Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Year 2, Day 156: Happy 15th Birthday, Benaiah!

Wow, I hurt. It was very hard to get up this morning. I was so tired and so stiff. We needed to get moving so we could pack up the kitchen, beds, and toiletries, drive down to the house, put some of it away, before Abishai's naptime. Well, as the Johnson mantra states, we make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, and throw out the plan. Jared went to get a friend's truck and took Abishai with him, after he prepared a smoothie for the kids and made tea. I made my breakfast, and went to use my computer while I was still in wi-fi since we won't get it at the house for another week. Pretty much my normal routine. But my shoulders are screaming in pain. I'm lifting too much and reaching too high. I tried getting food anddishes down from the top cupboards and simply had to stop. It hurt too much. The kids helped a bunch, though, packing up all the dry goods and bedding and shoving it towards the front door.

But I was in so much pain that I eventually had a meltdown. I always want to work while my kids are working to make it seem fair and set an example of a good work ethic. But having to stop in the middle and just sit there, watching everyone else work hard literally broke my heart. It should be me packing up our junk. I wanted someone else to do it because I knew I was hurting, but I hate that I can work hard like everyone else.

Jared was very kind and told me to stop the pity party and just sit there. He'd get the kids to help finish the job and now, at 10:19 pm, he's at the condo filling the coolers with food from the fridge so we can eat in the morning. He also went to Meijer for milk and more pacifiers because Abishai chewed through his (more on that later). I wish he could stay home one more day so that all the little odds and ends could be finished, but he also needs to work. Benaiah can do a lot now, too, including putting his own bed together and nailing in little things like towel racks. And of course he can do the lifting as well.

It's been a crazy day because Abishai only slept in the car for 30 minutes. I knew I wouldn't be able to get him back down for a proper nap in the new bed so I just let him be. He was crazier than normal! He climbs and jumps and runs constantly. It's hard to get food into him because he won't take the time to eat! Speaking of food, I did start putting some kitchen stuff away. I'm going to enjoy having a walk in pantry, but I need some baskets or little pretty boxes to hold certain items together. I've read numerous blog posts on all kinds of homemaking tips an I'm eager to try them all out now. We don't have much cupboard space, so that's proving difficult. It does mean we will need to purge. I have a blogger friend who only has 1 cup/glass per person and then a few to spare when she entertains. I probably won't do that, but I could definitely cut down on how many mugs, cups and plasticware we have. I bought really nice shelf paper and used it today to spruce up these very old cabinets. They are as old as my Beech Grove ones were. I also have special shelf paper for the pantry shelves, so things don't fall down in between the slats of the shelf.

Meanwhile, we are still figuring out lightswitches and electiral outlets, which lights need to be where, where the box with all of my shoes is, etc etc. We'll get there.

Oh, and Grandpa stopped by twice! The second time, he was in this weird 80's costume from the kickball tornument and scared Abishai! Grandpa had to take the wig off and show Abishai that it was only Abishai. Meanwhile, Abishai chewed through his paci, so Daddy got new ones. But since it was late, Abishai went to bed with a hard top sippy cup instead. At least it worked and he finally settled down! He was wild child today! He even took trains outside in his new train carrier case, put the trains in the grass, walked to the front of the house, saw that he couldn't get in that way, then went back to his cars, picked them up, put them back in the case and brought them inside. I went out there with thim with no electronics and sat in the grass. Oh, and we saw a bunny in the backyard! And when it went to hide, Abishai hid among the book boxes. So cute! I'm sure the bunny will not stay here once Socks come to stay.

I'm quickly fading, so I guess this is good night. I'm still in a lot of pain and need to sleep it off. It's so bad, I can't type anymore. So, all in all, it became a productive great day! And it's also Benaiah's 15th birthday! Woot! Woot! Happy birthday big guy! He even got a small gift from his friend David! And he posted on instragram that he was right where he wanted to be for half the day – sitting behind the main camera in church! Sweet!

Ok, long day. Good night!

Aw, our poor neighbor!  She's going to miss us so much!  We'll miss her, too!  Justin wrote her a beautiful note thanking her for the extra food and hoping we weren't too loud for her.  She read it to me on the phone.  She did ask for the note, and I'm glad she did.  She also made sure she got a picture of her and the kids.  She's a great grandma and just adores kids.  Judy is her name.  She walks slowly, but still drives herself to church and to see her friends.  Bittersweet to say good bye. 
Last breakfast at the condo!

What is more fun than pounding Sissy with stuffed animals?

Ah, this is more fun than the stuffed animals! Crushing Baba under a mattress!

Benaiah putting all his volunteer work and shop class skills to work plugging in our new stove!

Keturah's bed is going up!

Benaiah and Justin put the bed back together all by themselves!

Ugh, until we get shelves put up, little man has access to the PS4 controllers at all times! But how cute that he know to put on the earphones and then turn on the tv with its' remote and then turn on the PS4? Adorable!

Abishai's new snack spot.  I think he was also putting cereal in his water cup and digging the pieces back out.  Ew!

First of all, yes, all three of those drinks in front are mine.  The blue water bottle is for travel, the purple one is only for water and stays home and the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi is my afternoon caffeine fix.  BUT, I took the picture because this will be our spot for our daily cups.  Unfortunately, no food can be left out because we have a HUGE ant problem!  Big ants, little ants, all black ants.  Other bugs, too.  One word: crawlspace!  I guess there was an advantage of living on the second floor!

Hide, hide, hide!

I don't know if we have 1 bunny or 4, but it/they are out there all the time!  I bet Socks will scare them away when he lives with us again.  We have to fix some fencing for that to happen.  It's a beautiful cottentail though!  And I'm guessing it's eating all the wild strawberries that are throughout the yard, too.  I also saw a huge squirrel, too!  Nature study!

Thank you, Alisha, for your Thomas carry cases!  We didn't have a Tidmouth Shed yet, so it was perfect!

Benaiah and Justin had a summer kick off kickball tournament at youth group and someone got into too much war paint! He made a mess of the bathtub and still didn't get it all off of his face!  He even slept with a bit of it near his ear and claimed he still couldn't see it.  Justin, where's your nose?

Birthday boy got a birthday gift from his friend David, a little Lego set in a Buzz Lightyear gift bag!  I think David has been giving a gift to Benaiah for his birthday since they were 3 years old. (except maybe the years we were in Canada.)

Pew, pew!

Jared made a late night run to get food from the condo because I couldn't do it in the morning, and he bought Taco Bell for Benaiah and him just because they can stay up past 9 pm and share a meal.  Sweet!


Earlier in the day, Abishai enjoyed the box I was going to use for dishes.

Where did he go?

Up?  Nope!

Jared actually turned the box upside down with Abishai in it!  Brave! And Abishai laughed and laughed!  That kids is rarely afraid (except strangers, he does run away from them).

Not the first thing I put away, but the first thing I hung up just had to be my collection of Lilla Rose flexi clips and other hair jewelry!

Abishai filled his case with his foo-foo's.

Then, all on his own, he decided to go outside with them.

Again, this was all his idea!  I would have to beg and plead for my other kids to do this.  So, I sat and enjoyed the moment.

Then we went from the backyard to the frontyard exploring, and then back again, packed up the trains and took them inside.  Ah, beautiful moments!  It's been gorgeous weather and I am loving sending the kids outside!

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