Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Year 2, Day 138: Busy Days Ahead

Well, it's a good thing that I tried to stay on task today, because tomorrow, there's a showing!  Oh boy! It's also a good thing that I've kept on the kids to keep things picked up, too.  We'll have to do a little more in the morning before we head out for the morning.  I even said before we left tonight for Bible Bowl and Prayer Group to pick up the toys so in case there's a showing while we are gone tomorrow, we don't have to rush a ton in the morning.  And then, bam! We got the text! Thank goodness we had already planned to be out - closing on our new house!  Woot! Woot!

Other happenings today included Justin spending almost 2 hrs on Skype with his cousins working on their last Bible class project (Keturah was supposed to participate but refused to, and was scolded for it).  Abishai had several 5 minutes meltdowns today, including one about wanting a banana.  He also pretended one of his cars was hurt and said, "Sad." So he picked up the car and said, "Hug," while he clutched it to his chest!  Then he had another truck help the first car and said, "Help."  Sweet!  Oh yeah, and last night I couldn't sleep well because I had lowered the dose on the medication that helps with restless leg syndrome in order to stretch out the prescription.  That's always a bad idea!  We went to bed early, but I was up and down all night AND Abishai woke up early.  At least he snuggled with me on the couch for a bit.

Exactly.  That child is a blur.  And he's got so many bumps and bruises and scrapes now.  He even remembers that he has them and looks for them and says "knee?" (and he's got a big one on his elbow).

Guys, we are AT CHURCH.  This is NOT YOUR HOME.  #PreachersKids (sort of)

Just chilling.

After being with Daddy this evening at church and then going to Ice Cream's house for a little bit, Abishai said "Bye-bye" to each person in our family for like 10 minutes straight on our drive home.  So, I let him sit on the bottom step to wait for Daddy to come home (5 minutes after we did).
I was getting something from the upper cupboard, so I had the stool out.  And of course, Mr. A decided to climb up.  And I got out a nearby bucket and some bubbles and let him go to town in the wawee.


Blueberry face.

I caught him in the middle of switching his spoon from the right hand to the left hand.  He had picked it up with the right hand for some reason, but immediately knew it was wrong.  Go Lefties!

While repacking some of my oldest craft and handiwork stuff, I found this hand spinning kit.  So we decided to try it out.  We didn't have a lot of luck with technique, but at least we tried!

And the spinner was from NH of course!

For whatever reason this guy decided to dress up to take his finals this week.  Wow he's so grown up and handsome and looks like his Dad, etc. etc.  Crazy!  Only 3 more years left at home!

Wow, again!  Different day, different outfit!  He's mentally done with school this year, and unfortunately, he's had to deal with a couple of difficult kids.  But, if he does go back next year, he's got a lot of great opportunities to lead his classmates in things like chapel and take honors classes.  We're definitely very proud of him!  What a difference a year makes!

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