Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Year 2, Day 90: Babies, Babees, and Bunnies!

It was another full Saturday with a Bible Bowl competition for the boys, an activity involving bunnies for Keturah and Abishai, and of course church.  Mr. Toddler was very full of it again today.  Again, he's 3x the energy and meltdowns and smiles and giggles and handfuls that the other kids were combined.  Just being out for a couple hours with him is exhausting!  And fun!  We went to a local event "Hop and Shop" that our friends Heather and crew started about 6 years ago, with her consignment shop and IndyClaw Rescue, which rescues unwanted bunnies and finds home for them.  One lady said they have 85 bunnies currently, which means they've grown in number a ton!  And so has the event!  We went to it when it first started and it was very small.  But today, we had to wait over an hour just to get one picture with a bunny!  They held at the newly renovated Washington St. Public Library.  So, trying to keep a toddler entertained for an hour in a small library was, exhausting.  I finally had to bribe him with a granola bar and his blankie while the family in front of us tried to get their 4 kids under the age of 6 to get their pictures done.  Thankfully, we did receive a number, so we were able to roam around while we waited and visit the bunnies.  What a thrill for Abishai!  He adored them and became animated when we told Daddy and Babees later on at church.  We also saw a few of our old friends from our college small group, 24/7, like Daddy's best friend Matt and his wife Michelle, and Heather, and the Rays.  Sweet!  There were a couple of vendors in the parking lot as well, and a scavenger hunt if you went to a couple of local businesses for lunch.  It was neat, although today was a little chilly, too.

Then, I drove all the way from Washington St. to Franklin, In, to catch up with the boys and Bible Bowl.  There's only one more competition left after today for the local season, so I wanted to be there, but also support our friends and the bunnies.  Keturah stayed with me and watched the last 3 games while Jared took Abishai home for his nap.  Benaiah and Justin were not on the same team, bu their teams were in the same bracket so they played against each other.  And so did the Henry kids (3 were on Benaiah's team and 1 was on Justin's team).  Benaiah's team won both games, and overall won 9 games out of 10 and got 1st place in Division 2!  Woot! Woot!  Justin's team went 2-8, so they have a lot of work to do before next month when they will be tested on the whole text of Exodus and parts of Deuteronomy that they have studied all year long.  I guess we need to focus a lot less on Pokemon and a lot more on Bible Bowl.  Then we dropped Benaiah off at church, and hung out at Grandma's house until church.

Abishai napped, and then Jared met us at church at 5:30.  We got home from that, ate some supper, and then it was bedtime.  And Abishai had a meltdown or two during all of that.  Tomorrow we'll be home until youth group and choir time in the evening.

Abishai is all smiles for the camera after zooming a Barbie around like an airplane.  Keturah ran into our room and announced, "I taught Abishai to say Barbie!"  And sure enough, Abishai can now say "Barbie."  He can also say, "amen."

Cheesing for Daddy!

Meet Joey, the biggest rabbit I've ever seen!  Poor guy had his head tilted to the side the whole time.  I'm pretty sure it was injured at some point.  But boy it was a large bunny like the size of two basketballs!

The "Frat Boys."  Must be brothers or something.

Abishai did not hesitate one bit about sticking his whole hand into the cages.  The rescue only brought the most friendliest of rabbits that didn't mind the crowds, noise, and pettings.

Abishai tried to wedge himself between the cage and the wall.

Pet the bunny!

Two sleepy bunnies.

The brick wall used to be the outer wall of the library.  I love how they left that wall and the windowsills and just took the windows.  It's a very small library, but it may be one of the oldest ones in the city.

Gorgeous original checkout desk.

Of course Abishai found a truck and puzzle to do in the little children's area.

Abishai is giving his cheesy face.  We'll get a better picture in an email soon.  You pay $6 per picture that goes directly to IndyClaw Rescue.

This is my cute kids 5 years ago, so Keturah was 3 1/2 and Justin was 6 1/2 years old.  It was at the same event we went to today.  What fun to get an updated photo.  At least for Keturah's sake.  Which now, she wants to own a bunny (and a dolphin and a horse, she's a child after my own heart!)  Fun stuff!
We were so close to downtown that we could get on I-65 just a few minutes from the library in the center of town and then it was a straight shot down to Franklin, the town.

Keturah didn't eat breakfast, and I knew she would need some food today, so I told her to pack a lunch.  She did an excellent job!  She including fruit and a drink, yogurt, chips, a granola bar, cheese and crackers.  I am impressed!  She's growing up fast!

I see you Justin!  And his friend Kylie sat down next to him as soon as they arrived this morning, and started talking Pokemon.  So, I teased him a bit about that.

What happens when you are playing against your other teammates?  Well, you just play the game as normal, that's what.

First place Division 2!  Benaiah and 3 kids from the Henry clan!

Woot! Woot!

"Popcorn" tree!  Grandma likes to call these trees "popcorn" trees when they blossom in the spring.

Mr. Caring Big Heart wanted to put the Barbies night night, complete with their own blankies.  Sweetness!

I have to laugh at this.  You see, this backpack is Jared's "man purse."  He takes it wherever he goes.  It has his laptop, cords, some papers, his coffee cups, toothbrush and paste (no joke!), and other personal items.  It just cracks me up because he'll even bring it into church and use his laptop to look up the Bile passages.  I guess he's just used to taking his work with him wherever he goes that it's as normal for him to carry this backpack as it is for me to carry a diaper bag.

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