Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Year 2, Day 136: When I get going....

When I get going....I can't stop!  Once I get on a roll with packing, I just want to keep going with it.  But if I do, I'll be done in two days and we'll have no silverware or pots and pans or toys to play with and we don't move for two more weeks!  I also tend to bounce from one hot spot to another depending on my mood.  Yesterday, I didn't want to even look at the schoolbooks, but today, I got the last bit organized and boxes prepared for next year a bit so that I can set up school quickly.  Now, not every detail is planned out on paper, but binders are empty, math books are in their boxes, and their pencil cases are ready.  I just don't want to be searching through 50 book boxes to try to find everything.  Plus, we do have to do school for another two weeks, too.

That's the thing, we are to the point where the only things left to pack are what we use daily.  So, I have a lot of half packed boxes I keep adding things to as I go.  And that's ok, except then any potential buyers have to see them when they come for a showing.  Oh well, it didn't seem to bother our landlord when he walked through it.  Also, with nothing to do (or not much to do) for school, and already having done most of the cleaning, the kids are bored.  I can't seem to find enough work for them to earn their TV time!  So, I round up, especially if they have had good attitudes in helping, which they have had good attitudes because they are earning TV time.  Today, I told them that maybe since we already discussed that certain people will do the cleaning in certain rooms (zones), maybe they can come up with a checklist of everything that needs to be done.  And we will rotate the zones as well.  This is mostly for the middles and I because Benaiah will do all the yardwork and heavy lifting when I need help.  Plus, we aren't sure of he'll be home or at Southside in the fall.

And, I think we are all just anxious to get this move done.  In fact, Justin wrote about it in belated Mother's Day letter he wrote for me and wrapped in a great way (see picture below).  It said:

(After he told me to start on the side with more writing)
Dear Mom,
this is your late Mother's Day gift: Air! the kind of air that's stale, nasty, and old because of boxes because we're moving to a much better house in a much better street in a much better neighborhood in a much better location in a much bigger house.  And finally, we get the building all to ourselves! yay! (It's been five years since that happened!) oh, and one more thing: Do you know where my nose is? (Happy Mother's Day!) :-)
(P.S. I know what your going to say: "Capital latters!")
(P.P.S. I really have no idea what P.S. or P.P.S. means...)

Oh my goodness!  We all know that Justin's brain is in the rewiring stage, but he's always had this weird sense of humor and thinking process to him.  He cracks me up!  First, yes, I have to get on him for capital letters.  Second, he know how to not use run on sentences, so this was totally a joke.  Third, he was so excited to put inside jokes between he and I IN the letter, i.e. "Do you know where my nose is?" which is what we say all the time when Justin's head is in the clouds and he has no clue what's going on.  What a goofball!  And here's the picture of his wrapping job.  He came to me and asked if I had small boxes that fit into larger boxes and I told him there are plenty in his room.  I knew he was up to something and that he had seen that trick before.  And he insisted the biggest box had to be wrapped in newspaper.  He also hinted that I would need a boxcutter to open it.  He put it on the kitchen counter at noon and couldn't wait until Dad got home around 6 for me to open it.  He was so giddy excited!  If anyone in this house has my personality, it's him.  I get so excited when I know that a gift receiver is really going to appreciate what I've given.  And the inside jokes that only I laugh at that they think are only a tad funny.  Anyway, making it kept him busy for a while today.  Love it!

Daddy had to fix a few things in the condo like new window blinds and painting a couple of rough spots.  So he got up way early and went to Home Depot to get supplies and was putting up blinds as we were waking up.  Go, Jared!  So, naturally, little boy was wowed by the tool box.  He literally said "wow" like 3 times!  And how on earth can kids squat like that?  Oh, and Abishai was very good about putting the pieces back in the right spot.

My little helpers clearing out some cabinets - together!

Keturah beat the outdoor rug with a raquetball racket like housewives did before there were vacuum cleaners.  Then she vacuumed the porch.

for mom from Justin

Decent wrapping job!

One of the jobs that the middles can do is to entertain Abishai so I can work.  I do count it toward their TV time if I ask them directly to help out.

Taking out nails from the wall like a big man.

I brought in two large tubs from the porch that probably should go to the garage, but they are filled with Abishai's cars and trucks!  So, naturally, he undid them because, why not?  And he pulled out and played with the homemade car garage that Aunt Shauna made him for Christmas.  How sweet!

We have started to eat up whatever we have left in the cupboards so we don't have to transport it all to the new house.  So, we pulled out some old candy.  Well, there were some Nerds in the there (little sugar rocks) and Jared introduced them to Abishai.  And when we weren't looking, Abishai dumped the whole box into his supper!  (He had eaten all his meat, so he was fine to have a little sugar).  Then he proceeded to dig out the nerds one by one.  Goof!

My gift of a letter was in two boxes and a plastic case that originally had gum in it.  Ha, ha, very funny Justin!

Did you know that brushing your teeth with a backpack full of cars on your back is the cool thing now?  Well, according to Abishai it is!

So, this is hilarious!  We found the little gizmo that makes all kinds of sounds like burps, farts, people laughing, glass breaking, money cha ching! etc.  But Abishai called it, "Daddy" today.  Why?  Because the burping sound is spot on to how Jared can burp!  Same tone of voice and everything!  Well, Abishai wanted to sleep with "Daddy" which I thought was cute, so I let him try it.  We put "Daddy" night night right next to his pillow IN his bed.  I knew it wouldn't last though.  I was in my room with the monitor on and all the kids and I heard was the different sounds of the machine while I was trying to read aloud to them.  It was hilarious!  So, I had to go back in there and gently told him that we can leave "Daddy" in the room, but it will have to be on the floor outside of his crib.  He didn't protest, thankfully.  But how cute!  He wanted to sleep with "Daddy!"

Justin's letter to me.  His handwriting is pretty decent, but big.  We have to keep working on it.

And finally, here's the video of Abishai and his "Daddy" sound machine.

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