Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, July 7, 2017

Year 2, Day 179: The Fence Climber

Before my feet hit the floor, I asked Keturah to put the dog out.  I then when about checking email and stretching as I normally do.  A little while later, I call out for Keturah to go check the dog.  But he's gone! She did NOT put him on the leash!  I didn't tell her she could just leave him loose now that the fence is fixed, nor did I remind her to put him on the leash.  Well, he escaped! The gates were closed, the fencing was in place, so that just leaves Socks, who everybody else assumed couldn't do it anymore because he's "old" at 7 years old, to climb over the fence like he used to.  I told them he would if he wanted to.  It took over an hour to find him, as well as circling our neighborhood, other neighborhoods, and multiple posts on Facebook in different groups.  Jared even had to come back from work twice to help.  But he was found and I had to repriortize my day and get to Meijer to get Socks a tag with our current phone number on it.  Yes, I didn't have one on him this whole past year.  He did have his rabies tag, but that phone number is linked with the vet in Charlottetown and they didn't have our current information.  So, I also called up there and got that updated as well.  Socks never has lost his collar, so it's been a very reliable way to get him back home.  He does have a microchip, but I haven't kept that updated.  I need to make that phone call now that we are more permanent.

So, that was the start of the day.  By the time everyone settled down, it was time for lunch.  Oh, and Justin's out of town friend wanted a playmate today, so his aunt picked up Justin to go swimming and now Justin is staying overnight with them.  So, I was waiting on her as well.  Also, Leah had taken Abishai's blankie to be washed and dried before naptime, so she offered to take Abishai for his nap while I took Keturah with me to the store.  Now, Keturah wants to buy the whole store, but she wasn't as annoying to me since it was just her and not Abishai, too.  I was able to go slow and really look for some food items for me, as well as get some wanted/needed items.  Like bandaids.  Ok, they may be "needed" but we actually don't use that many bandaids.  And tablecloth clips because the tablecloth keeps slipping and sliding.  Again, not "needed" but wanted.  And some nitrite and sugar free deli meat and hot dogs for me.  Yes, check your labels, sugar is in EVERYTHING.  Even in some multigrain tortilla chips Jared bought!  That kind of stuff does add up quickly though.  But it was an enjoyable one on one trip and I let Keturah pick out a box of character bandaids like we used to do in Charlottetown and have an Icee drink that she shared with Abishai.

Meanwhile, Jared, and our friends Dan and Mary, finished off the other side of the fence.  Again, this fence is only a first defense.  Soon enough, Abishai will learn to climb fences like Socks does and/or open the gate and away those two trouble makers will go.  But it was so cute when Grandma brought Abishai home after naptime and he saw Socks and said, "Socks home.  Socks safe." and gave Socks huge backwards hugs the rest of the evening!  Those two make quite the pair.  Abishai also knows who belongs at our house and who doesn't.  He said, "Daddy home (looking at the truck).  Mommy home (looking at the van). Sissy home (looking at Mrs. Headphones on the couch). Benaiah bye bye.  Babe (Justin) bye bye. (And opening the glass door and pushing on Grandma's legs as she stood in the doorway) Ice cream go! Ice cream bye bye!"  Ok then, we know who belongs here then!  Socks does sort of mental head count as well and is more restless when kids are in and out or gone.

Goggie home! Goggie safe!

Abishai put his dolly to bed this morning.

So glad Jared got into fizzy water that has no sugar and no sweeteners and just a hint of flavor.  We found this flavor and two others at Aldi's this week.

Super, super sad Justin gave his friend a mini hockey stick from Canada.  His friend is moving much further away sometime before school starts to Atlanta Georgia.  He wrote his friend a letter with my phone number and our address.  I don't want to give Justin a full on iPod, but we need to keep something available to him so he can communicate with friends through Skype or Facetime.

Justin isn't faking it here.  He was crying for over an hour before his friend picked him up.

Again, this is true emotion.  He said, "The emotions are unbearable."  Yes, kid, they are.

Keturah picked out the color she wanted for her other big "K" for her room and of course she choose sea foam blue like Elsa's dress.  I have something else I'll be purchasing for her room and I asked her if it was ok to get it since it was pink because I didn't want her to feel like she had too much pink in her room.  A "Pinkish" room is what I called it.  Keturah likes many colors anyway.

Abishai helped arrange fries and chicken nuggets on the cookie tray for dinner (for them) tonight.  He loved that job because he likes everything in order.  I showed him how to spread it all out evenly, and he did a great job!

The escape artist.

Can I see, Sissy?

30% off some summer items, so I picked up this sprinkler meets Twister game.  We'll take it outside tomorrow.

But for now, Abishai thinks it's a dance mat and/or run around in circles and fall down mat.

We had some massive thunderstorms today, which was good because it cool things off a bit.

I included a bunch of these series of pictures because you need to see how Socks just sits so still and lets Abishai do whatever he wants to him.  Yes, Abishai put the hula hoop around Socks himself.

Hula hoop time!

Socks ducked his head but didn't move his body.

He just sat there, perfectly still.

I love how they are looking at each other in this one.  They literally see eye to eye right now.  Adorable!

So...many...laughs!  And evil sounding laughs, too.  Loud and obnoxious and "haha!" kind of laughs.  So many tickles and laughs!

Aw, more hugs for doggy.  Melts my heart.

Kisses night night.

The clouds did lift late this evening from this afternoon's storms, which are common in Indiana in the summertime.
Oh, we also heard the weekly tornado siren drill, and the big choo choo which woke up Abishai from his nap at Grandma's.  She said he came running out of the spare bedroom shouting, "Foo-foo! Foo-foo!"  He also almost used a swear word, the F word, again, when he was trying to say, froggy.  He said F***y.  Really, kid? You are going to be the one who embarrasses me the most, aren't you?

And lastly, and most importantly, my phone decided to quit again.  So text Jared instead or find me on Facebook.  Currently, I'm going to let it sit overnight, hopefully loose all of it's power, and then plug it back in so it resets and recharges.  We'll see. Grr!

Next up: little bathroom gets worked on and I do the projects I was supposed to work on today.

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