Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, May 1, 2017

Year 2, Day 120: The Star Factor

Life is more than boxes.

I wish my parents were here. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of my mom's death. I was too busy focusing on this world's to do's to really take time to grieve. But I do grieve in moments like today. Moments my parents would have wanted to be here for, like Keturah's role in the Star Factor. I don't know theologically if those in Heaven can see what their loved ones here on earth do, but I would like to think that they can see these moments, too. My parents valued things like musicals and plays, music (both classic and modern), and the arts. We were never terribly talented in these things, nor are my kids, but it's still incredible to see that we can and have gotten up on the stage in front of lots of people to speak or sing. And it's awesome, too, that we can work behind the scenes like Benaiah does. Even that is incredibly important and praiseworthy. If both sets of parents hadn't demonstrated and instilled in us children a great work ethic and a servant's heart, that we could pass onto our own children, I don't think we would be doing the things we do. I can't wait to continue that.

Last minute project, but Keturah asked for candy instead of flowers for a gift this time.  I did ask her beforehand because I knew she like the special treat her friend got last time.  She asked for these rope candy things.  And, I designed and put together the wrapper in under 5 minutes 1 hr before the musical started.  Go me!

Pre show jitters for the toddler, who did surprisingly well and sat through 80% of the show!

They display the kids' names who are attending the summer events so they can pray for them.  This one is Benaiah's CIY week.

Peek a boo!

This is Justin's week.

The Star Factor musical, put on by Indian Creek Children's Choir, run by Mrs. Christy Tapp!

Sitting still for about 5 minutes.

Then up and over he went.

Bribery for the both of them - snacks! 


Finally, I had to give Abishai is paci and blankie to keep him quiet.  But Daddy took him out of the auditorium for the last song or two.

Keturah said her lines perfectly on cue, with perfect diction, and we could hear them well!

Last team huddle before the end.

Big production number.

Allison, the choreographer for the dancers.

There was an interpreter as well!

Wow!  They all did a cartwheel!

Curtain call!

All done!

Abishai has a pink frosted nose!

Flowers from Dad, candy from Mom.

Cutest artist named Kaitlyn we know!

Daddy telling her what a great job she did!

It doesn't get any cuter than this one!

Abishai faces.

Abishai drank out of the cup without spilling!  Awesome!

BFF's!  Keturah and Jordan!

Rainbow flowers for the artist.

Gorgeous arrangement.
P.S. I'm getting short on time, so the blog may have shorter or fewer posts over the next couple of months as we move and resettle.  Prayers appreciated!

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