Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Year 2, Day 144: Underfoot

Again, there was a reason why we sent Keturah and Justin to Grandma and Grandpa's the month before we moved last year!  They want to help because they are earning their TV time, but I just don't have enough things that they can do!  It IS helping for them to do this because the house is staying cleaner, boxes are getting pushed around, skills are being learned.  But I don't have time to wait to see if they can figure out "tetris" with each box.  That's what I like to call it: playing tetris.  Why?  Because my Dad and I played that game a lot when PC's first came out.  And if you think about it, you are trying to fit as much as you can in each box so that it fits the shape of the box so each side is strong and doesn't cave in.  At least that's the theory.  We are now done to the things we use daily, so I'm putting them in boxes, but not taping them up or taking them to the garage, just in case.  I have a few more of these projects to do.  But, there's also dentist and doctor visits this week and a visitation and funeral to attend.  But 9 more days and we'll be able to get into the new house to clean!  Hopefully it won't need much cleaning, but I do need to take a detailed tour before all the stuff is brought in.

I did see my naturopath today, and she really was adamant that I stick with plain meats and fruits/veggies, no grains, no dairy, no sugar, and NO CHEATING for 30 days so that my gut will heal.  I hate her.  No, I don't hate her, I hate my gut.  She's wonderful and understanding, but she did push harder today.  She was very encouraging and said that she knows I can do it.  Just 30 days.  LET IT HEAL.  So, I will.  There's a couple of open boxes of things I'll finish up now like the brownies I made for yesterday's mom meeting.  I'll need to clarify a couple of the diet things like can I use honey or maple syrup, any spices, coconut oil, nuts, almond milk?  That kind of thing.

Yesterday I went to the wrap up mom's meeting for our homeschool co op this year.  Very, very bittersweet.  Some tears for another mom who has been with the group for many, many years that will be leaving.  A few laughs.  Potato salad with mayo and cheesecake that I shouldn't have eaten.  Whoops.  We also gave books back that we borrowed and handed out final grades.

When asked why her shirt was on backwards she said, "The front got wet, so I just turned it around."  Ah, she copied what I did at the museum on Friday.  Monkey see, monkey do.

"I can see the neighbor's door!"

When most of the toys are put away, you resort to hitting your dad in the head with the top of a box.

Ah! Got 'em!

Where'd Abishai go?

When our friend with two little ones was over, she plunked her baby in this basket of towels to help her sit up a bit while we worked.  Well, I think Abishai remembered that and decided it was his turn to sit in the basket.

Aw, Justin got an A in U.S. History this year!  Mrs. Trixie loves how Justin retains information and is very creative!

Mrs. Kim also told Justin how much he is eager to participate in class.

Mrs. Trixie said Keturah is a fantastic young lady!  And she got an A in U.S. History as well!

Mrs. Kim said Keturah has a good foundation for further studies, so keep at it!

When I have time, I've got to transfer this veggies!

Speaking of veggies, check out all the "decorations" the kids put on their dinner tonight, all on their own!  Lots of salt, BBQ sauce, sour cream, garlic, parsley, etc.

Keturah decorated her dinner well, too.

More yummy veggies Dad cut up.  Pretty plate!

Found this random ball in the room where the moms from co op met.  I think that whatever your hands touch when you catch you, you have to answer that question or challenge.  Things like "favorite flavor of ice cream" or "what president would you like to meet?"

Nemo was the "cartoon character" in one of my games on my phone.

Abishai wouldn't nap without having some friends by his side.

Abishai got very, very upset when Daddy took Justin's bike but didn't put Justin's helmet on.  I'm telling you, Abishai is very observant and picky and would make a great police officer.

Come ride with me, Dad!

Abishai tree, Abishai tree!  Abishai has a lot more clear vocabulary and uses many two word sentenes, including, "Sissy mean."  "Baba sad."  "Abishai sit."

The beginning of apples!  I wish my phone wasn't having trouble focusing when I took these pictures.

Baby apple.
I hadn't had the chance to take pictures of the 3D printing objects we made!  Here's Justin's Pokeball! He wants to paint it half white, but really, it should have been in white and then paint it red.

Keturah's dolphin, which was done on a different 3D printer than the other two and they used a different plastic and it's much smoother.  Keturah is thrilled!

It needs some ball bearings, but here's the finished spinner!

Grandma brought this to us because it looks like Justin in the sink having fun.

Aw, we can't wait to get our dog back!

Spinners - my opinion is this.  I bought this one for its' intended purpose of keeping little hands busy so they can concentrate on school.  But, we lost it within a couple of days and just found it again.  Then Justin left it in his pants pocket, so it was washed and dried yesterday.  No wonder the dryer sounded so loud last night!  So, I took it away.  My kids don't need them.  To them it's a toy.  But they are tools, for those with diagnosed issues or an IEP.  I think they should be banned unless there is an IEP or doctor's note.  But they are addicting, and I like it myself.

I finally showed the kids the clip in Turner and Hooch about "This is not your room. No drinking out of the toilet, no drooling, no slobbering, this is not your room." etc.  I always flashback to this scene when I am telling the kids to get out of my room or each other's rooms.  "Keturah, THIS is NOT your room!"  "Justin, this is NOT YOUR room!"  And now they know where I get it from.  Decent movie, except for the fact that Turner is in his briefs for half of the movie and there's a "morning after" kitchen scene.  But Abishai loved seeing the dog scenes!  I fast forwarded through most of the main storyline.

This was Uncle Aaron's.  And yes, it still works.  And yes, Tetris.  I put fresh batteries in and now Justin can give it a go.  Have fun!

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