Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Year 2, Day 152: What's In A Title?

I could title this blog many things:

I'm sick!

Emotions running wild!

Our mantra!

Need more help!

Rain, rain go away!

Closing out this chapter.

And all of those titles are true!  I know, I know, I know, this is NOT about me.  This is about our family.  And I need to do better at focusing on them, and not me.  But, I really do need you to read this for a few moments.  I need your prayers.  I've got a full blown head cold with aches, chills, fever, scratchy throat, no voice, runny nose.  I've got extra pain from trying a new exercise.  And now that we finally have a full plan for the weekend, I just know it won't all go according to plan. (Thus our mantra).  There's a good chance it's going to rain from Friday afternoon to Monday.  I have some young men coming for sure on Friday morning, plus a box truck, but no one else has said they will actually show up.  And now, the emotions have started tumbling out of mouth and eyes.  Long story short on that one, leaving Canada still has a major affect on me, and our current situation.  This move is the "last peg in the coffin" sort of speak.  I haven't seen the house or pictures since we saw it that one time, and that alone makes me nervous because I'm picturing things in my head and I don't know if they are right.  I want to go slow and notice everything tomorrow, but I don't really have that much time.

But, we plan to pray, or at least I will, in every room, for what the room's Kingdom purpose is.  The people that will spend time in that room.  The ministry that will go on in that room, even if that ministry is just vacuuming up crumbs the toddler left.  There's a book called the "Circle Maker" I think and it talks about praying circles (sometimes by walking) around your home and family.  I know a mentor of mine did that for one of her grown sons and their family as they were deciding on purchasing their current home.  I plan to do something like that tomorrow.   This doesn't make me more godly than anyone else.  I'm just trying to explain why I want to not rush around to get it all done in a heartbeat.  Purposeful planning.  We sort of rushed into Canada and putting down roots there.  I worked hard at making friendships and seeing the sights.  We didn't know what all ministry entails.  But now I know, and now I can prayerfully prepare for this next chapter.  Part of this is how I'm trying to protect myself from being hurt again.  Some of it is simply maturing and a softening heart.  Live and learn.

So, pray, show up, and we'll get 'er done.  Friday morning is when we will do the big push.  Reach out to me via Facebook if you want times and locations.  Thanks.

Very appropriate photo for today.  And we are off to the races!
P.S. I think I said this a week or two ago, but our new funny, inside joke/mantra is a quote from Captain Cold on the Flash TV show:

Step 1: Make the plan
Step 2: Execute the plan
Step 3: Expect the plan to run off the rails
Step 4: Throw away the plan.

With 4 adults and 3 kids who think they are adults, always having an opinion in our family, this mantra fits.  Communication doesn't always go well and then someone doesn't know a part of the plan and then things change.  I had to tell Keturah to please NOT ask me what the plan is because it's going to change a million times between now and when we unpack.  My throat is hoarse and I can't be updating her and Justin all the time.  Just go where we tell you to go and do what we tell you to do and trust us.  That being said, I always TRY to let the kids in on the plans so that they have a heads up and can prepare, even if they don't need a lot of time to prepare their minds, bags, etc.  But this weekend, I just can't.  I am very grateful, too, for Leah to take Abishai and Keturah because it will cut down on the stress a ton.  Keturah and Justin are fighting constantly right now, so it will be so helpful to have them separated through this process.  They have been very helpful moving boxes and keeping Abishai occupied, I'll give them that.  I've let them have more TV time and haven't been strict about 1 chore equaling 15 minutes of TV time because I mentally can't keep track and I know they are bored and I just need the quiet to nap or pack or think!  Soon, soon, we will get back into a routine, and we are all excited about that.  Even the chores for the kids.  And once we do, it will be time for school to start up.  Yikes!

Pray. Pray. Pray.  I will probably NOT update the blog until Monday.  We won't have internet at the new house until the 12th, and I need to spend most of my time at the new house, and not at Gary and Leah's.  Watch Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, and remember, Benaiah has Instagram (he posted about strawberries yesterday!  which was huge for me because I remember when he was in the phase where "why do I have to do this stuff?") and Jared has Twitter.  I'm going to guess they will be updating as well.  Private message us on social media for phone numbers and addressess.  I will see you on the "other side," lol.  Other side of this move, I mean.  And hopefully the final move to heaven someday, but that's a whole separate post.  Good night!

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