Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Year 2, Day 142: The Nomadic Life

The nomadic life is not for me.  I feel like I'm in between three places: the condo, my in laws, and the new house.  I can't go "home" to the new house because there are renters there.  I can't be at the condo some of the time because of potential showings.  And my in laws are gracious enough to let us crash there, but it isn't home, so I get bored no matter what reading or cross stitch or whatever I bring to do.  We even had to bring leftovers with us yesterday because we weren't home long enough in the last week to eat them at home.  Which is another thing, our menu and diet are completely off.  Besides breakfast, there's no set time for lunch and dinner and who knows what it will actually consist of.  Vegetables and fruits seem to be non existent.  10 days and we can get into the new house, IF the current renters have moved out like their contract with the previous owner said.  If not, well, I don't know.  Please pray that we don't have to go about evicting them.  Meanwhile, I need to be home to do laundry and finish packing, too.  The middles and I are done being with people.  I'm done with Abishai's craziness when he's with too many people.  I need order and alone time.  So please pray we can put something together, or that our sanity will hold steady for the next couple of weeks.

Pictures from the last few days.

One exhausted baby after the children's museum.  He didn't even wake up when he got back to Grandma's house.

While baby sleeps, the other 3 have screens.  Typical.

2 male mallard ducks in Leah's yard!

We always try to find something for Abishai to help with when we come home, from the grocery store or from just being out.

Biggest Boy Benaiah ran the "Man Cam" for all four services this weekend!  Woot! Woot!  That means he has to follow whoever is on stage for announcements, communion, and then Grandpa.  Super proud of him!  Especially when he's doing something I used to do!

A graduation open house had this HUGE bounce house, perfect for little people and adults!  Abishai had a blast!

Daddy helped Abishai up to the top of the volcano so he could slide down on the other side!

In just a few days, this guy has almost perfected his drinking from an open cup!  Say what?! He hates getting drinks on his shirt, so he's usually extra careful.  The popsicles in the picture were yummy, but we could only handle so much!

Justin flying through the air!

Despite having her leg get hurt by some bouncing teenagers, Keturah love the bounce house, too.

Proud mama watching her boy serve at church.

3 naps in 3 days at Grandma's house just because there "might" be a showing.  Sigh.  Tomorrow, we stay home (or at least the kids do) so Abishai can sleep in his own bed!

Abishai enjoyed Benaiah's drum session by dancing and hitting the bass drum with his knee.

Cute half naked baby with his cars.

Lots of card games.

Big man child who barely fits in Grandpa's chair anymore.  Remember, he used to take naps on Grandpa's chest when he was a newborn in that chair!
Baby boy going on a hunt.

There's just something about a bare chested toddler, showing off his diaper, carrying a gun that makes noise and making his own noise trying to catch all his siblings.  So cute!

"Pew, pew!"

The kids are super excited to spend time with the neighbors that they got to know last May.  In fact, Justin even went to our youth group tonight with another neighbor friend.

Catching bubbles.

They weren't playing her game, so she pouted the rest of the afternoon.

Hm,....going for a walk by himself perhaps?  Actually, he will typically turn around just fine and stay on the driveway.  In fact, when Grandpa came home, Abishai was very concerned that he and his ride on toy was not all the way off the driveway although they were on the opposite side of the driveway.

Catch those bubbles!

Daddy's car.  Abishai can recognize all the cars in our family and who they belong to!

Gorgeous flowers!

Watching the neighbors on their ride on mowers.  It's tempting to get on ourselves to share.  Very cute!

We are so very close to our new house, but so far away from being ready.  At least it was a gorgeous day outside to read a novel based on a movie that I probably don't want us to watch ("Malecifent").

No, he's not reading.  He's staring at a screen.

And finally, this has officially happened!  A support group for Home Educators from Indian Creek.  Hosted by me!  We met for the first time tonight while the middle schoolers had their end of the year/kickoff for summer luau and the high schoolers went to SkyZone.  We had 6 families represented tonight!  Woot! Woot!  It's a monthly meeting and we'll be starting with resources for kindergarten since several families are just starting out.  Yeah!

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