Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Year 2, Day 169: Clarification

Woah! I'm glad that God rested on the 7th day and instituted that practice in the Old Testament because I needed a rest day!  I was in a bad place, feeling overwhelmed and not ready to tackle anything.  So, instead, we took the truck down to the mechanic to find out why the brake lights wouldn't shut off.  That took an hour.  Abishai was whiny, so we put him to bed earlier than normal and therefore, he also didn't nap as long.  But, I did nap, and think, for over an hour.  Here's my list of complaints today: ants all over the sunroom (see picture below) and in every corner of the house including beds, bathroom, kitchen of course, rug at the front door, etc.  My stomach was upset, my legs were restless, and I just had this feeling of overall "I can't move" stuff going on.  Oh, and the whole hearing my heartbeat within the veins in my ear.  Money is tight and we have to constantly prioritize our budget, trying to keep the tide of emergencies at bay.  Then there's whiny toddlers and teens as well.

Thankfully, I did wake up from my nap feeling better and my brain was able to function enough to problem solve.  I have now figured out that my naturopath wants me to do a Whole 30 type of diet, which is a stricter form of Paleo and it is only for the 30 days, whereas Paleo is a lifestyle change.  So, I looked up the do's and don't's and now have a list of items I can choose from, including some Larabars.  I have 52 days until I speak with her again, so I have a little bit of time to gather the right ingredients and practice before I officially start.  So I have a rough plan for that finally.

Also, today marks the 1 year since we moved into the condo and started our year of transition back to the states from Canada.  You might not think that's a big deal, but we had a lot of healing to do.  We can now close the transition chapter of our life and move onto the new settlement chapter.  Therefore, yes, I will wear my name badge at church every week.  I will find a time slot to work in the nursery on a regular basis.  I've already started a homeschool group.  We need to get the kids some bank accounts.  Oh and we need to change our address on licenses and the bank account.  We are now permanent residents of Indiana again.  And I'm mostly content with that now.

Some of the other thoughts I had today were that I often do not look at Gary or Dan or the preacher on stage because I'm so used to just listening to podcasts or vlogs.  I can understand and soak more in if I'm not distracted by looking at the person on stage.  Speaking of vloggers, I watched a pretty long YouTube live video with 3 different vloggers last night.  It started out with some fun questions but then proceeded into some heavy conversation about why each of them vlog and what they are willing to do or not do.  The vloggers I watch have the most caring hearts and are careful not to film their kids if they don't want to be filmed.  They don't stage anything either.  They are all there to encourage and to share and record their stories like I do, like a personal diary.  Some do make a little money off of YouTube vlogs, but that doesn't change their mindsets.  They are all Christians and do mention their faith here and there.  I say this because in the sermon tonight, Gary used the verse that says that out of what's in the heart, the mouth speaks. And what do I put into my head?  I think some of the TV shows I watch have a negative impact on me.  But most, if not all, the podcasts and vloggers I watch are inspirational, uplifting and leave a positive impact.

And speaking of podcasts, I listened to one by Heidi St. John today about the way Bernie Sanders railed on a candidate for one of the finance positions about his Christianity.  And she made the point that our enemy is not Bernie Sanders, but the Devil himself.  It's a view I hold that yes, our President isn't making the wisest decisions and isn't listening to his advisors, etc., but he's still the President, and I will pray that he and his fellow politicians start listening to what God wants.  God wants our country to turn around and come back to Him.  He also wants every politician to live with Him in eternity as well.  So, I pray for wisdom and salvation.  I will attack the decisions that have been made when appropriate, but I will not attack the persons themselves.  They are all loved by God, even the dictators and politicians like Hitler and Stalin, or any king or queen of the medieval times.  God loves even Mohammed and other Islamic leaders.  Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Tomorrow is weekly prep today.  I think Saturday should be our Sabbath and rest day and Sunday should be our planning and preparing for the week, including weekly house chores, meal planning, maybe even some grocery shopping.  But of course, tomorrow is Father's Day as well and we are having my favorite, steak!  I can't wait!

While I was typing the blog yesterday, I heard bugs flying into the light.  I didn't think much of it until I finally got up to go to bed and looked.  I saw at least two dozen flying ants/insects crawling all over my book boxes and flying into the light.  I grabbed the ant spray I bought and started spraying the boxes without soaking them.  Then when I turned the corner and went on the other side, I saw this.  Ants everywhere!  I moved the bookcases today to vacuum up the dead ants and I saw piles of dirt/ants  all along the baseboard.  Ewww!!!!!  Thankfully, the spray seems to be working because when I checked later tonight, there wasn't much activity.  I sprayed a ton more and then had to evacuate because the fumes were overpowering.  Whoops!  I opened the door and windows and let them escape.  The ants might be carpenter ants because Jared moved some of the beams that they were living in that were along the sunroom wall.  I can handle bugs in their proper places, i.e. outside, but don't be coming into my home!

Cute new socks from a friend, and they suit Keturah's personality. Our friend said they reminded her of Socks.

Why yes, it's a napking with French on it, leftover from when we went to Subway in Canada over a a year ago.  The treasures you find in the glove compartment of your van!

Looking at the fancy car at the dealership where the mechanic works.

Stopped by a hardware store to look for trees. Beautiful flowers.

These plants were on sale and they say that they are good for keeping insects at bay like mosquitoes.

Both kids said, those are some long roots.

Mr. Mouse was at it again.  But we had to ban Abishai from eating fruits.  His little bum doesn't like it.  He's not eating many carbs and some days not much protein either besides cheese and milk.  His diet is lacking because I'm not meal planning well.  This is also why I had to put a lock on the fridge.  Abishai did eat the orange peel, too.  Sigh. 
Abishai and Daddy were helping put the "do not sit here" chains away.

Yeah, good helping!

Abishai fell and slide a little in the parking lot at church and got a big owie on his left knee.  He didn't like staying in the cart at Lowe's, but it would have been crazy to let him out.  I asked him about his class and if he had eaten gollfish, played with the choo cho table, and kissed any girls.  He said yes to them all!  Lol!  He was just answering "yes" to every question without thinking.

Aw, it looks like they no longer do the Lowe's Build and Grow program that Benaiah and Justin did with Grandpa 10 years ago.  You can buy the kits, apron,and smaller hammer though.  We didn't buy this, but we bought some stuff for the shower and some paint to fix some things.

Yes, we let Abishai do a little bit of driving from Ice Cream's house to our house and he was thrilled!  He even knew which way to turn on the side street to get home.  Way to go!

Abishai borrowed a bus from Grandma's house and got a hold of Justin's special Lego cars, too, of course.  And look, they are all friends!  Sweet!

That's it, folks!  Onward to the next exciting day, Father's Day!

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