Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, April 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 110: Preparing the Home

While I didn't accomplish a whole lot today, Jared, Benaiah, and I all spent some time cleaning up, washing/putting away dishes, and doing laundry, including washing bed sheets!

I got tired of trying to figure out which sock size we were in, so, yes, I took the time, and eyeball measured each pair of infant/toddler socks.  I then put them in baggies and labeled them with an approximate size.  I put away 3 bags that were too small on Abishai, and now have his current size available, as well as two more sizes ready to go.  I also have a bag ready to collect socks that are too small for Justin.  I even made a few matches with the missing sock bin in the laundry room.

Meanwhile, I got tired of Abishai playing around with buttons on the tablet, and I'm really afraid of him changing a setting or something, so I let him watch his shows via my computer.  I can't wait to have the PS4 back so I can just put up a series of videos and he can't change it without help! Plus, he felt a little feverish today with a runny nose, so he needed to just chill.

Aww, Keturah's looking pretty tan and cute in one of her new outfits from a friend.

Yup, 6 days from now.....yeah!

Doing the smell test!  People aren't always around when I'm picking up their laundry, so I have to do the "smell" test, i.e. does it smell like it needs washed or can it be worn again?  This one was just right...smells like the man who wore it, but not to the point of washing.  

Abishai was more interested in the airport's yellow fire trucks than the airplanes themselves!

It's almost race month!  (Aka May for the rest of you.)  So, the airport often features a car or two.  We are actually visiting the track on a special field trip next Wednesday!  I think we're going to see more about how a car is built or about the engine or something.  We'll go back again a time or two during May to see the cars practicing and on family day/carb day or something.

Is this their plane that is now parking?  I thought it was until it took like forever for them to come down the terminal.  I think they might have stopped at the restroom.

Meanwhile, little bubba was getting hungry.  I knew he would, so I brought a granola bar.  He also wanted to walk around and try out every seat he could.

Big boy holding a granola bar all by himself.

Hm? When are they going to get here?

I think I'll just sit down and wait, wait, wait.

Earlier in the day, the kids went to iHop for breakfast.  Raspberry cheesecake panacakes I think.

Typical kids' menu type creation for pancakes.
It was hard waiting for his siblings, but with constant reminding from me, we did not step foot inside the "do not go down this hallway" sign.

Why don't I see them yet? 
Finally! And "ice cream" gets to carry him down escalator as Abishai rides on the railing.

Gpa with half of his grandchildren.

New little exhibit/play area/sitting area for kids at baggage claim!  Keturah was obsessed with cows for about a year when she was 4.  She's into many other things now, like horses, instead.

Abishai petting the piggy.

Lots of cool educational material on this fiberglass co.

I sit, I sit!

Are you comfy, Justin?

More info on cows!
Meanwhile, on the ride home, all the kids wanted to talk at the same time to tell their versions of the week, including Benaiah recalling all his funny (and not so fun) stories of the week.  Today he got to visit a forensic lab and discovered he has type A blood and his fingerprints are of the rarer kind.  Wel, ok, then.  Abishai was a wild child when we got home because he was so super excited to see his Daddy and his siblings all together again!  It took him a long while to settle down.  Keturah meanwhile got all her stuff put away and Justin needed several reminders because his Legos were distracting him.  I'm exhausted from driving to the airport, and watching Abishai all this week pretty much by myself, so, I'm heading to bed.  Good night.

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