Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Year 2, Day 118: The Day After

I have decided I will post an entry about yesterday's concert separately, and write up today's events so I won't forget those details first.  I guess the kids had stayed up late last night, because we didn't get up until 9:30am.  Well, Jared did go to his breakfast meeting and then onto his normal workday and Benaiah spent a good portion of the day doing yard work at the grandparents' house.  Soon enough he'll have TWO yards to keep up!  But I did wake up pretty much on a concert "high," which I haven't had in about 10 years.  I was in a "go get 'er done" type of mood, so we tried to hurry up our morning routine so we could get out to do some errands.  We ended up not leaving until 12:30pm, so I decided to skip the first two errands and head to the park first where one of our homeschool groups were having a meet up.  Most families decided not to go because of the threat of rain and it was a park about an hour from them.  It was only 30 minutes from our current location.  It was a gorgeous park and we ended up staying there for 2 hrs!  Then we only had time for one other errand before having to be back in time for Bible class.

The other errand as for me to pick up next year's writing/language arts curriculum.  It's an expensive one to invest in at first, but I've been listening to the author and his blog for at least 6 months, plus it comes highly recommended by a lot of people, including friends back on PEI (for the record, it's called Institute in Excellence for Writing, or IEW by Andrew Pudewa).  It's got a whole set of DVD's explaining the writing method, which is different than your typical approach to writing.  I'm super excited about it!  I can't wait to "do my homework" and really dig in to understand it this summer!  I wish I had it with Benaiah.  Anyway, that was one of the errands.  So, we came home for Bible class and as soon as Jared and Benaiah got home, I dashed out to finish up by going to the library and the UPS store to pick up a package.  I was so beat and grumpy by all the changes of plans when I decided to stay longer at the park, that I just needed a mommy time out.  I was literally having a concert crash!  I needed to regroup and take care of the pile of papers on my desk and come up with a plan for the next couple of days, so that's what I did.  The kids played video games and Abishai was stir crazy because he had only a 30 minute nap in the car.  He had had a 4 1/2 hr nap yesterday, so it all evens out.

The weekend will be a busy one! But we have some work to finish up as well.  And I need to pack some more.  A new month is on the horizon and we may even get to close on the house this month!  Exciting!

The park was called Holiday Park and it was in the Broad Ripple area I think.  Three huge play structures, two of which were wheelchair accessible.  It was cool and cloudy, but that was perfect!

One of the play structures was for the little guys with no openings except for the entrance and the slides.  Perfect for letting little guys run without mommies having to follow their every move!  Plus, it had a gate around it with just one entrance in and out.  Sweet!

Abishai wanted one of us to follow him and play with him at all times, but I couldn't with my backpack purse on.  So he turned around.

At first, he insisted that we drive the stroller around the play structure.

Gorgeous setting with lots of trails.  Just no water bubbler and only port a potty's so make sure to bring your own water! Keturah didn't bring her water bottle and Justin didn't fill his up, so we were very short on water today. I'm glad it wasn't hot out!

All those roofs belong to just one huge play structure!

This one was very tall n one end and it made me very nervous to let Abishai on it.  I followed him very closely behind.

"Babee, babee! Come play with me!"

Keturah just walking along.

I see you!

Abishai did attempt one slide by himself.

And he's gone!

Abishai actually turned around and did not go down the slide.  He's currently afraid of slides and water.

Lots and lots of groomed trails!

See how tall this one is?  The kids kept comparing it to the one on PEI.

I looked down this way and realized that there was a river down.  So, Abishai and I turned around and called out to the middles for them to come with us.  He was very bossy about it, too.

"This is easy, Mom!"  Yes, little gymnast, it looks easy!

Violets?  They were very fragrant and huge.  Beautiful!

Looking down into the "valley" before we went on our hike.

This little guy inssisted that he walk a majority of the trail by himself!

A bench high off the ground!

Finally too tired to walk, but he wanted Justin to pick him up.

Prefect grin.

Swinging on the time.

Cool see through tunnel!

A little wa-wee on a see through tube!  Wash, wash!

We were very careful with letting Abishai climb the ladder.  But he climbed it all by himself.  He didn't not go on the slides and I did hear that they are super fast, so I'm glad he didn't. 
When you are at a concert and you reach into your pocket and find a Lego piece you found while cleaning out the car...you know you are a mom......

New concert swag!  And, I've lost 13 lbs since October!

Watching the big thunderstorm outside, including folding his hands under his chin.

Watching Tayo with Babee Benaiah.
That's all she wrote!

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