W. Smith has done.  And let me tell you, if that man ever does 6 key signatures in one piece of music again, I am going to write him a letter!  Granted, this was back in 1988, but still.  it makes a piece of music very difficult.  Anyway, great songs, some of my favorites, like All Is Well, which was my mom's favorite.

A newer favorite we learned at Cornwall Christian Church, Emmnuel by Chris Tomlin.  It's even in the same key as the original recording, so I played along with it.

Remember these?  View finders!  They still work!

All set to watch "The Polar Express!  But this little guy cried out in anguish at every wrong thing that happened!  He was very concerned about all the snow and when the train was going too fast.  But, he calmed down and now he won't let go of the bell we had gotten when we went on a local "Polar Express" in Connersville in 2011 when Keturah was 3 1/2 years old.

Cranberry bread for dessert!

Daddy left this protective sleeve for the kids to play with.  Abishai put it on his foot!  And then he used it to carry the viewfinder and his bell to and from gymnastics today.

This is how you do gymnastics, Mom.  Abishai likes to copy the girls and their moves.

Backward rolls.

Boing! Boing! Jump! Jump!  We love the bouncy floor!  He ran back and forth on the mat on this side of the tape.  He even sat with Justin a bit and played with another little boy that likes cars.

We can now see the girls on the beams in the back thanks to this TV monitor!  The girls were super excited to show us!

Working on back bends.

Very random posing on the steps outside of the gym.  He loves his hat and mittens and doesn't mind that his thumbs aren't in the thumb holes.  He also likes wearing the hat far down over his eyes.

Keturah voluntarily practiced the parts of the body on the library computer.

Coloring robots! I.e. C3PO and R2D2.

I'm so glad my kids can cook their own lunches!  Hot ham and cheese!

Yogurt with extra blueberries and chicken nuggets!

Abishai just eats whatever we prepare, well, at least some of the time.

Ready, set, go!  Snowball fight at church!

What else do you do with an empty long hallway? Abishai also ran all the way to Daddy's office barefoot!  We made sure he took a bath when he got home because those rugs can be pretty dirty.

I've got all the snowballs now!
Watching his favorite songs about trucks and cars and vehicles.  Also, he was saying letters when playing with an alphabet puzzle at the library and trying to spell, "Bliipi!"  No joke!  Blippi spells his name at the end of his videos, so I'm not super surprised but this.  Too funny!