Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, April 17, 2017

Year 2, Day 105: Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Abishai woke up a bit early, but that means we got to take our time getting ready to leave.  As I said yesterday, Jared and I both volunteered in different kid ministries this morning.  I didn't get a chance to ask Jared how it went because the rest of the day was hectic, but he did end up with a migraine.  I have had a slight headache all day as well.  The weather has been changing often as well.  Anyway, the nursery was fairly quiet.  We had 9 workers and 8 babies one hour and 3 workers and 1 baby the next hour.  We are talking babies that are anywhere from a couple months old to those barely walking.  The middle room is for the walkers, approximately 1 year olds, and the 3rd room is for 2 year olds and up.  They often have 25 kids in them during the 11 am service.  11 am service itself was packed, I was told, with every seat taken, all benches outside the auditorium filled, the old chapel where the kids have youth group, the south room classrooms were also filling up.  It must have been nuts out there!  I can't see what the totals were!  Now, it's not all about totals, but with a sermon like Gary preached, I know all of them were touched.  They even had 230 people in the last service of the day, the 12:30 pm one, which was today's extra service.  It seems like a much smaller number to megachurch, so I had to remind Benaiah that some churches would be thrilled to make that number between two services on a Sunday morning!  I know there was to be baptisms during each service as well.

Well, we did survive, but Abishai was stir crazy by the time we got back to the house for lunch.  Grandma had set up some Easter eggs to find and then set out these super sparkly ones filled with a thoughtful note to each of us.  But note to us:  don't put unwrapped candy in sparkly eggs.  I tried my best to brush off the glitter from the MM's that were in mine, and I think I might have consumed some glitter.  Whoops!  The middle kids got changed into their "traveling outfits" while the rest of us set up lunch.  We ate and then Jared took the 4 travelers to the airport.  I am happy to report they got there just fine and are going to have a blast!  I did pack them a bit differently in that they have two bags total, one for toys and one for clothes.  That means, when Keturah riffles through the bag, she's probably going to disturb Justin's clothes and Justin is going to have to be patient with her.  Oh, he can set them up on a bureau or in a drawer or something.  It should be interesting.  Abishai took a short nap while Jared was gone, and while Jared took his Sunday afternoon nap.  Benaiah and I just played with our Apple devices.

Then Benaiah, I and Abishai came home with Jared and a special pet (see below) but that special pet went home with Jared when he drove the truck back to the grandparents' house.  Jared will be going out super early as he always does to meet a friend for coffee, and I'll take Benaiah with me to our homeschool co op because he doesn't have any school because of Easter Monday.  Not sure what the rest of the day will entail except visiting a debate club's open house in the evening.  I will be attempting to start packing in the afternoon.  We had a grand time playing outside with the special pet while Jared got a few things packed up to take back to the house.

So, Abishai finally went to bed, exhausted from way too much people time and outdoor time and too much candy and late naps.  Thank goodness because he was stir crazy!

Glitter eggs!

All 4 babies on Easter.

Taking over Grandpa's chair, again and using his left hand to eat again.

And the other one who knows how to watch a movie he's seen before on his laptop while playing a video game on his PS3 at the same time, both things having a listening device connected to them.  He puts earbuds from one in his ears first, and then earphones for the other one over the earbuds.  Actually, you do leave one earbud out.  He says that's what the professional video game players do.

The school is letting Benaiah borrow their real drum set, but what's fascinating is what he used to prop up the cymbal: practice papers from Bible Bowl that were carefully printed out for each player to USE.  Ahem.  They also have a copy of the papers now in special binder, but still, that's what you found to steady your cymbal?  Hm,....

Playing drums on Baba's lap!  It's a good thing the drum set was taken to Grandpa's house for now.  The drums are going out in the garage of the new house once we move in.

I play! Abishai play!  No Daddy no!  You don't play!
Our special pet came along for a ride tonight.  He's never been to the condo!  But he didn't go inside at all.
Sshhhh, don't tell Justin, but Benaiah hopped on his bike for a little ride tonight!  Abishai was THRILLED to have Babee riding bices with him!!! Speaking of Abishai and Benaiah, Abishai ran up the front of the church where Benaiah was, but ran right past Benaiah and said, "E!!!!"  and gave Benaiah's friend Ethan a big hug!  Benaiah was passed up for his best friend by his little brother!  Bwahahahaha!  It was so endearing actually, because we love Ethan and his family and I'm glad Abishai feels comfortable with them.

We had talked about how Socks would or wouldn't fit in Jared's truck cab just a few weeks ago.  Well, now we know!  And yes, we were right, it's a tight fit!

Uh, it's going to be hard to shift the truck with a dog rear end in the way, lol.

I gave Benaiah the same "test" of his knowledge of the details about Easter.  How did he do?  Well, he got a lot of it right, but he got 5 cards (Out of 30) totally wrong, and 3 kind of right/kind of wrong.  That means he got a 75% correct.  Hm,....I think we'll need to work on this a bit more with him, too.  It's a very great set of questions that will stop most people, even some pastors perhaps!  Fun stuff!
P.S. Please pray for our Bible Bowlers locally and nationally.  We've lost an incredible coach of 40 years that passed away on Friday.  Lots of kids were close to him and I know the community is going to feel this loss in a big way.  He loved Bible Bowl and God.  His death was very unexpected as well.  Thanks!

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