Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Year 2, Day 123: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Guys and gals, oh my goodness, I think we've had like 6 inches of rain in the last 10 days!  I'm NOT joking!  It was 4.5 inches as of Sunday night/Monday morning.  And it just won't quit!  We had to go out in it today because I promised the kids we would help with the playground building project at the church we go to for homeschool co op, but between the rain, and the worst 2 year old we've had yet as far as tantrums go, and a variety of other things, I was soaked and done with the day when we got home.  I had to get packing tape so we went to Office Max and the 2 year old decided that running and screeching up and down the aisles was an awesome thing to do.  I didn't see a cart that I could put him in, nor where we going to be staying long, nor would he have been happy in it.  We breezed in and out of the Family Christian Bookstore, which is closing its' doors for good tomorrow.  The company went bankrupt.  Jared worked for them, and at this particular store (slightly different location) when he was in high school!  But they just couldn't compete with online retailers.  Even a few days ago, their prices were still too high!  A few more things had sold since we were in there last, including the emoji pillows we didn't need but wanted.  Thankfully, the doll Keturah wanted was picked up for her birthday by a certain relative.  They did have a couple of the dolls left today, though.  Anyway, it's kind of sad, but at the same time, times have changed.

We spent the rest of the day drying out, and work, work, working on homework.  Because of some bad behaviors, Justin is grounded from anything related to Pokemon' until Sunday and Keturah is grounded from any and all electronics until Monday for lying.  She finally finished her English at 9pm.  We still have a bit more to do between visitors in the morning and Bible class in the afternoon tomorrow.  Saturday is the last Bible Bowl competition and I'll be taking the boys.  Therefore, I'm not available to work on co op homework and I am not waiting until Sunday to make sure it's done.  So, instead of doing much packing today, I cleared my desk of tasks while staying available to help the kids look up stuff.  Next week, though, I will finish the majority of the packing and make this condo presentable for showing as promised.

And Abishai finally got a bath.  He hates baths, unless Justin is involved, so I had Justin keep an eye on him and play with him.  It had been like a week.  Gross but true!  I don't want to fight a toddler and bathtime! And since this blog is a record of the good, bad, and ugly, then, there it is.  4th child gets bathed every so often, lol.  I mean it does get major body parts cleaned several times daily anyway because of still learning how to eat properly, or being out playing, especially on the porch, etc.  Abishai did not want to paint a paving stone today because he wanted to stay clean. Imagine that.

Can you find what's wrong with this packaging?  It's these words, "with added color."  What?!  Who adds COLOR to CHEESE?  Next time we buy string cheese at Aldi's, I'm going to see if they do the same thing.  Cheese doesn't need more color!

There were a ton of people working hard in the pouring rain to build this new playground for the community.  A lot of them were from an outreach program of the church.

Not sure who this princess is, but she helped Keturah paint one of her paving tiles.

Hm,...how can I make this like Pokemon' without the Pokemon'?

Great plan to build elements inside and then take them out.

I must have a shaky hand, especially with following a toddler around.  But here's one of the slides!

OOO, we can't wait to play with this!

It was a bit dark in the room, so the princess used the flashlight on her phone.

Mr. Romantic made flowers out of the red parts that were meant to be fire.

Snacktime for Mr. I don't know what I want to do!


Finished product!

It was a bit tricky to get Abishai to be ok in the bounce house they had set up.  He did stand up a few times, but he went in and out, screamed at Babee to come in and out, too, and generally could not be happy.

I did get him to stay in for a few minutes though!

His favorite part was when Justin would knock into a wall and fall down on purpose.

Busy feet!

The hands and pants of an artist!

Work, work, work.  Nearly done!

Justin finished his math book this week!  Now he knows how to use fractions in all kinds of ways.  Next book is all about decimals.

If anything, we've all learned how to do research and write notes down from the internet, especially wikipedia.  Keturah did a lot of copying down herself.  We'll rephrase and make a final draft tomorrow.

How many bowls of food does one little boy need?  Apparently, 5!

We got the bandanna from the playground building event.  I told her she looks like a hippie and she didn't know what a hippie was.  I didn't know how to explain it to her either.

Peek a boo, I still see you, Justin!
Good night!

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