Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, June 19, 2017

Year 2, Day 170: Father's Day 2017

We had a pretty lazy day today.  Since the "crisis" mode of unpacking has ended, I'm back to my "I'll get around to it when I feel better" type of completing projects.  But I was able to finish the living room/game room except for pictures and piano books.  There are no brown boxes in there at the moment!  Woot! Woot!  And since Jared has his rest day on Saturdays, he also worked on a project this evening in the bathroom, making the shower more waterproof.  Abishai had woken up very early this morning because he couldn't find his paci (we had left the one with the clip on it at Grandma's), so I was super sleepy this morning and took a nap.  Then I took another little nap this afternoon and Jared took a really long nap.  At lunch time, we walked over to Gary and Leah's for Father's Day lunch.  Oh my goodness, Abishai works so hard and does the whole distance on his tricycle by himself, even when he's exhausted coming home because it's way past his naptime.  I did kind of feel like we were in a village in Africa or something because we carried are clean (thanks Mom!) laundry home.  The neighbors might have thought we were weird.  That is, if they had been outside.  The street was very empty and quiet.  Lunch was thin steaks, cheese brats, fruit, green beans, ambrosia, and sweet potatoes or regular baked potato bar.  I was so full it almost hurt!  I don't normally eat a big lunch like that.  We joked about how Jared had gotten his mom a Mother's Day card but forgot to write anything in it and how today, he didn't have a card for his dad because he spent all his "card buying points" on two birthday cards for Keturah.  I think you can tell we just aren't the card giving type of people.  Just being together is enough for us, and we do it a lot, especially since we are in the same neighborhood.

Let's see, like I said, I was pretty lazy today so I didn't make a big deal about taking pictures, but maybe I'll grab a picture of Jared and the kids tomorrow.  We have a few events this week we would like to attend as well, though.  And I need to dive into my books to find some things to bring to our homeschool group on Sunday.  Jared and Benaiah will be traveling that Sunday to Kansas City, MO with the Bible Bowl team, so I'll have the kids with me again, or maybe get a sitter.  Justin has a CIY kick off.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on a TV show hopefully and put together a simple chore sheet, stick it in a page protector, give the kids a wipe board marker, and then they can have it.  Oh! I just remembered how we used to have chore cards in envelopes on the wall in Charlottetown!  That worked pretty well, too.  But I'm more of a checklist person, and my FlyLady app is great for that.  Plus, I need to finalize my Lilla Rose order.  I received $240 in sales during this patriotic sale, so I was able to buy a couple of business items and a couple of new products for myself!  All from that one 2 minute Facebook video!  I can't wait to relaunch the business after I get the books on shelves and the garage ready to receive boxes from storage.  Oh, crud, I just remembered Benaiah is going to be gone for two weeks! I'm losing my helper!  Oh well, I think if we can get the garage at least rearranged, I can finish that up during that time.  I'm watching the ant situation, too, before I put books on bookshelves.

And hopefully, we can schedule Keturah's birthday party and have some other friends over this week.

Happy Father's Day, Jared, Gary and my Dad, Stephen!

Before you can grill, you have to take the wasp nest down!  Yikes! 

Justin says this is his new favorite couch.  He's too long for it!  "But I can pet the dog if he lies down here!"  But you can do that with any couch, goofball!

"Ice cream's house! Vrooms! Bus! No, go (away)!  

Grilling as always.

Time for a nap with Grandpa while the rest of the family watches "Forged in Fire," a TV game type show that has guys and gals making knives from scratch  in just a few hours.

Let's carry our laundry through the neighborhood! Lol!

So quiet during naptime, why? Electronics.

Sleeping while the baby sleeps.

Empty boxes make great forts!

Double door protection.

Peek a boo!

I love blanket forts!

Another new flower in the garden.


Justin is keeping Abishai busy outside while Dad works on his project and Mom works on weeding the garden.

Don't touch the lava (mulch)!

Abishai and Daddy played this game for at least 10 minutes, "jumping" from the porch to the rock to the sidewalk and back again.  And then Abishai would let Justin take a turn.  Abishai laughed and laughed!

Keturah's turn!  I don't think I will move the rocks.  I kind of like them breaking up all the greenery.

Early evening projects.
Not pictured (because it's a video on Twitter) is Abishai singing a melody, on pitch as far as we can tell.  He was jumping and dancing, too!  I think he will love kids' choir when he's older.  I pulled out the sing a long vhs tapes, DVDs, and CDs as I unpacked them to encourage this.  I asked him if he wanted to sing songs before bed, and he said yes, "Loves me!" and "Bible!" So, we sang "Jesus Loves Me" and the B-I-B-L-E.  Sweet!  He's adorable!  But they all are at some points, aren't they?  Like Keturah carrying around her doll constantly.  She's got a new friend!  And she spent 15 minutes figuring out how to make a bed for her doll last night.  Justin, he's just a goofball and we laugh at and with him constantly.  Benaiah has his sarcasm, and knowledge and big boy-ness.  And all of them have made Jared and I the parents we are.  Great stuff!

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