Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, April 7, 2017

Year 2, Day 95: Crappy Day

As they say, it's been a craptastic day.  Yes, I said it.  From the winter like weather that contained, wind, cold temperatures, RAIN, and no snow to kids who couldn't keep their hands in their pockets at the grocery store to not being able to properly homeschool because other things needed my attention to large amounts of pain, basically, it was that kind of day.

Some positives:
I did get my special foods at the grocery store.
The kids did get haircuts before anyone noticed they needed them.
I scored a pair of $45 brand new shoes for Keturah for $24 by combining a sale and a coupon.
I did get ONE question answered on the taxes.
I did make one other phone call.
I got more pain medication of all types.
Abishai napped for his usual 3 1/2 hrs.
I started homeschool FB page for homeschoolers that go to our church.
We got our lease extended on a month by month basis.

So there, not so crappy after all.

Free coffee, thanks Indy Fuel hockey team!

Daddy, when will you clean off your old computer so I can have my computer games loaded onto it?

Justin saw this and said, "I think this would have been exactly what King Saul (in the Bible) needed!"  Bwahahahahaha!


She likes them, too.

Horsey time after a rough shopping trip!

"Mom, it's too easy!"

Nice horsey!

Never told to ride Sandy? He looks like a jock!  But in fact, he really was acting like a 2 yr old the whole trip, so, yes, never too old.

Winter hat and boots with grass clippings because it's spring?  It doesn't jive with me.

Someday he won't need me to hold his hand anymore.

Justin is fascinated with the "Hey Google, blah blah blah..." feature, asking Google to look up something for him instead of typing it in.  He's using it mainly for looking up some vocabulary words for a history book we're reading.  Yes, he knows how to use a real dictionary, too.  Anyway, here's what it said when we put in "What is a Keturah?"

"What is a Melinda?"
"What is a Justin?"

Abishai and his friends! Including that little construction guy to the right on the pillow, who is tucked in under Abishai's blankie by the way.

Looking pretty professional here!  I love my label maker and new water resistant memory card holder!  The little sign says "buy on Sandisk or Lexar" because I just listened to a podcast about memory cards and cameras.

6 more years worth of pictures to go.....each card holds maybe a year worth of pictures.

Abishai was so excited when we were pulling out Barbies to recondition their hair (we'll share process and results another day), that he grabbed the blankies and started lining them up.

He also found the old child rugs, too and set them up with the other rugs in the kitchen.  He's so observant!

He then danced on the rugs!

Hugs for the tiger.

We also wave to brothers, and sisters, and then Daddy (but Daddy isn't here tonight), and the new thing is to say night night to his cars.  I hope he doesn't try to say night night to each one individually!  Our night routine is already long enough!

Waving night night!
And tomorrow we see the New Pal house again....woot! woot!

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