Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, July 10, 2017

Year 2, Day 182: Heads in the Clouds

Stuff. And I want chocolate.  And not just unsweetened chocolate powder.  Milk chocolate.  But such is life.  Moving on...

Monday, monday.  Justin did a bunch of chores to catch up from being busy with his friend the last couple of weeks AND for the fact he will be at CIY all week.  We also did his final packing for the trip.  But this is how "head in the clouds" he was this morning:

 I found him just staring off into space holding a banana to his chin.  Say what?!  I reminded him that he had had three full days of friends already this weekend and to not be afraid to go sit somewhere quietly during the afternoon running around/game time so he can recharge.  And if a youth leader or kid asks him if he's ok, to literally just say he's an introvert and he needs his "me" time or quiet time to recharge.  I think he was emotionally drained from saying good bye to his closest friend as well.  He was edgy, grumpy, and at times just mad.  He also did not sleep well last night.  Both he and Keturah aren't sleeping well, but I don't know why.  It's not caffeine or sugar or electronics late at night.  They have had plenty of physical exertion during the day.  They can't even fall asleep and stay asleep after it gets dark either.  And they've never been like this unless they were babies.  I'm going to start diffusing some lavender and peace and calming (after I purchase some) and also putting it on their feet at night.  I don't know if there's something about the new house that's bothering them or maybe the mold we found in the other bathroom or the change from city water to well water or what.  They've never been on well water before, but we do filter our drinking water.  Abishai seems ok.  And when I get to bed I'm fine.  Justin's room is dark because of Abishai's naptime is during the prime time for the western sun.  Keturah still needs blinds and/or curtains.  Anyway, just another problem to tweak.

Now he's being funny and almost laughing (see those dimples?)

Abishai has now learned how to rock the recliner back and forth and not just subtly.  No, he's a true Johnson and rocks it as fast and hard as he can muster.  Jared's cousin Donna is the fastest rocker I have ever seen, and it definitely runs in the family because her dad rocks pretty hard, too.
 Then we headed out to take Justin to church and drop him off and then over to the in laws house so I could be near a phone so I can talk to people the old fashioned way! I mean, by actually calling someone without it being preprogrammed into the phone or texting them.  No, Gary and Leah do NOT have a rotary phone (and yes, I know what they are), but they do have a cordless home phone.

The sign in process was smooth as butter.  And check this out! Justin had already found his roommates and neighborhood friend before we left!  And he was almost too embarrassed to say good bye to me until one of the other boys said, "Go hug your mother!"  And then he tackled me, maybe to show off to his friends, because it was kind of how Benaiah blows me off sometimes.  Hm,....But apparently, someone else wanted in on the socializing.  Abishai would make the best little sidekick on any trip I bet.

And I'm not sure who was more excited about seeing the rental buses, Abishai, Keturah, Justin or Mommy!  All three kids gave the buses the name of the green bus on Abishai's favorite bus tv show, Gorgy (?) Rorgy (?) I don't know.  But I'm glad I had taken my camera with me because Abishai did want a picture in front of them.

Touch the bus! I think Abishai was a little bit afraid because of how big the buses are and how loud they are.

Boys' bus! With sports equipment and skateboards of course!  And they are off!  See ya Thursday night!

We headed over to Gary and Leah's so Benaiah could get to work and I could have a phone to use.  Abishai loves bouncing between the two houses.  I don't think he gets tired of the toys at either place because of the rotation.

Abishai asked me to play with him and led me by the hand to the cars.  He wanted to smash cars together and then took one of the cars and placed it on a truck that looked like a wrecker so it could be towed off to get fixed.  He's just reenacting what he sees in his TV shows.

Big boy had to mow, even if it was drizzling or lightly raining.  The grass needed cut and he needed work hours.  It was a very warm day, too.  It's supposed to get up to 90 degrees this week but with lots of rain.

Rocking and swinging are his new favorite pasttimes.  We got up on Grandma's big porch swing and he wanted me to push it.  Whereas before, he was afraid of it moving.  Sister got on and proceeded to poke him.  He kept telling her to stop and even swatted at her annoyingly.  He was neither playing nor full on angry about it.  Just go away, sister!  It was quite comical actually, but I did make her stop.
 Abishai stayed at Grandma's house for naptime because Jared was having another plumber repairman take a look at the half bathroom's piping and we didn't want to wake up Abishai.  Plus, after that, Jared and I were going to get a new phone for me.  It worked out well and I was able to get some stuff done at home.  Yes, we are biting the bullet and buying an iPhone brand new off the shelf. The cheapest one they sell though.  We're done using second hand devices that die in 2 months.  This past one was Gary's first, then Jared's, and then mine.  It's past it's prime. I can use this other backup phone, but, not all of my settings transferred and the iOS is several generations back.  So, I'm pretty happy that I get something brand new and shiny!  Actually, I picked out the rose gold one, too.  They didn't have it in stock, so I'll go back tomorrow after they get one from the other store.  We went directly to the AT&T store where our phone plan is because we'll have it on a contract for a little while.  Then we came home, made supper, puttered and Grandma brought Abishai back after his nap and a little supper.  Back and forth and all over the place.  Same goes for everyone's attitudes and emotions today, too.  It's Monday.  We all suffer from lack of restful sleep.  But we all can do better, too.

Move your feet, loose your seat, Daddy! It's Abishai's chair now!  He even brought his new friend up in the chair with him and tucked her in.  He loved that she has her own pacifier.  He as pushing her around in her stroller earlier and no joke, was making tire squealing sounds as he rounded corners and ON PURPOSE he lifted one side of the stroller off the ground!  He also skidded the stroller to a stop just like Lightning McQueen does on Cars 1, complete with sound!  This kid is an actor!

Night night Abishai.  Night night baby.

Bonking heads is so much fun and hilarious!  I'll never understand why boys need to rough house each other.  I'll just keep taking the pictures, thanks.

Get 'em!

Lots of tickles and hugs and squirming.  Time for bed!  Oh, and Mr. Evil Laugh got Keturah laughing when she was pouting because he randomly did that evil laugh..  She cheered up a bit after that.
So, lots more to do this week, but then we have nothing next week, except get ready for a belated birthday party for Keturah.  It will be quieter with Justin gone because there will be less fighting, but I think Keturah is going to get bored as well.  One day at a time and pray for those kids and leaders at CIY or the younger kids at KidJam.  Keturah wants to go with her friends next year to KidJam, which is another summer program but for elementary students.  And 3 weeks from Wednesday, the local township's schools get started fr the year.  That's nuts!  Well, at least the local pools, parks, and splashpads will be quiet again.  But for now, we all need some sleep!

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