Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Year 2, Day 180: Demolition Day!

Today, Jared and our friends Mary and Dan, started tearing apart the half bathroom.  We knew it would be bad, and in some ways it was worse and some ways it wasn't as bad.  Jared says that in the crawlspace, you can 3 different colors of mold under that bathroom!  And when the started tearing up the floor, there was the subfloor, the real floor, vinyl, and then click in flooring!  And there was termite damage (could be old though).  And some of the flooring was so damp, that when it started to dry out outside, it started to curl!  Oh, and the stench of the mold was stifling, so we had to open windows.  Anyway, it's closed off for now until the men have a chance to get back to it.  Meanwhile, I sprayed weeds and while I did, Abishai almost took off to Grandma's house!  I look away for 30 seconds and he's at the next home's driveway!  Jared was mowing and actually, he got the whole yard done today, as well as worked 3 hrs in the bathroom.  Woot! Woot!  Tomorrow is definitely his day of rest.

I was a spectator, kid/dog watcher, lunch maker and clean up crew.  I certainly did not get my tasks done today, so I'll keep working tomorrow.  I think my phone gave up the ghost, so I'm trying to stay connected through the tablet, and possibly another phone, but I think it's got less gig in it and it's not syncing with my information right, so I have to work on it.  Thankfully, the automatic back up ran at 1 am last night, so I have as much data backed up as I can.  I think it's the physical screen that is broken.  Not sure.  So, I've scrambled today to set up emails and podcasts and such on the tablet.  The tablet does have a phone number associated with it, but it's super expensive to use data and the phone.  So, I'm trying to avoid it.  Also, my computer's hard drive is full again, so I'm messing with that.  All of this makes it hard to get to the books still sitting in boxes or keep up with a declutter challenge with my sister.  Oh well.  It all gets done eventually.  I did label the science bookshelves today, so at least I have an idea of where everything goes.

Meanwhile, Justin spent the whole day with Bryce, playing outside and rummaging through Bryce's aunt's basement.  They even found a pinball machine!  Fun!  Bryce is spending the night and then Grandma's taking them to the middle school core class at church for the 9:15 am hr.  Benaiah and Gary come home late tonight because they did go on to Kings' Island with the youth group today.  Keturah did some extra chores for Justin and had her screen time, her ice cream, her Lego time, and put cortizone on all her itchy spots.   Abishai ran and ran and ran circles around us, back and forth, "what's going on" facial expression, naptime, church nursery with goldfish and train table.  Socks got extra lovings, too.

And the weather was decent.  Dry, and just a little warm.  It's supposed to get warmer and rain the rest of the week, so we'll see how that goes.  Fun times with baby inside and a wet smelly dog while we fix a bathroom!  And that's after we get the overnight bag from Benaiah, empty it and refill it with Justin's stuff, all before CIY celebration tomorrow night.

Oh, church was interesting....but you'll have to go and see it for yourself....

Went to bed hugging the doggie, woke up hugging the doggie.  Socks has been sleeping in the hallway watching over all of us.

Little guy is now a big guy in Daddy's lap.

Half bathroom Before

Swing! Swing! And Keturah likes to tease Abishai while he swings.

Daddy, bug!  Abishai's vocabulary is increasing rapidly, and he's using them correctly!  He can copy almost any word and say it back to us now.  And he notices connections between things so much!  I can't wait to see how he carries that skill throughout his home education, too.  I anticipate some interesting discussions ahead!

Holding on tight!

Keturah pretending to get hit by the tire swing.

He's getting braver and holding his head back.

Who knew there was linoleum under that other flooring!

Always watching!

The stripped the bathroom down, including the old tile.

This is the subfloor and you can see the crawlspace through that hole.

One toilet just sitting in the garage.  Hm,.....

Nasty, nasty floor!

Termite damage.

Water damage.

Always more mowing to do.  Benaiah isn't going to like it, but he has to mow Grandpa's yard tomorrow before it rains this week.

Good bye flooring!

Keturah adores the swing!  I think it's very soothing for her and gives her chance to be alone and feel the wind in her hair.  Awesome!  She needs that!  She worked hard on Legos and other crafty things in her room today.

That's a wrap!

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