Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, July 3, 2017

Year 2, Day 174: Sunday Funday

It was a fun Sunday.  We had some great snuggles, and then I snuggled a little 5 month old girl at church during the 11am service.  She was small like our kids were, with lots of happy, contented smiles.  It was a joy to be in there again! And I got to hang out with some of my friends as well.  Have I told you that one of the women that was in my dorm at college now attends the Creek with her family?  She got married and had kids later than we did, but it's been fun getting to know her again.  She volunteers a lot in Abishai's class, but today we were in the nursery together.  Fun stuff!

Then we had Sunday dinner at Mom's and Dad's which was basic hamburgers, cooked veggies, salad, fruit, pink stuff and corn on the cob.  Leah did a great job keeping my plain food separate.  I was so full after our long 3 hr nap (Jared, Abishai and I, separately), that I didn't want anything for dinner. We didn't wake up until 6! So, again, Abishai was able to stay up until dusk.  That worked out well, because we were able to light up some sparklers with everyone before Benaiah heads to CIY tomorrow.  They will gone over the 4th of July, so it will just be the other 3, Jared and I, and Leah to try and see the downtown fireworks at our old spot.

Anyway, we had some great moments today, including (and yes, I'm so putting this here!), Abishai mispronouncing "rocking horse" making it sound like the "F" word.  We couldn't hold back our laughter so he started repeating it louder and louder with a big smile on his face!  Oh my goodness!  I don't think any of the others ever mispronounced a word making it sound like a swear word.  Hilarious!  So, we emphasized other words like "riding on a neigh neigh" and "walking horse," focusing on the "w."  But I don't think I'll ever forget the look on all our faces!  Our kids have never heard that word.  Ah!

But then we cleaned up from lunch and went outside on the porch and some played in the yard.  Oh yeah, Jared had walked the kids and dog over to his parents' house while I was at church.  So, Socks had a good visit, too.  Then we all drove back.

After a bite to eat this evening, Jared mowed the back yard in record time: 1 hr.  And then we got the sparklers out, as you will see.  If I have time, I'll load up the videos, too.  And, Abishai saw his first firefly light up!

Playing Angry Birds again, but they ended up getting some matchbox cars out and building a garage.

All 4 kids, plus the dog looking on, playing frisbee together!  Say what?! Playing together?! And not fighting?! Yeah!!!!

Meanwhile, Jared mowed the back yard.  He hasn't touched a mower in over 5 years!  I'm serious!  We didn't have to mow the lawn in Charlottetown, or at the condo.  I'm sure it was like getting back on a bike, easy to get in the grove again.

Mowing Monster

Our skyline to the west is certainly not as wide or tall as from the deck in Charlottetown, but we do have a little bit of color! 

I seriously didn't have any matches or lighters, so we had to bring out the blowtorch.  Abishai got right in there and wasn't afraid of the torch or the sparklers!  We've been holding on to this sparklers for a couple of years I think.  

Lol! When you are a teen in the digital age, you have to take pictures and videos for your Instagram posts.  He did take several pictures/videos of Abishai's reactions, too.

Yeah, sparklers!

Finally sparklers!

It wasn't this bright out. My camera compensated for dusk.  But all the kids, plus Jared, having fun!

Watchdog.  On a leash because he keeps chasing the bunnies!



Abishai copied his siblings and started running around and then chased the others like he had a gun in his hand.  He definitely is up for trying new things and running with it, literally.

Get in there!  Don't be afraid of the torch!

Perfect exposure!

Got it on film!

Ah...I'm going to get you!

Run, run, run!

I think we'll need to pick up some more sparklers!

Happy big boy!

Attack Benaiah!

I wanted to drive Benaiah back home after church because he had ridden with Grandpa this morning.  He literally said, "But I'm watching blinkies!" when I asked him what else he needed to do.  So, Ryan, the sound guy today, pushed some buttons and made more things blink off and on.  It's hard to pull this boy away from the fun buttons and his friends.

When I went to change a stinky diaper, Abishai knew what to get out.  "Bum hurt" for the vaseline and "Bum Nice" for the baby powder.  He didn't like that I had gotten out a diaper, so he got out another one and put mine back EXACTLY where it came from!  And of course he got the wipes.  We have a routine and he knows it!

Look what fun I found at Grandpa's house!  The gun is bigger than he is!

Abishai was very picky about how far away Justin and Keturah could be and he said they couldn't swing.  Just sit.  At least he knows what he wants.

Here's a few videos:

Sparkles 1

Sparkles 2

Sparkles 3


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