Our Family

Our Family
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Year 2, Day 101: Missing Days

Aw, shucks!  I should have posted something on Day 100! Oh well, I wasn't really in the "mood" to type and today, I woke up with vertigo again.  Not much to report except kids that don't listen well, won't put effort into assignments, etc.  BUT those same kids did feed themselves and their little brother this morning until I was able to get up about noon.  They have learned something from having a sick momma.  They did do their schoolwork that they could do on their own, even right beside me in bed.  And that's a huge thing for kids to learn, right?  Independence!  Knowing that fact brings me comfort when my body fails me and I want to cry and hide because it's not the way I want me to be.  I don't want to be my mother who worked so hard, her body failed her so young, and died at age 60.  I want to sleep more than the 4 hrs she did and eat more than cheez its and saltines and drink more than Pepsi (yes, I drink Pepsi).  So, there's that.  I want a different style of education for my kids and I guess they are getting it with or without me.  I am currently having a generally good discussion with some homeschoolers on Facebook on my options for the kids next year.  I'm not sure Classical Conversations is the perfect fit for us.  Financially, it's definitely not in our budget.  A lot of the concepts though, are in my line of thinking.  So, I'm researching some more.

Meanwhile, I'm also filing those darn taxes!  I don't care anymore!  I'm sure if there's some minor mistake, the IRS will find it and correct it.  They've done that in the past.  I've done my best.  But TurboTax is so expensive!  I hope I can just do pen and paper next year.  It's still cheaper than hiring an accountant of course.  Anyway, I'm done!  With the USA ones at least.  Canada isn't due until April 30th.

That's all I got.  I don't want to take the time to find and post pictures and label them.  Sorry, I just want to be done with the day and move on to a very jam packed weekend.  I haven't even picked out Easter outfits yet.  But to be honest, I don't really care.  We'll wear something nicer than our everyday clothes like we do every Saturday/Sunday to church.  I haven't dyed eggs or made Jell-O eggs yet.  Partially because I can't eat the eggs after we dye them.  I'm just not in the spirit of the secular parts of the holidays.  Plus I have to get stuff together for kids to leave for FL on Sunday.  It's just a busy time, and I don't have time for vertigo to hit!  So, moving on, tomorrow will be different, and hopefully better than today.  Although staying in bed felt good.  I did nap a couple of times.  Good night!

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