Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Year 2, Day 99: Spring? Summer?

Ah, it was a gorgeous day at just the right temperature that I wish it would be for the whole summer.  I don't need it to get any warmer!  They would consider this summer on PEI, lol.  76 degrees with a light, warm breeze and the day ended with a thunderstorm to cool it back down again.  Abishai was scared when we came home and had to run in the rain from the van to the front door.  Otherwise, it was a pretty good, normal Monday.  Everyone (almost) was at co op, so lots of learning took place, with everyone in their regular teaching spots.  The kids made tea from wild violets and the color was actually aqua! It tasted like watered down kool aid.  They did put a little bit of sugar in it.  The littles and I learned about the states of matter and sources of energy.  Abishai played with his favorite doll house.  I helped him set it up and he did some rearranging, but again, he plays like how Keturah would play with it, arranging it just so with furniture upright and dolls sitting on a couch or lying in a bed or riding in a car.  It was cute when he put the Daddy and the kid on the couch in front of the TV.  Yup, that does happen at our house more often than Mommy sits with the kids in front of the TV.  And when we walked out of one building to go to another, Grandma arrived in the parking lot and Abishai yelled "Ice cream!"  Yes, child, there's Ice Cream.  He can now say "Papa" for Grandpa when asked, but he still prefers Ice Cream.

I tried to get some computer work done, but the internet was slow or non existent on my devices.  I tried cleaning my computer more from the coffee spill yesterday, and it did get a little better.  But if you get close to the keyboard, you can smell the coffee!  I did take off one of the keys, and now I can't get it back on.  Whoops.  I'll have to take it to someone with the right tools to fix it.

Then when we went to Grandma's house to pick up Abishai, we had to wait until he woke up and Daddy came back to the house after picking up Benaiah from school.  Jared's truck needs a minor brake repair, so Grandpa helped him earlier to get the truck to the repairman and we needed to bring him home from work.  He gets to use the van in the morning to take Keturah to an 8:15 am dentist appointment to look at that spot where we think a piece of baby tooth might still be in there.  It's not infected, but she says it hurts when she brushes it.  It's better to check it out before it gets infected.  Then we'll pick up the truck later on in the day after it's fixed.  We've got a lot of work to cover the rest of the week, and we need to check the status of the middles' summer clothes because they are heading to Florida next week with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days!  Jared, Benaiah and I are being left behind so that Benaiah can get to school and Jared can work and we can watch our dog and the houses.  Actually, tomorrow our puppy turns 7!

I'm pretty sure Keturah needs a ton of new stuff for summer because we are out of hand me downs.  I don't think her sandals will last past this trip.  Her bathing suits are probably too small, too.  Ah!  It's a good thing that I'm staying home this week!  Taxes to finish and then next week I'll pack while they are gone.  I'm getting pretty nervous about the whole buying a house process.  I know what I want, but there are some other opinions about it.  But there are other houses out there, too, that were just listed.  Just trying to take one day at a time with it, but I can tell my anxiety levels have increased over it.

So, here's a few pics from today:

Ah, so that's where the garage is?!  Totally Abishai's idea!

Mom and kid in front of TV before he put Dad on the couch instead.

Instead of the regular make a pretty cross craft, I had the middles play this jeopardy type game of facts about Holy Week and Easter.  I was surprised when one of the girls knew more than Justin!  I guess I need to go over the Easter story in detail with the kids.  We know the basics, but actual names and places allude us.

Someone was enjoying creating art on the driveway with chalk.

She is truly an artist!  So her role in the musical is perfect for her! 

I love this face Justin made while playing baseball with Grandpa.  They might take the ball and gloves to Florida with them!

Baseball time!  
People often ask me how big our dog is or what he looks like, so there you go.  It's hard to tell exactly how big he is but isn't it a gorgeous beast?

I was crouching down for the pictures when Socks got up.  Yes, he is beautiful.

Grandma helped Abishai beep the horn!  What fun!
Keturah!  That's not your seat anymore!  Plus you're filthy!

Too cute for words in his Thomas Pj's once again (thanks Aunt Shauna!)


Yes, that's a Poke' ball that Justin drew and an egg by Keturah.

Dirty girlie toes.

The signs that she enjoys her work!

Yup, on the face, too!

I'm driving!  And then, when Daddy and Benaiah came back, he literally screamed, "Dad! Dad! Daddy! Dad!"  He was sooooo excited.  He was also confused earlier in the day when Jared drove "Ice Cream's" car today to go get Benaiah from school.  
Oh, and I will get in big trouble if I didn't mention that Justin got his "rare" game of Pokemon "Heartgold and Soulsilver" game from one of our older friends at co op today.  Justin claims it's a $35 game that was given to him for free.  Thanks, Luke and Trixie!  He'll be occupied for many, many hours I'm sure!  And this is why I don't have garage sales.  I would rather find people to give my stuff to for free.  Pay it forward!

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