Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, June 9, 2017

Year 2, Day 161: All Caught Up! And birthday celebration!

Finally, I'm all caught up on the blog!  I'm glad I wrote the body of the posts when I was without wi fi, and that there hasn't been as many pictures in the last few days as there last weekend.  Only 3 more days without wi fi!  Yes, I've stayed up to date with email, sort of.  I like to click on links from my emails and toggle back and forth from email to the website, and that can only be done on my laptop, not on my phone.  I feel like I can't fully read articles when I'm limited on data and time to wait for them to load on a phone.  I look up a lot of stuff on the internet, too, on a daily basis.  So, I'm definitely missing it.  Not having wi fi has afforded me the time to get the house in order at least, so I am grateful for that, and for having an iPhone with data so I can sort of keep up with the world around me.

So, here's today's scoop, June 9th, 2017

The day started EARLY, 12:05 am to be exact. I was about to head to bed (my normal time, btw, don't judge, and I've been getting to bed earlier than that this week because I've been exhausted), when pitter, patter, here comes Abishai all the way from his room to the fireside room where I was just getting up to go to bed. He was fully awake, not sleep walking. He wanted some water, so he went to the freezer, and lo and behold, he had stashed a water cup in there! Of course the water was frozen, so I added some water so he could have drink. Then we put it in the fridge, not the freezer. He seems to like cold water now. Then back to bed he went. Apparently he had been up a few minutes earlier, and Jared had caught him and put him back to bed. Jared hadn't been sleeping well yet either. And when I when I got in bed, I had a hard time falling asleep. I need to be extra careful about when I take those B vitamins! If I take them first thing in the morning, I'm ok, but if I take them late, around noontime, it messes with bedtime. I think woke up at 4:30 am, 5:30 am when Jared got up for his weekly, Friday breakfast meeting, and again at 6:30 am when Abishai woke up. I can't wait for the days to get shorter again! These early wake ups are driving me crazy! Abishai and I snoozed for another ½ hr and finally got up. Thus, I took a solid 2 hr nap this afternoon, and Abishai went for an early 3 hr nap.

After Benaiah mowed Grandpa's yard, the four kids and I headed to Family Video again so Benaiah could rent the video games for his friend and him to play tonight for his birthday celebration. I loved that I could just send him into the store by himself. He got free rentals based on his final grades, too. Then we hit up another Dollar store that sells items for more than $1 and found the exact same pool we always had, a few more summer items to enjoy, a couple of special treats, and potting soil for my plants. And home we went.

Naps, and then pizza dinner with the in laws were next on my list. Meanwhile, Jared helped someone fix the condo garage door again, mailed some packages for e2, and then took Benaiah and his friend Ethan to SkyZone where they were joined by another one of Benaiah's friends, David, so they could jump for an hr. The place was pretty empty. Benaiah was able to use the vouchers that his Aunt Shauna, Uncle Aaron and cousins, Evelry and Nora got him for his birthday! (Which saved us from buying the tickets, too!) Then we all enjoyed some Papa Murphy's pizza, including a gluten free, cheese free one for me, woot, woot! Thanks! And everyone finished the meal with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I think we had ice cream cake for Benaiah's 1st and 2nd birthdays as well. I'll have to dig up the pictures at some point. And now I'm blogging, the boys are at our house playing their video games, Keturah's at Grandma's house playing with my Barbies with a neighborhood friend. Ah, we are blessed!

We bought a package of fly swatters, one to swat flies and the others to swat the big black "fly" in our house!  Playing with big brother is a ton of fun!

Happy 15th birthday to Benaiah!  Finally everyone was home long enough to have birthday supper and ice cream cake!

And no, Benaiah did NOT blow all the candles out at once.  And no, Benaiah did not have enough hot air to blow all the candles out at once.  So, his wish didn't come true. Oh well. Lol.

Cars at home, cars at Grandma's, cars, cars, cars!

Derp pictures of the BFFs. 

Aww, the two big peas on a pod.  Benaiah is so blessed to have a great friend in Ethan.  Lots of laughter and inside jokes.

My big 15 year old can cut his own birthday ice cream cake!

Ice cream at ice cream's house!  Justin, Abishai and I walked from our house to their house and Abishai said, "Ice Cream! Ice Cream!" the whole way there.  He rode his tricycle and it was hard to keep up with him! He was pretty good at following and getting over when a car came, too.  I was pushing the stroller with my heavy backpack in it.  I was bringing my laptop to finish up my blogs after the "party" was over.

Woot, woot! A few more lbs lost.  I do fluctuate, but any decrease is a cause for celebration in my book.  I'm pretty sure I wore these pants last year, but they would have been tight.  This year, they are loose!

My first Amazon package at the new house!  I'll share the contents of it tomorrow!

Strawberry freezer jam Leah and some friends worked on the other day.  Yum!  With freezer jam, you don't have to boil them to create a seal.  Just fill and seal.
And now, I'm all caught up! Yeah!

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