Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, May 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 149: Race Day 2017

Weirdness.  Not going to church on Sunday, but we had Sunday dinner just the 6 of us, at the in laws house today.  Tried to find a live stream of THE race on YouTube, but could only watch a few minutes of it.  Then Jared stayed at the house and the rest of us went back to the condo for quiet/nap time.  Jared joined us later.  Then it was a mad dash to get boxes to the garage before the downpour of rain.  Tomorrow we pick up a Thomas toddler bed for Abishai (hopefully) and Benaiah plans to do his Grandpa work.  Meanwhile, the others have had way too much TV time and Abishai literally played tornado at Grandma's house.  We found several tabletops that were cleared off of books and papers because Abishai whooshed by, no joke!  It's going to be an upside down week, and if you are available, I think we are getting a box truck for FRIDAY not Saturday.  My anxiety level is starting to creep higher.  I have to keep telling myself that as long as everything gets to the new house, I can rearrange it all to my liking after everybody leaves.  I don't like moving things more than once, but, at least I don't have to lift the boxes myself, right?  So, we'll rest up the next 3 days and hit it hard for the next week after that.

Oh, Benaiah calculated his GPA and it's a 3.6!  Woot! Woot! I pulled out my high school transcript for comparison and it was a 3.8 when I graduated and I graduated college with that as well.  Jared had high grades in high school, but played way too many video games and had too many long talks via AOL Instant Messenger with his girlfriend (me) and had barely graduated college on time with some passing grades.  But, he made up for it by getting like a 3.9 in graduate school.  Grades aren't everything, but it's nice to know that we all have brains that do learn and work well and can spit out the information we learned when needed.

Need to make a plan and go before they are all gone!

Typical holiday lunch - brats and burgers on the girl and salad!

Littlest guy, who loves his biggest brother to pieces, helping out!

Benaiah is such a great big brother to all of his siblings!  He wrestles the boys constantly and helps Keturah out when he can.

Typical day filled with cars of every sort and shape and color. 
Not much left to do but play chess.

Abishai's turn.

Justin asked if he could use the camera because Abishai was cute.  Justin took this very awesome picture!

Sadly, there isn't much to do but watch some bus shows.

Beautiful feet.

Found these signs in my homeschooling binder as I was cleaning it out.  We are officially done with school this year!

Eenie, meenie, mini,....mo didn't want to particpate.


We had some thunderstorms this evening, but then the windows seemed brighter again, which usually indicates that the sun is back.  And it was!

And the clouds lifted!

Daddy, I want to show you something on Facetime!  Yes, Abishai did turn the phone around so he could show Daddy Keturah's bed.  Then he hit the "end call" button.

Abishai wanted to snuggle with Keturah and maybe fall asleep in her bed.  Well, they snuggled, and Keturah fell asleep by 9:30.  Abishai was rolling around, so I put him in his crib.  Finally at 10:30 I gave him some naturopathic teething tablets with chamomile in them, because he wasn't falling asleep!  I think I still heard him at 11pm!  What a goof!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Year 2, Day 148: Stuffed!

Well, Benaiah was supposed to put boxes in the garage today, but, he felt that the garage was already too full.  And it is pretty full.  We took down Keturah's bed today, and will do Justin and Benaiah's tomorrow or Monday.  This move will be easier because most things will already be in the garage and we can back up a truck and load it up quickly and it's only going 20 minutes down the road, not 1600 miles.

But, my brain hurts from trying to keep the kids entertained.  They were all wired today, so I sent them to spend the night at the in laws house because Jared is house and dog sitting.  I have too much stuff to do here that requires less interruptions and I don't like hauling around my special foods, etc.  So, tonight, Abishai is spending his first overnight away from Mommy!  And since he often takes naps at Grandma's house, he was ok with it!  Lil' Stinker!  Daddy put him to bed last night here at the condo, and so when Abishai woke up, he asked for Daddy, not Mommy.  I'm glad he loves the both of us and doesn't mind being away from Momma.  Meanwhile, I brought Benaiah back with me so we can do some more work together tomorrow and sort of have a Mother/Son kind of date.

Stir crazy kids, especially this one, who started the day by slamming doors.  BTW, I really don't like my iPhone camera.  I think there's something wrong with it, so I'm going to try to grab the big camera more often again.

Totally appropriate shirt!  "It's the Smile that keeps me out of Trouble!" Again, it has gone through 4 kids wearing it!

Yeah, this is what you do when school's done for the year and your family is moving.  Play sleeping bag monsters!  Hobos!

It's a fun game but it gets loud pretty quickly.

Sleeping bag monster!

So we went outside, and Keturah forgot her water bottle in side, so she was complaining.  Then she wouldn't stop touching Justin's bike, which made him mad.  I tried reading a book, but got interrupted numerous times.  Inside or outside, these kids are going crazy!

Benaiah was hot, so he got to borrow one of his dad's gym shorts!  Jared's had these for nearly 15 years!  And they fit Benaiah perfectly.  I bet Jared held football sized Benaiah in his arms while wearing these shorts.  Sigh.

Abishai got a crown at Sunday School today, and he wanted us all to try it on.

Definitely a princely fellow.
I was told the prince ate like 1,000 goldfish tonight in Sunday School  I told the volunteer that it's odd because he only eats goldfish at church.  She said, it must be because they are Jesus goldfish.  Ok, then!  And I did admit that having goldfish at church is part of his dinner on Saturday nights.  He loves Sunday School though and goes right in and plays without looking back.  It's a good feeling to be able to leave your kid with others with no fear of being called in to get them.

I guess Abishai has a new spot at Grandma's house for all his cars.  Jared had to move some pictures out of the way, though.  Sorry, Mom.

If you look closely, there's a black blob in the middle of the picture.  That's Benaiah and he is dragging Justin out from under the bed. There's a sliver of a blue shirt and an arm you can see.  All 3 boys and their father LOVE to run around, be goofy and wrestle.  It's surprising how much they do NOT break, especially at Grandpa's house where he has lots of pretties.  Anyway, I love watching them play like this.

Leah will love this!  Jared said that Abishai found the coaster and put his cup on it all by himself!  You have trained him well, Grandma!

Abishai also wanted to help feed the doggie!

He even put them outside all by himself and it was his idea!  We didn't tell him to do it!

Then he said, "Doggie, Go!" because he wanted Socks to go eat.  I think he said, "Nom Nom" too.

We love reusable fabric bags this.  You know you are part of the J6 when you pack for an overnight in a fabric grocery bag.

Abishai's first overnighter without Mommy!  Big step!  Next up: potty training!  Then he can go on trips with Grandma and Grandpa without Mommy and Daddy!

This is for my mom and sister, Stefanie.  We love Dunkin' Donuts and look, they have iced coffee!

This is why I have always discouraged the kids to put bottles of anything in the freezer.  If you want it cold, put it in the refrigerator!  Because I know that they or I will forget and then this will happen.  This was a great bottle and has Keturah's "I 'heart' Gymanstics" on it.  So disappointing.

Huge crack in the bottle!

7 teeth left!  The tooth fairy forgot two days in a row.  Oops!
Here's the bottle when we first discovered it with the frozen water in it still.

Shaking my head, please don't do this!

How many "men" does it take to take apart a bunk bed?

Apparently, 5 "men"!  Ethan, Justin, Benaiah, Jared and Abishai.  Or, as the joke goes, 1 man to take it down and 4 men to comment and watch him do it.

Only 4 1/2 days until we walk into our new house!  It's so close I can smell it!  I can't sleep sometimes because I'm still planning everything in my head!  It's really real!  And exciting!