Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, June 9, 2017

Year 2, Day 159: Almost There

Wednesday, June 7th

Well, I'm at the in laws house trying to crank out the last 3 days worth of blogs. I'm actually hoping for just 2 out of 4 of them, but wi fi is a bit slow here, so we'll see. It's been a busy day with a dentist appointment for Benaiah, grocery shopping (with all 4 kids), lunch, nap for Abishai and projects for Mommy, dinner, more projects, etc. etc.

It was actually fun to be able to take all 4 kids by myself to the dentist and then to the grocery store. Usually it's just the younger 3, but since Benaiah is out of school, we can do more things like this. We were the ones who made faces in the Aldi's security camera, and had a toddler out of control, but, we made it through and under budget! I hadn't been in that Aldi's in years, but the same cashier was there, probably since it opened 10 years ago. It's not as big and doesn't have all the items that our other Aldi's does, but in a pinch, it's usually on our route to places. You see, we live way out on the edge of the county and it takes the same amount of time to go from the condo, which is 20 minutes north of the house, to places in Greenwood, which is southeast of both locations. We can use the highway from the condo but have to take backroads from the new house. Greenwood (which is directly south of Indianapolis) is also just as busy as the Northside (82nd and 86th streets) with the same amount of shops, hospitals and services. The Northside is maybe 35-40 minutes from the new house, but less than 20 from the condo. Most of our business and doctors and such are in Greenwood. I don't like driving in either place because of the stop and go traffic and too many stores and intersections. So, I'm glad we live further out and can do minor shopping closer by (yeah for CVS!)

Meanwhile, this afternoon I finished setting up the bathroom and worked on some random boxes here and there. I'm waiting on the guys to do some big rearrangement of the sunroom and garage so I can find individual boxes easier. We did rearrange the game room furniture, and if we like it, I can start getting stuff on shelves in there. Keturah kept puttering in her room and is enjoying setting up her stuff for the most part. Justin had some TV time. Then tonight after supper, Jared had Benaiah get in the crawlspace to put a box fan under there to dry it out a bit better. Jared has also taken Abishai for a bike ride, and they ended up at Grandma's house. Abishai didn't want to leave, so Jared just left him there with Grandma! Ok, then! He came to get him later after I got here to do some blog uploading. And that was our day. I think that's going to be our routine for awhile, unpacking, going to activities, and visiting Grandma often.

Whoops, I forgot! Grandma took the middles to the library to start the summer reading program and just to get them all out of the house. The Franklin Rd. branch of the Indianapolis library is on the way to church, so it's only a couple of minutes away. We are definitely having fun with the back and forth. I just hope it doesn't get old too fast. I'm sure many things will change come fall and school.

**Whoops!  I loaded up today's pictures with yesterday's blog and posted them there!  I do not like being behind and getting confused like this, but it happens.  Not a big deal.**

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