Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Year 2, Day 91: Average Sunday

Well, our pictures will reveal that our normal Sunday routine has returned!  Stay home and sleep in.  Play a little then sleep again for naptime.  Then youth group and choir.  It was a lovely day outside, so I'm glad we spent a few minutes out there in the church's parking lot.  Abishai was a handful as always, so please start praying for us.  I'm not kidding.  I've tweaked my mid back this time, probably from carrying him, which I try not to do at all.  And I have no energy or strength to deal with a growing, wiggly, tantrum throwing 2 year old.  I need to figure out which exercises to consistently do, probably without the help of a physical therapist because I tried going that route and medicaid doesn't cover much, yada, yada.  So, that's where I'm at on that.

Meanwhile, keep praying for our offer to be accepted, the sooner the better as we are supposed to move mid May.  We are very hopeful though.  I'm probably 75% done with the taxes now that I went ahead and purchased TurboTax on both sides of the border.  And I feel much more at peace knowing that yes, we will owe some self employment tax on the US side, but we are getting money back on the Canadian side, so it will all be a wash.  That's what I wanted, for it to be a washed or that we would get a refund, and that we wouldn't have to shell out money.  So, there's that.  Normal week ahead, so I'll just get on with the few pictures I took tonight.  I've got a ton on my plate right now, so photography has been pushed down the to do list.  That's why the pictures haven't been so creative or interesting.  It's our normal life, and it's wonderful, and I'm glad that the kids can just see normal snapshots of their life.  Facebook did show me a video from 3 years ago of a much smaller Benaiah with a cute little 11 year old voice filling a Jell-O egg mold with a syringe.  We got a great laugh about it!

After Keturah brought Abishai into our room this morning, Abishai got down and rearranged his cars again.  I really think he's going to work for a car company or something.  Could you see him rearranging real cars on a car lot?  Lol!

We brought Abishai's "bice" to the church so he could ride it outside.  Well, he got to ride it inside, too.  What fun to see him chase a big ball around like he was in a game of polo!

We got to church a few minutes early, so the kids had time to play gaga ball by themselves before Keturah went off to choir.

Fish! Candian geese! And a mallard duck!  In the retention pond at the church.  Abishai loved it!

Biggest boy, littlest boy and husband.  Sweet!

Abishai's bike also turns into a rocking "horse."  It was bought for Benaiah when he was 2 I think.  Anyway, Abishai loved rocking and eating his cookie at the same time.  And yes, he walked around the church barefoot for 2 hours.  (And Jared was only in his socks, no shoes).

Jared showed this hilarious video of cook a too's (I think) dancing to music.  Well, one was prancing and showing off his feathers but they other one kept scooting away and put up it's foot saying "go away, I don't want you to touch me."  Hilarious!

King Abishai on his throne with his Daddy, water, snacks, and movie screen.

Night night Abishai!

He never sits still for long!  Actually, he got down from the couch and started to walk away from us to go down the ramp to the other part of the building.  Every few feet he would turn around and wave and say, "Bye!" with a big, mischievous grin that said, "are you coming to catch me?"  Abishai was so fast that Jared had to run at full speed to catch up and cover ground between them.  That's why I say pray for us because it's so hard to discipline kids that make you crack up all the time!

We went upstairs a few minutes early to get Keturah from choir.  So, we got to watch her and the other kids do some of their songs.  They've learned all their songs now!  Only a few weeks left!  Keturah is wearing pink pants and a teal shirt there between the girl in with the pink shirt and the teen that is helping in the striped dress.

Abishai enjoyed watching the kids and event tried to mimic them!  I can't wait until he's in choir!  Actually, I can, because that would mean he would be 5 and I don't want that yet.

Our friend Ellen and I went upstairs in the old Family Life Center to see how all the new offices were set up with everyone's stuff.  It's going to be nice for all of the "NextGen" and young adult ministry teams to be in the same office with a little bit of wiggle room.  All the student ministries (middle school and high school) offices are there, too.  Then there's a room with operations type people.  Those who work with mostly adults and others that are part of the caring ministries (like counseling and hospital visitations, etc.) are staying in the main office area.  There's about 50 paid full time and part time staff now at the Creek.  It's crazy!  Anyway, I love this view of the boys playing.  Oh, and Abishai recognized Benaiah's friend Ethan in the white and teal cap, hugged him, and asked Ethan to pick him up.  It was so cute!

More bookshelves!  And they added a short file cabinet, too.  I think the e2 office is complete now because I don't think anymore furniture is going to fit in there!

Benaiah had a little audience tonight for his rubix cube solving.  Sweet!

Well, how about a little baseball to end the night?  Benaiah's got a pretty good arm.

Aw, these are all my peeps!  And check out that brown blur!  We can't wait to bring him home to our new house (whichever one that is).

Abishai is way down at the end of the driveway.  That kid can go so fast on his bikes but he knows how to slow down and stop, too.  Always moving, that one is.

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