Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Year 2, Day 179: Taco Tuesday!!!!!!

We finally made to Taco Tuesday!!!!!  The middle school youth group meets at Taco Bell on most Tuesdays in the summer.  And we promised Justin that we would try and make and we have forgotten for half of them! He even knew what he wanted to eat, but unfortunately, it was a shortly promoted item.  But my earache is getting worse, and so my vertigo is getting worse each day and it took me a longer than usual to get ready to go.  But making Taco Tuesday was the one and only goal for the day and we made it!  Not only that, we made it to Meijer for a few things, and then stopped at a friend's house for a little while on the way home.  It was 3:45pm before Abishai went down for his nap!  Well, that means I had to wake him up at 6:45 pm!  I let him sleep because I realized that this was the perfect time to let him stay up and go to bed way late after seeing some fireflies and the moon!  And boy was Abishai thrilled about the moon!  Perfecto evening for it! I also had a 2 hr nap, so I had just enough energy to make it through until now at 11:40 pm.  We have a playdate tomorrow so I'm going to drug myself up tonight so I can get up a little faster tomorrow.  It's hard getting older and getting sick more often like this.  I don't have time for vertigo or stomach issues.  So, on Saturday, July 1st, I start the Whole 30 diet, woot! woot!  Or not.  I bought pure sea salt free of additives like dextrose (sugar!) and iodide.  And Mrs. Dash because it has no salt or msg.  I also attempted a vinaigrette dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar for my salad.  So, I'm almost ready.

Sigh. There's so much work to do still.  Books. Photos to delete off my phone. And fun playdates to be had.  Yup, life is full.  But chasing a bunny under the shed and watching Justin trying to throw a carrot under the shed for it: priceless.  Seeing Abishai point to the moon and saying, "moon, moon!" equals priceless!  Finding out that your daughter almost put glitter glue on the fan blades in order to put up some streamers: priceless! And hoping that your oldest at least had fun while answering Bible questions: priceless.

Welcome packet because we changed our address!

Someone (Jared) doesn't like sunflower seeds.

Ready to go somewhere.  Where are my shoes?

Pretty streamers!  Perfect!

Taco Tuesday!

Happy Taco Tuesday boy!

Justin's friend who is as girl insisted tht he sit next to her.

Sugar rush.

Meanwhile, the Bible Bowl team gets started.

Yeah! Justin found some friends that are guys to hang out with!  They bonded over spinner competitions.

Vroom, vroom!

Random, and I think a first for Jared.  He titles this "backpack monster." 

My nose hurts because not only did Abishai scratch it a couple of days ago, he hit it as well.

Individual competition.  He placed 5th, and only the top 4 move on.  Not too shabby.

Somehow, Socks knew that it was past time for Abishai to wake up.  He wanted to go check on his little guy.

Wake up little buddy!  Maybe because it was time for a biscuit, too, which Abishai loves to give to him.  Abishai also tells me if Socks needs food or water.

A restaurant that the Bible Bowl kid went to that Mr. Bill wanted to visit.  They still went there in honor of Bill.

Team huddle.

We got our outdoor time in for the day, on our friends' neglected swing set.

The Indian Creek Christian Church Bible Bowl 2017 Team.

Yummy lunch (or dinner?)
Big salad, practicing for the next month.  The dressing I made was pretty basic, but helpful in eating all of this.

Abishai saw the balls at Meijer and they were only $2, so I got him one.  He LOVES it because it's lighter weight than the basektballs we have.  And it's red!

I think we just might have a little guy in need of some team sports (after 6 or 7 years old.)

Yeah, red ball!  He told Daddy that tonight and showed him.  He also asked "Daddy home? Daddy home?" when he heard Daddy's voice on the phone.  Abishai was also able to tell Daddy that we went to "Taco Bell" today. So adorable!

Justin had the camera and captured this.  Aww...

I had these used workbooks out for our homsechool meeting.  This one is Benaiah's 1st grade workbook.  Note the sloppy handwriting.

And here is his 4th grade workbook, with still, sloppy handwriting.  We switched to a different curriculum after this.

Tonight's colors.

Yes, we have a telescope that was Jared's and it still works, despite moving it to Canada and back.  Woot, woot!

Read for star viewing.

At least we can find the moon!

The moon!  We could see a few stars, but there was still some sun light in the west at 10:30.  Daylight Stupid Time.  But the kids enjoyed it.  Bedtime was a bit chaotic, but maybe they will sleep in tomorrow morning.  Good night!

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