Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, May 19, 2017

Year 2, Day 140: The IMS vs. TCM Part 1

IMS equals Indianapolis Motor Speedway

TCM equals The Children's Museum (of Indianapolis)

So, which one did we go to today? Hint: We were inside all day, and it was a good thing, too, because there was a couple of big thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Why can't I play with the cars, Mommy?

I have a picture of Justin playing with this exact track when he was around 4 or 5, when the exhibit first came out. Now it's an annual exhibit every May/June like Jolly Days.

At one point, he grabbed 6 cars very quickly before anyone else could because it was so buys!

Why yes, we were at the IMS today, can't you tell?  (wink, wink).

Big boys need to play, too.

Abishai figured out how to get the cars out of the way and put them down the ramp the right way all by himself.

I know how this works.  Most of these pictures are of Abishai because a) It was his first time in this exhibit and b) I could barely keep up with him, never mind the other 3.  The other 3 did stay in whatever exhibit we were in and checked in multiple times during our time in each exhibit.

One track has power and one side doesn't. In typical museum fashion, all of the signs taught you something about speed or force, even at the circus exhibit they showed how trapeze artists need to know physics to time their tricks right.

I definitely have pictures of the other boys in this very same car 6-8 years ago.

You were supposed to have a team to help you do the pit stop, but Justin was willing to have a go at it himself.  39 seconds, but he hustled.  The tires were as thin as rims and the nuts/bolts didn't come off.  They just lit or unlit by using the "power" tool.

You can see the light here.
Same logo every year.

A real Indy Car and he didn't want to get out of it!

He wanted to hide.

It was a struggle to get in and out, but they wanted to do it, so they did.  Nice new background poster, too.  See, we WERE at the IMS today, lol.

All 4 learning something on "Field Trip Friday."

Wa-wee!  I only let him play a little bit because he refused to wear a smock and I knew he would be upset if it was shirt was soaked.

His shirt did get wet, but he thought it was more fun to stand under the hand dryer on the opposite side that he needed.  So, I turned his shirt around and he eventually forgot that it was still damp!

A drummer must drum.

Helping out in playscape, trying not to play too much and get in the way of the 5 year old and under crowd that the exhibit is designed for.

But she had fun anyway.

Oooo, what's this?  What's sand?  Oh, I do NOT like the feeling of that!  Yuck!  I guess he's not an Islander after all.  We moved on quickly to something else.
Now Abishai can climb a little bit on the lily pads at the pond.

Even big guy had to try.  Thankfully, Abishai didn't want to go too far, and it's a good thing because I think Benaiah would have gotten stuck.

Never too old to slide.

In the box and out of the box, around the top of the infant/toddler section of PlayScape.

This helper is taking a break.

Out of the box.

Down the slide.  He's so much bigger now!  I think we haven't been here since December.  We've been to the museum since then, but we didn't go into PlayScape.

Up the stairs with no problems.

Benaiah put his spinner under the hand dryer to see how fast it would make it spin.  And oh my word, it was super fast!  Even quieter than normal because it was going so fast.


I packed lunch for all 4 of my babies today!  I think we're going to enjoy doing field trip Fridays more often now that we won't be out earlier in the week and Benaiah will be off school most Fridays when he returns to Southside next year.
This is the end of Part 1, stay tuned until tomorrow for Part 2.  (There's just way too many pictures and stories to share!

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