Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Year 2, Day 183: Are we in a tropical storm?

It rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and thundered and there was lightning ALL DAY! It finally cleared about 5pm, but our front walkway was submerged again and the backyard was a swamp.  I'm used to the occasional thunderstorm, but not to this all day deluge.  I think if it was snow, it would have been 3 feet!  The rain made it a little harder for Benaiah to get his work hours in because most of his work is outside at either house.  The weather forecast is iffy all week, too.  But of course, we need the rain and it did keep the temps down today.  I hope Justin was ok at CIY going from the dorm to the student center to the PAC or Performing Arts Center.  Yes, I know all the places the CIY kids this week will go because they are at the college I attended for 2 years.  Anyway, besides the free time in the afternoon, the kids are in the buildings for sessions and Encounter time and D-group time, etc.  In fact, I pulled out more of my CIY information from 19 years ago and a lot of it was the same!  They still call it the same things!  CIY has been doing these events for over 40 years!  But, we had a lot less special lighting and haze, which is now an inside joke between Benaiah and I.  Haze is like fog that musicians like to use, but it's not dry ice.  I understand the purpose of it, but I still think it's unnecessary to use it all the time.  Just my opinion.

Moving on, I emptied 5 book boxes onto the shelf and discarded about 1/4 to 1/3 of a box today to give away, woot! woot!  I did not purge books or my clothes when we moved from Canada, so I'm taking the time now to try to do a little bit.  It's still hard though.  Some of the questions I asked today were "Could I easily borrow this from the library? Is it something that has my or another person in my family's name in it?  Is it something all the kids so far have loved to read?" And those questions do help a lot.

Meanwhile, Keturah wandered the house bored without Justin, bugging Abishai at times, and asking when it was naptime so she could watch TV.  I told her I would limit her to 2 hrs because of her bugging me about it, but I let it slide because she was quiet, and was watching Dude Perfect where they do cool face offs and trick shots and stuff.  And I had to sneak a shower in before Abishai woke up.  Benaiah worked here in the morning to early afternoon and then went to work at church.  Abishai did his normal routine.

However, his normal routine now includes singing with this little guitar from the Carribbean we got for Keturah and singing "Yes, Jesus loves Abishai! Yes, Jesus loves Ice Cream! Yes, Jesus love Mommy! Yes, Jesus loves (Benaiah)! Yes, Jesus loves Sissy! Yes, Jesus loves Bubba!" But at first he didn't sing it with Grandma or Daddy.  I asked him, too, and he said, "No Daddy, No (Ice Cream)."  Lol!  But later in the day, he did everybody, including Bryce and Ethan.  I know that in the Sunday School room on Sunday mornings they say something like "Jesus loves Gabriel.  Jesus love Jesse.  Jesus loves David." etc. so I suspect they do something in his classroom on Saturday evenings.  It's totally adorable!  His mind is always spinning.  In fact, his body is, too!  We were in the AT&T store this evening and he kept running up and down the length of the store.  Thankfully, it was just us and two of the employees.  Benaiah had to help calm him down.  And when we got home, Abishai and Keturah and Socks got a chance to run off some energy.

So, we ordered a rose gold iPhone SE for me, 32 gig, and it will come to the house by Friday (or Monday) and I can get it set up on my own.  If I have issues, I can go to the store again, but hopefully, I can figure it out.  It's brand new, so I'm going to guard it with my life because oh my goodness the retail price for a phone like that is, wow, higher than any other electronic we've bought ourselves.  You all might be used to the price, but I'm in sticker shock.  I think it counts as my birthday (which is tomorrow!) and anniversary and Christmas gifts to my self this year and next.  I'm pretty excited about it.  It's not often that I get a brand new item.  I use a lot of hand me downs, and really, I prefer it that way.  Contentment, right?

Ok, here's the pictures of the day.

Let's just make a big hole to the crawlspace shall we?  Yes, Benaiah is standing on the crawlspace floor.  Fun times!

I'm so happy we have a garage where the kids have room to play a little with things like bubbles.  And yes, she's in her pj's, again.

This is horrible! It's near the top of the priority list.  The water seeps into the crawlspace, too.

Aww, snuggle time!

I think she's going to single handedly eat the whole bag, and do it mindlessly.  At least she has a napkin with her!  This girl likes her sweets and salts, but not the vegetables and protein as much.  It's butter puffed popcorn.  Yum!

So much water!  This was mid storm.

Keturah let the dog out this evening and then wandered over to the water.  Well, Abishai followed and thankfully, he was just in his diaper because he was eating some watermelon and we usually strip him for messy foods.  I didn't blink an eye and said go for it!  I even let the dog off the line!

Socks was thrilled to run through all the water, too!  I think he might remember running through the water at the beaches on PEI.  He did get tired though by the time I was taking videos.  His legs were pretty wet, but because it's just grass and not actually mud, he came inside wet, but clean.

I love that there are these big rocks in places!  Fun things to climb on!

All wet!

Jared had left some wood beams out in the yard for the bat box and they got submerged in the water.  So, Keturah pushed them up out of the water for us.

That big hole in the middle is from the dog running through the fire pit.  Thankfully his next run through the water cleaned him off.

This is what is left of that huge pile of wood a couple of nights ago.  Wow!  It burned fast and hot!

So much water!

But oh so much fun for kids and puppies!  THIS is the memories I live for.  Having enough breathing room in our schedule to just go with the flow and play with what life presents us.  My goal is to say YES go for it! more often than saying "No, I'm to tired and busy."  A big yard with a fence is soooooo helpful in saying yes to fun.  So is a playroom/school room and other separate rooms to hold all of our art supplies and books and toys.  I can't wait to get the rest of everything on shelves!

No, he isn't floating, but he loves to lay down in water and put his head back.  He was doing it in the bathtub earlier today.  I have to keep a closer eye on him because of it.  The only time I left him was to get my camera and even then, I told Keturah to keep an eye on him because he can drown in just a little bit of water.  Anyway, I just hope we aren't all itchy tomorrow from the grass and weeds in that water.

I put up 5 boxes of kids' pleasure/picture books today.  And once again, I found this particular book.  Leah bought a new copy of the book and it's exactly the same.  Therefore this copy is going on the keepsake shelf.  Why, well, if you can read the writing it says, "To Our Favorite Little Boy" (written by Gary) and "Jared Johnson, Christmas 1981, Mom and Dad" (written by Leah).  Yes, this is Jared's book from when he was 2 1/2.  What book is it you ask?......

This one! Richard Scary's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!

I love that it's covered with a brown paper grocery bag like we used to do for our textbooks in public school.  I don't know which boy wrote the title on the front, but obviously, they were older when they put the cover on and wrote the title.

And now, Jared gets to read the new copy with Abishai at exactly the same age as he received it.  Abishai had so many awesome sounds and indeed was fascinated by all the different kinds of vehicles.  Awwwwww.......

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