Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Year 2, Day 157: First Night

Today is a new day! I woke up with a little less pain, and was able to do my normal slow morning routine. Abishai got up early at 7 because there are no blinds on the boys' windows, but he did sleep in his big boy bed all night. I thought we would be able to break him of the pacifier because we didn't give it to him last night, but come to find out, he was just so tired that the sippy cup soothed him instead. He cried and cried tonight and pointed to his mouth, indicating he wanted paci. So, I caved and let him have the new one. He went right to sleep without a peep. He was able to fall asleep at Grandma's house without one, although he had pointed at his mouth there as well. Abishai took a nap there because I didn't want to struggle putting him down in his big boy bed for a nap for the first time while I was preparing for a couple of ladies who came over to help me. Plus, I didn't want to wake him up with all the noise. He ended up sleeping nearly 4 hrs and was a much different kid!

Justin and Keturah spent most of the day at their friends' houses across the street from Grandma's house. We have put some boundaries in place, like, if Grandma isn't home, than the kids can't go over there. They have to stay within the sight of our house on our street and Grandma's house on her street. We will text each other if a kid is headed to the other person's house. The kids also need to stay outside, not inside most homes. Both of them also had some screen time, but not nearly as much as other days. I can't wait to see how tan they will get over the summer being outside! And it was a very hot day, 86 degrees F.

Meanwhile, Benaiah and I loaded up boxes and coolers to fill at the condo into the van. Justin went with us, while Keturah stayed with Grandma. We spent about 1 ½ hrs at the condo doing the final packing and cleaning. It's not perfect, but at least someone won't walk in there and say, “ew, gross! They never cleaned!” We still have to get the piano moved, the flower couch dumped, and the crib taken down. Other than that, we are done! On the way home, we stopped at the BMV finally to get Benaiah a booklet but of course they were closed. We've been trying to get there for months! It shouldn't be that difficult since it's just across the bridge from where our bank is, but whatever. We also went to Family Video to check out video game rentals for Friday for Benaiah's birthday “party.” I went ahead and made a new account and added Benaiah to mine with no restrictions since I'll be with him. That way, he can run in there, I can stay in the car, and he can get whatever and come out. There are certain things he can't rent though that Family Video prevents him from. There are also free children's movies, so we got some for Abishai, Thomas, a fireman show and “The Good Dinosaur.” I totally forgot that you have to take the DVD case behind the title case, otherwise it's out of stock. Whoops! I think it's been 8 years since I rented a movie. No, more like 1 or 2 because I did do it on PEI. But I did forget.

Abishai then went to Grandma's house, and I, with the help of two kind friends, helped me with dishes and closets for the next 2 hrs. We got a lot done, but I have to admit, I kept changing my mind a lot on where things should go. I'm having to be creative and think outside of the box. Also, I need to purge a ton because it's just not going to fit and I don't need it. The pantry will need a total reorganization, but I'll save that for another day. Same with the clothes on hangers. I'm going to have to steal part of Keturah's closet again, and some clothes will have to be stored. Meanwhile, I still can't find my big box of shoes. The next big project for Benaiah will be to organize the garage by numbers (200's, 300's, 400's, etc.) so I can find things and pull them in and put them away properly. We also have to be creative with window dressings because many windows do not have blinds and they don't have rods for curtains.

Finally, we went over to Grandma's for supper because, well, half of the family was already over there. Simple meal, but we talked about our days and listened to Abishai learning how to slurp watermelon. Slurping grates on Grandma's nerves, so some of us do it on purpose in front of her to get a rouse from her. Now Abishai knows hwo to do it.

The rest of the week is full of appointments and we have to get Keturah ready for camp. So, I might not get much done on the house. Or, it will be a good break in my day so I don't work too hard. The house is coming together, and that's all that matters. The kids have their toys now, and Justin has started a display for his Legos, but it's not Abishai proof, lol. Keturah can start her display once we bring in the hutch for my desk for her room. Then she can get creative again.

Life marches on. I'm exhausted, and I'm falling asleep typing, so this is good night.

First cup of coffee in the new house!  Although, only one outlet out of 3 works in the kitchen.  Oh the joys of older homes!

A little game time first thing in the morning? Sure! 
Abishai found Justin's Lego guys and pushed over a kitchen chair to sit down and play with them.

Keturah's room in progress.

The bathroom - in progress.

Justin asked for the label maker so he could set up his Lego creations in a certain way.

Video games!


Star Wars!


Justin loves how the Transformers are back to back.

More Star Wars.

The boys' room - getting there.

Our bedroom, a work in progress.

We have a pretty small kitchen.  Finding a home for everything is proving difficult.

Thankfully, the pantry swallows a ton of stuff!

A cupboard dedicated to coffee!

Dining room!

Cupboards above the stove!

Crazy wig that Gary wore for the kickball tournament.  Don't ask, he came in and scared Abishai in this particular costume.  I hope someone took a picture and it will be shared on screen during the sermon somehow.  Hilarious!  Anyway, it's all coming together, bit by bit!

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