Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Year 2, Day 185: It's here! And it's pink!

I got my brand new iPhone ROSE GOLD SE today!  For a girl who, very contentedly prefers hand me downs, having a brand new big ticket item bought for me is like GOLD.  Just like my brand new stove and brand new computer (well, it was brand new two years ago), I'm super excited! And guess what? It was SUPER SIMPLE to activate, and the information from the iCloud of the previous phone DID work!  The tiny 8 gig phone I was trying to use was just too old and small to handle the previous phone's iCloud backup.  Wow, I love it when technology works seamlessly.  Now I just have to remember my passwords, lol!  So, thank you Jared for my new phone! I can't wait to check out all the new features! And the top "off" button works! Hallelujah! Lol.  I know, it's just a phone, but it is essential to have something that works well.

Ok, ok, speaking of new, I finally took Keturah to pick out new glasses!  It will take up to 2 weeks for them to make her lenses and get them back to the store.  And, they were cheapest pair of glasses I have ever bought directly from the eye doctor's office!  They have a great package deal and we basically got them for 40% off!  Praise the Lord!  We also got gas and made a final run to the Irvington Library to pick up on more book that we had ordered from there.  I adjusted our other requested materials to be delivered to the Franklin Rd. branch.  Oh, and I made a stop at CVS as well for medication.

Meanwhile, our friend Dan was back and he and Jared got the subfloor put in the little bathroom.  Dan also took a look at the gutter issues but the gutters were screwed in weird (of course) so that will have to wait until another day.  I played clean up crew, especially since it had been drizzling off and on.  Benaiah spent the day working at church, carrying speakers up a flight of stairs and cleaning out the work room behind the stage.  Keturah did her normal as well.  She's excited to have Justin back so he can do his own chores.  Ok, child, we know.  At least she's keeping her room picked up and keeping Abishai occupied.  Abishai, oh my word, is picking up ideas and words left and right.  And Jared said his outfit made him look so much older and I agree.  He wants to constantly wash his hands and brush his teeth (I think it's the yummy tasting baby non flouride toothpaste he likes).  He gets out all the things he needs for diaper time.  He even knows to hold my hand in the store and stays close by (for the most part).  And he notices every "helper" vehicle out there.

Oh, speaking of vehicles, I spent part of the day moving some things around in order to get back to my goals for each room.  For example, I don't mind toys being out in the TV room and even left there overnight, but their home is in the sunroom.  So I removed a lot of them.  I transfered a brown box worth of stuff to a purple tub as well.  I made some decisions about where the big pictures go on the wall.  I think we'll wait to paint another year.  We just need to fill in holes and sand it down.  So, yes, white walls, and that's ok.  We were looking at tile tonight at Lowe's and window blinds and talked about how to redecorate the half bathroom and to be honest, I don't have a clue.  It's not something we did when we lived in Beech Grove.  I was dealing with little kids.  It's kind of fun, but frustrating because there's so many options!

And we came home to the most beautiful sunset!  And Justin comes home tonight!  And vacation is only 1 month away! And, last but not least, Abishai turned 2 1/2 today!  Say what?! He's officially 2 1/2 years old!  A really cute video showed up on my FB feed of him laughing when he was 5 months old.  It shows that Abishai is always laughing and having fun and just goes with the flow.  I can't wait to take him on vacation, although the ride up there might be a little long.  And there's wifi, so hopefully I can update the blog and such.  So, there is a break in the storm of life.  Not all days are great and not all days are bad.  Praise the Lord that His Mercies ARE new every morning!

First, this is what happened when Jared left this morning:

Little man tried to play this game all by himself and did all the arranging of the blocks.  When he couldn't get the blocks in right, he stacked them instead.  So very smart!

Ta da! Progress!

So grateful to have great handymen in my life!

Almost toy free!  I do NOT want toy boxes sitting in front of furniture, under furniture, or blocking any other thing.  I have had that happen in EVERY house we've had.  I want clear floors.  Now the sunroom area won't look like that because they will get down a box of stuff.  But in general, THIS is how I want the living room to look at the END of the day.  During the day, make a mess!  Just clean it up in the end.

NO toys in front or under the piano and no toys in front of the bookcases.  There is one game sitting there but it fits on the very top of the bookcase and I was lazy and didn't put it up.  But NO BROWN BOXES either!

One little girl let her dog in and forgot to clean off his paws.  Guess what she's going to be doing tomorrow.  Washing the floors! And yes, it trailed all the way from the back door to the front door.

Cute paw print!

It's sooooo pretty!!!

Like father like son!  Gary has taken so many of his Sunday afternoon naps in this very chair.  It's not Sunday, but Jared is positioned just like his dad would be.  Aw!!

And this is how we watch TV. Lol.

I'm definitely not proficient at getting the tones and all the colors in my photographs, but I do try.  I had to keep going out every few minutes because the sunset kept changing.  Beautiful!

TONS of purples and pinks!

Good night!

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