Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Year 2, Day 163: Camps!

Today's the day we took Keturah to camp! Yahoo! She's been anticipating this all year! She needed her bag audited a bit, but not early like some other kids I know. But first, since we skipped church last night, we needed to go to service this morning. Abishai woke up early again, and was just stir crazy from the get go. We were ready in time for the 9:15 am service, so we decided to just go to that service so we could attend a parents' meeting for CIY Mix (middle school) during the 11 am service. That way, Abishai could run off some steam in nursery before having to sit in the van for a couple of hours this afternoon. The meeting was finished before church got out, so we picked up Abishai from nursery and Keturah from her class. But, on the way past the main auditorium, Abishai started saying, “Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream sit!” He knew Grandpa was up on stage and he was sitting on a chair preaching with Mr. Dan, the new guy. Abishai was not happy when we had to pull him away from there, and THEN had to walk him past Ice Cream's car on the way to the van. Poor little guy!

We had lunch with Ice Cream and then he got on the road again for another event/church consulatation or whatever. Always on the road, will he ever slow down? Someday! They even addressed that from the stage today for people to stop spreading rumors about the timeframe as to when Gary will step down fully as preacher/senior servent leader. There is no end date, and even if there was, it will be at least another year before it happens. They talked about praying, praying, praying together and for one another and even brought the wives up on stage (the sermon was actually about marriage), and the wives prayed for the other wife's family. That's like the 4th time Leah has ever been on stage. She does not like being up there at all and would rather serve behind the scenes. Anyway, retirement for Gary will happen when it happens. When they know, the congregation will know. Stay up to date via the website and social media as always.

Social media reminds me that we had time between services, so I went backstage to bug Benaiah in the video switching room. (Benaiah often posts on Instagram from behind the stage.) So many screens and buttons! He walked me through it, although I only caught a bit of understanding of it all. He showed me where the other stationary cameras are and how he can move them and zoom in and out with them, from behind the stage. He works with a very sarcastic crew, let me tell you. Perfect for his personality! No wonder he volunteers there for up to 24 hrs a week! Plus working 15 hours for Grandpa per work equals a full time job! Woot! Woot! I love seeing what he's up to since he is loving having that kind of responsibility and knowledge. Sigh. My little boy is growing up.

Ok, back to the afternoon, we had to keep Abishai awake so that he would fall asleep on the way to get Keturah to camp at 3. We got there at 4:05 pm and the line was long, but moving quickly. The sign in process went smoothly, we met the missionaries of the week from Zimbabwe, wrote some notes for Keturah, and helped her set up her bunk. Then we waited (and waited and waited) for my friend and her granddaughter to get there and they were the last ones to sign in and get into the dorm. I had to walk across the camp to get Keturah from the playground in order for her to meet my friend's granddaughter so that she could show her the ropes. She's never been to camp before and can get very nervous in social situations. Keturah seemed up for the task. The girls are only a few months apart, and we even have pictures of us moms (and another mom/baby) pregnant together, as well as with our babies later on. The girls have never really been together because they have gone to church at different services. Anyway, Abishai got stir crazy, but we finally made it home in one piece. He only had a 50 minute nap (that's how long the drive way from our house to the camp). Keturah seemed happy and not mad that I was still there or anything. I felt bad that I had stayed around, but I didn't want to leave my friend hanging. We headed home, ate supper, and puttered the rest of the evening.

I made my big tasks and little tasks list for the week. I'm determined not to have clutter or paperwork on horizontal services where it doesn't belong. Or brown boxes sitting out longer than they need to in order to unpack them. Say no to brown! I just downloaded the FlyLady phone app and it looks great! She has developed some great, manageable personal and cleaning routines, and ways to deal with the most cluttered of homes, 15 minutes at a time, in different zones, etc. I'm going to try to follow it to a “T” for a bit, but since I've gotten the emails for over two years, I have kind of been doing my own routines that mimic hers and applied some of her principles (i.e. 15 minutes at a time, the 27 fling, don't let it come into the house in the first place, etc.) Anyway, you waste time if you don't plan it, at least loosely. I just like to see forward progress. And with the middles helping out a lot with some basic cleaning, I know we'll keep our house neat and tidy better than ever. Not perfectly clean, not free of toys on the floor every minute, but without the clutter I grew up and with the ability to host someone(s) at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, Jared said that wi fi doesn't come until Tuesday morning now, so I'm going to work on some other computer projects instead. I have many other phone calls or internet related researching things to do, but they will have to wait. One of Justin's friends is spending the night tomorrow night, too. And the truck is going in for repair tomorrow. It should be light week with only one appointment, but I'm determined not to loose the momentum of working on household things. If I could clear the garage and get it ready for the rest of the stuff in storage, even before the end of the month, I will be a very happy camper! Then I'll focus on books, the schoolroom, and such. Fun times ahead!

Chipping away at those work hours, pun intended! Yes, I have my dad's very dry sense of humor, but the Cook family is known for those jokes, too.

When you only have a 50 minute nap in the car.

Bum, the picture didn't turn out well, but she is deliriously happy!  We did move her bunk so her new friend can be on the top bunk.

At least "Linus" knows how to keep his blanket out of the mud.  He does put it on his shoulders by himself, too.

While waiting for my friend, my boys found the gaga ball pit, of course!

Some quotes from a book I'm reading on Charlotte Mason and the Classical Method of education.  Basically, it's talking about how in order to be a life long learner, we need to be humble and recognize that we don't know it all, in order to be teachable (in spirit, as the Bible and Gary points out often).  Charlotte Mason was a Christian, and many modern day Classical homeschoolers are as well.

The most successful people have a mindset of continual learning, even if they have many advanced degrees.  My parents and Jared's parents, as well as Jared and I, have been great examples of this.  Never stop learning!  There's always more to learn!  And learn for the sake of learning, not just direct application.  My current learning usually does involve something that is immediate, but I will read signs that are around me, or at museums, as often as I can.  And I relearn things, and learn new things, as I teach the kids anyways.  Maybe that's one of the reasons I love homeschooling so I can keep being a student!  I loved school and college!  Jared has read 100's of books during and post graduate school.  Gary reads as much as his schedule allows him to, mostly on planes and on vacation.  Leah visits the library often and one of her favorite stores is Half Priced Books.  Of course, there's more to learning than just the written word, but that's primiarily how we learn, whether it be a printed book, an audiobook, a webpage, or an eBook.  Anyway, I'm going to add this book to my book wishlist because I want to share it directly with my friends.  It's currently overdue at the library, but I want to get it read before I take it back.  I'm ok with a little bit of a fine in order to finish it.  I don't have the funds to purchase it right now.  Maybe soon, though.

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