Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Year 2, Day 122: Ramping up or winding down?

The next couple weeks are going to be crazy busy with the wrapping up of school and the ramping up of packing.  So, I doubt I'll get too creative on the blog.  I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow of our progress, but for now, the house looks worse, not better.  A new friend came over and helped me pack a lot of the books that I had unpacked.  We could have done more perhaps, but I ran out of tape for the boxes.  I have another friend coming over Friday, though, and I think we'll focus on the china cabinet and the kitchen.  Then Jared will have a fun time Friday night getting all the boxes to the garage (thanks, hubby!)  THEN it will feel like I've cleared stuff out.  But yes, it was a good day with packing, staying on task with other online projects, pushing through some schoolwork, and then wrapping up the day with Bible Bowl.  Pretty normal day.

Both Keturah and Justin had permission to take photos when I was working yesterday.  They were playing around with their big wardrobe boxes that will literally swallow up the leftovers in their room.  But for now, the boxes make great playspaces!  Keturah had hers on her bed today and made a bed in it for Abishai for naptime.  Abishai thought he was going to sleep in there and was very disappointed when he couldn't.  He cried himself to sleep for his naptime, poor thing.

Playing around under Keturah's bed, playing in the stuffed animals.

The inside of Keturah's box with Abishai's stuff in it.

Justin's version of his box, complete with a pillow and sleeping bag.  And the block head of a minecraft creature.

Small enough to fit in a box.

We found Daddy's play crossbow! And a makeshift bullet!  Justin loaded it and Abishai pulled the trigger. The bullet can go from one end of the hallway to the other if aimed properly!

Ready for action!

A character from Mincraft.

"Babee, put this hat on so you can chase me while I scream!" - Abishai, aka the Boss

Another fort made out of packing materials like sheets and pillows.

The boy cave redone.

Now THAT'S some sweet corn that doesn't even need butter!  We gave up great tasting and cheap lobster and potatoes for cheap and great tasting corn on the cob!

A couple more pictures from Monday that wasn't finished loading when I needed to get to bed.  These two were running back and forth in this mostly empty room off the main room in the East Wing.

4th generation preacher? Teacher? Speaker?

I love these homemade coasters!  I made them in MOPS 9 years ago!  But in the humidity, the modpodge got sticky again and now they are stuck together.

I asked on FB what I should use or do to get them unstuck and Uncle Bill and I both had the same thought: put them in the freezer!

Voila! They need some touchups but at least they are apart and saved!  Thanks Uncle Bill for confirming my idea!

This is quite interesting.  It's a list of stats of Christian Churches that report annual average weekend attendance, # of yearly baptisms, where they are located, when they started, the lead pastor, and the website.  Well, if you look closely, two churches are very close on the list!  Indian Creek Christian Church here in Indianapolis and Manchester Christian Church, where I grew up during my high school years in Manchester, NH are neck and neck!  I had no idea that Manchester is now about 3,500 on their 4 or 5 campuses per week!  Last time I checked, they were more like 2,000 people 5-7 years ago.  That's awesome!  I can remember when they had two services and 500 people.  And how fun that on this particular list, the two churches that I have the most experience with are listed right after each other.  How cool!  I recognized lots of other names as well.  These are just the megachurches.  There are also up and coming megachurches, mid size churches, and of course small churches.

When the all of kidustrial park becomes your very large personal playroom.

This is a new activity.  Playing with cars on the door tracks.


Lots of vroom time!

On your mark, get set, go!  I've got an idea of for the kidustrial park and/or video teams!  Take a hotwheel car and do a church tour from it's perspective on the floor!  Or maybe from a toddler's view.  Of course there would need to be a theme or moral to it.  Maybe I've been watching too many vloggers with their unique camera angles.  Perspective is fun, though!

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