Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 141: TCM Part "Deux"

Why yes, we did learn how to say numbers 1-10 in French while living in Canada!  Anyway,....

We spent a good portion of the day at the in laws house again, just in case someone called for a showing. I'll have to get over that "fear" and just say "no" if I've already put the toddler down for his nap at home.  But, I also didn't want the kids to get a bunch of things out at home either.  And we had an open house to attend, so it all worked out.  Jared had a nap, Justin and Benaiah helped at church, Keturah got quiet time with the tablet, and I worked on things for tomorrow's first monthly home educator support meeting at our church!  Tomorrow's going to be a long day with church, congregational meeting, and then the meeting in the evening.  So, without further adieu, more pictures from yesterday:

They had this human canon rigged up I think in the large Atrium at The Children's Museum.

After lunch, we headed to Benaiah's favorite exhibit, the ScienceWorks.  And yes, it's always been his favorite exhibit!  He used to love using the diggers and pretend rocks and playing in the water table.  Here's Abishai enjoying the fish!


Abishai made a beeline for the tractors (and he can say tractor!)  And since the school groups were on their way out, no one else was there to mess with them.

So, he did what he always does with trucks and cars.  He lined them up!

Keturah used a telescope to look more closely at these animals.

Maybe someday he'll drive a real tractor.  I wish it was potatoes and not corn, but whatever.

Wa-wash!  Why won't it turn on!  And why can't I get in!

There's a pretend house that used to talk more about and show germs in the bathroom, and have pretend playfood, but now it shows how the pipes work and you read more on screens about healthy habits.

Justin did take the time to sit down and learn things at several kiosks today, including this one on what kinds of things hurt tomato plants.

Mr. Stir Crazy hiding it out under the house's porch.  There's even a sign that says, "What could be under the porch?" And it's actually a stuffed oppussom!

Abishai's smile not only reminds me of the other kids, but I think he looks a bit like my brother when he was little.  It's the whole fine, blonde hair and blue eyes kind of thing with the mischievous grin.

Look!  A locust!  And when I told Justin that, he DID come running!  Especially since he's studied Exodus all year in Bible Bowl and with Grandpa.

Benaiah's most favorite contraption at the museum, the ball thing!

Say cheese!  The first thing Abishai wanted to do when we got upstairs was to ride the "neigh neighs" but unfortunately, he had to get a diaper change first.  And since I didn't have extra diapers with him inside the museum, we had to ask the people at the front desk for one.  Thankfully, they do have diapers for free in any size!

Keturah found one that went up and down.  The carousel is over 100 years old and is beautiful!

3 Abishai's????  I can't handle 1 never mind 3!

Where else would the boys be?  This section is dedicated to games, board games and video games, from different decades.

Mario Bros. from the 90's!

And Lego from the 2010's!

Abishai didn't understand that you moved the x's and o's to the game area.  He wanted to put them all away.

And he couldn't understand why someone would put cars, trucks and boats on the other side of the glass.

Abishai kept begging for more neigh neigh time!

Checkers for these two!

Wait, aren't you supposed to get costumes out of the box?  I don't think being in the box is part of the exhibit, lol.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the BEST museum in the world.  They work very hard at making everything educational and related it back to the sciences and history and culture, and from what I can tell, there's no politics or hidden agendas.  For example, this kiosk in the circus exhibit was telling how acrobats need to know physical science in order to plan their stunts to go well.

By 2 pm, Abishai was beyond ready for a nap.  He couldn't sit still!

So, he kept running on the tops of the outer rings of the areas of the circus.

Benaiah didn't think he would enjoy this exhibit, but check him out on the ladder trick!

Justin, too!

Benaiah definitely has a scary clown face, no joke.

Not the box again!

Abishai is bigger now and can climb up into the cannon all by himself.  Plus, there wasn't a long line that we had to wait for so he could go around and around and around if he wanted to.

Peek a boo Keturah


My turn!

Keturah wanted to do clown school, so we did our best to try it out!

Unfortunately, Abishai didn't sit for long and we had to leave.

He thought his shirt was going to get caught on the ladder so he pulled it up!

Stilts for J.

Stilts for K. 
Keturah balancing a feather.  I tried spinning a "plate" which was more like a Frisbee with a cone shape in the middle.

A two man stunt!  Abishai thought it was hilarious to go under Justin's legs.  And the announcer woman was kind enough not to tell us not to do this or that.  I think she could tell that Abishai was way beyond nap time.

Walking the tight rope.

Trying on clown make up!

Justin really, really wanted to do it, so he did!

Having a snack while waiting on Justin to finish up with his make up.

Dragster in the lobby because it's race month.

Abishai said, "Wow! Bum-bee!"  I'd love to let him see some clips from the Transformers movies.  This was an actual prop in the movie, btw.

Teenager doing what teeangers do, on his iPod, playing games and what not.

Aw, everybody at Southside gets a card like this where the others can sign Happy Birthday greetings.  Poor kid has a summer birthday like I do so he can't celebrate it properly at school.  Oh, and they had to move a bunch of stuff and thoroughly clean the building at the school as well yesterday, so Benaiah was very sore today.  That's one reason we didn't go to the race track.  The other reason was that the chance of rain was high, and while we were in the circus exhibit, it rained so hard there was a white out!  They had evacuated the grand stands at the race track because of it (normal procedure for most if not all thunderstorms).   I'm so glad we choose the Children's Museum over going to the race track this year.  Perhaps next year we can go hear the cars VROOOM around the track!

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