Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 119: Just Breathe

It was a day.  A day full of moving boxes, fighting, eating leftovers, naps, showers, church, groceries, some schoolwork, some TV time, oh, and a dress rehearsal for Keturah's musical (see more info on that below).  My mood was all over the place depending on what I was doing.  I certainly do get anxious and overwhelmed when I'm on a deadline, which I am because in less than a month, we will probably have possession of our house!  But May is full of finishing up school for all of them (Benaiah's done mid May and we are done May 8th with co op!)

Oh wow, while I was typing that, my phone resurrected itself!  I was using it at church tonight, and it had 75% battery left, which shouldn't have been an issue.  Well, it completely shut off! And the charging sound didn't ding when I plugged it in.  But I left it on the charger now for 3 hrs and, bam, it turned itself back on!  Woot! Woot!  I thought I had completely lost it!  But thankfully, it was automatically backed up at 12:45pm today and everything I had already inputted at church was on iCloud already.  Yeah for Apple!  Seriously, if I had to get a new phone this week, I would NOT be going back to an android based phone.  Anyway, at least now we can wait to find me a new phone a little bit longer because to be honest, all the things you have to pay for when buying a house is adding up quickly.  Plus, I'm trying to buy books for next year, plus there are other one time or annual expenses coming up soon.  At least the taxes are paid.  But, if you have or know someone with an iPhone 5 that they are selling, let us know! Phew!

Our family could really use a little bit of extra prayer to get us through this final transition period of coming back home and settling.  I need lots of help being patient and kind to my family as my anxiety levels rise.  And they need some understanding that this is just the way Momma functions under stress.  They do tend to groan when I ask them to work, but not always.  But thankfully, it's a short lived situation and we'll get through it somehow, again.  I am being a little looser in my labeling and matching numbers etc. than I was the last time.  If it says kitchen on it, but doesn't say the contents, then fine, it's for the kitchen and it all needs to be unpacked eventually anyway.  But if it's something for storage or a very low priority to unpack, I do make sure it's more carefully labeled.  I think I'll need to go through my numbering system at some point and update it fully.  But for now, it does work ok.

Tomorrow's a long day, and I'm exhausted.  I'm hoping to get to bed soon.  I'm so exhausted that I had a really hard time staying awake during the sermon!  (Sorry, Dad!)  I need to prep for co op and pack a couple of boxes if I can, put away laundry, and cook some kind of meal for the crew.  At least I was able to find some yummy new gluten free items at Aldi's tonight.  I will pay for it stomach wise later, but I found spinach and cheese gluten free ravioli.  I LOVE ravioli!  It will be a treat on a day that I'm home all day.  My pantry looks like it could be the gluten free section of Aldi's, lol.  But, yum!

Just hanging out.

Justin: "I don't wanna _____ (I can't remember what he said!)" but he laid down and Abishai joined him.

Me: Why is the baby on the counter?  Jared: Because he's sooooo cuuuuuttttteeeeeee!  (Well, I can't argue with that!)  And Justin is enjoying his Pokemon game "cheaters" book.  I wish he would study other subjects like he studies Pokemon!
My crew, walking into church tonight, hand in hand.  And carrying most of my junk for me!  The two actually fight over which one gets the "lighter" Tardis bag (which is my purse).
Finally, if you are in the area, please join us at 6pm tomorrow night, Sunday, April 30th, to see Keturah play a major part in the childrens' choir musical called, "The Star Factor"!  It will be in the big auditorium at Indian Creek Christian Church.  We're really excited for her!

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