Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Year 2, Day 183: Happy 150th Canada Day!!!!

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!!!!! Before we were even out of bed this morning, both Jared and I tweeted something about Canada Day.  With a child who is a dual citizen, it's important to celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day.  And it seems like the neighborhood knew it, too, because there are several homes setting off tons of big fireworks right now as I type this at 10:20 pm.  They are supposed to be done by 10 on days around the actual holiday and 11 on the day of the holiday.  Anyway, we both also made the effort to wear red to church tonight and put red on Abishai as well.  We told people "Happy Canada Day!" and even wrote it on our tithe check.  To our Canadian friends, we miss you and think about you often, especially on days like this.  Thank you, Canada, for being a part of our story and giving us the best piece of Canada, our Abishai.

So, how did WE celebrate?  By trying to stay on point and keep on doing our home projects.  Jared bought some wood and fixed our closet rod that was bowing under the weight of our clothes.  He also put up towel racks and planted some bushes and plants he bought on 60% off because it's high summer.  And he installed the towel racks! Woot! Woot! Abishai got to ride in the truck with Daddy on both trips to the hardware store in "Ice Cream's seat" aka the toddler/booster seat that's usually in Ice Cream's car.  He missed Daddy a lot and loves all the wrestling they do.

I'm feeling better and not very dizzy anymore when I wake up.  I still take it slow in the morning though.  My ears feel less filled with fluid, too.  Justin and Keturah stayed close to home today.  They wanted to get the pool put back together, but I wasn't sure what Jared and a neighbor, who is also a home repair guy, were going to get up to, so I avoided it.  They read their books and had their screen time.  Benaiah mowed the grandparents' yard and chilled, while Grandma put his laundry through the wash in preparation for CIY next week. And yes, I was right, Grandpa is going non stop! From being at NACC all week, then coming back and working his day job all day yesterday (after flying in that morning), to preaching today, then working late, then preaching tomorrow, and finally, taking off with the 200 high school kids and sponsors to Michigan at 7am Monday morning.  I don't know how he does it!  I think he also preaching and something else next weekend, too.  Crazy, crazy! But that's him, and we all know him like that, and he does recognize it.  I'm sure it will be mentioned at his funeral numerous times.  Gary likes to do a 3 year life map, just like Jesus' ministry was 3 years long.  That's part of how he accomplishes so much.  I do better with a plan as well.  I didn't have one today and didn't accomplish as much as I could of.  But I have a new goal of getting those books done, 2 boxes at a time, and filling at least one box full with books to sell or give away from the 40 or so book boxes we've had.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and I started the Whole 30 program today, and whoops, had a tiny marble sized bite of cotton candy as I was giving some to Abishai.  I almost spit it out.  It's going to be a toughie, and I was thinking about that when singing our songs at church tonight about victory and God's strength when we are weak, etc.  Yes, our food journeys do matter to Him, too.  And I've already been praying hard for me to stay on track and for this 30 days will reset my system and heal my gut so I can get better.  It's like a detox and hard reset for the body.  Then you stay on the paleo lifestyle afterwards, and maybe do the whole 30 once a year or something.  My birthday is this month, but I can not cheat or this won't work.  I'll have to just eat some sweet fruit or something.  No chocolate unless it's 100% cocoa powder.  Yes tough.  Not at all tough like the persecuted church, I know that.  And when we mention our freedom in Canada or the USA, we should always remember that many don't have that freedom to choose what they eat and when, where to go to church, or what to say.  We are blessed here, beyond our wildest dreams.  Be grateful.

Abishai is getting so big! He pulled out this game all by himself and started building.  He remembered that I had showed him that you build something, put the piggies on, and then throw the angry birds at the structure knocking it down.

Abishai's building project.

Keturah did an excellent job finishing up getting her room set up!  When everything is put away, she has a ton of room to do whatever she wants to do, like build puzzles, without brothers bothering her.  We just have two boxes left, one which will permanent that is full of my Barbies, and another box of animals that will be emptied into a net that you hang in a corner.  And the best part is, she did a lot of the organizing herself! And she handed me a 13 gallon trash bag half full of stuff to give away!  I didn't ask her to do that, either. Way to go, Keturah!

Happy Canada Day, Abishai!

Working on one more project before kids' bedtime.

"One (holding up his pointer finger) giggle giggle, Mom.  One!" Abishai understands what 1 means like 1 bite or 1 vitamin or 1 grape tomato.  And I think he gets that we limit sweets, too. But I was working in another room and came back and he already had the wrapper off and then said, "One giggle giggle."  Ok, cuteness, just eat it and get it over with. He did stay in the chair most of the time with it.  He only ate half of it and then willingly gave it up.

Yeah! One towel holder!

You see those towels hanging on the wall? We have towel racks!

Now, this is genius! Use a pole and the dead space above the toilet to hold one or two more towels!  Awesome!

I repurposed one of the shower curtains that a friend bought us in Charlottetown into a regular curtain.  I didn't cut or sew it, but rather I just draped it over the existing curtain rod.
Jared paid $3 for these.  Not only that, he planted them!  He's becoming the landscape artist!

Again, $3 at Lowe's.

Abishai was laughing because he was trying to give the dog a backwards hug and Socks kept moving away.

I've become my dad!  He always loved the brand Poland Spring's flavored fizzy water and took them to work.  No sugar or sugar substitute, no caffeine, etc.  This type of water fits into the whole 30 program.

Justin helped Abishai get the mail tonight.  Lots for the previous tenants, and a few things fr us, like a bill!

I wore one of my Canada shits to church tonight.  And I tried out my new headband.

I love this new headband!  I didn't have to adjust it even once!  I might look like a 12 year old, but I don't care.

Aww, Jared had a special "Exhibitor" badge at NACC!  Cool!

The calm before the 2 solid hours of backyard fireworks.  Go to bed, people!

This is part of what I bought after the very successful corporate led sale!  These are this year's catalogs and I finally have a real table runner!  This will work out great for shows!

Check out those beautiful catalogs with all the fancy pretties!  Do you want one?  Don't hesitate to contact me!

Canada baby who won't sit still!

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Good night!

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