Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Year 2, Day 165: Connected to the outside world!

I'm sure most of you don't feel this way, but I feel so disconnected when I'm off the grid.  And you can only do so much from a phone or tablet when you are so used to your laptop screen.  But, after the threat of thunderstorms literally clouded our chances of getting connected to the Internet today, cleared up, our very awesome AT&T service man got it done!  So, I'm posting this from our new house!  Woot! Woot!  And just in the nick of time, too, because we are 3 days into the new billing cycle on our shared phone plan and we've already reached 90% of the data for the month for 4 phones.  Eek!  I've shut off all apps besides Facebook messenger, including my GPS until the end of the billing cycle.  I'm going to pretend I have a "dumb" phone.  But anyway, I worked pretty hard today and need to rest, so it will be nice to sit and do some catch up computer work in the next few days.

Today's task was to put the living room shelves put back together.  The shelves were easy to put back into the bookcases, but we had to gather all 5 board game boxes and 4 VHS boxes and 2 PS4/electroincs boxes and 4 DVD boxes and 1 CD box in the living room.  Then I had to decide how I wanted the shelves to look and be organized.  I went with one bookshelf being kid safe and one geared to the adults.  And I mirrored the shelves so that there's one shelf for kid DVD's on one bookcase and one shelf for "adult" DVD's (PG-13 and R rated movies) on the same level on the other bookcase.  I had to sort everything because in the last 2 moves, everything got mixed in together.  I also separated out puzzles vs. games.  Benaiah will alphabetize the DVD's and alphabetize/sort by genre the CD's on the adult side.  There's no point on doing it on the kid side.  Been there, done that.  I will go through and make stack of movies that the kids have never watched and have them start with those, or rather, I will put them in front of the movies they have watched 100 times or more, lol.  We do have to purge a little bit because I don't want us exceeding the shelf space.  That means maybe 10 DVD's on either side and a couple of games or puzzles maybe.  Tomorrow I will tackle the VHS tapes.  I will go through them one by one at some point to see if they work, and if not, I will make note of them to replace them in DVD form.  But I am the only one who can really tell if they are for kids or not.  They are mostly taped from the TV movies from my parents, so the movies are from the 80's and 90's.  Back to the Future or Karate Kid or Short Circuit anyone?  Those will probably go on the adult side because of the swearing.  But the Disney animated movies will go on the kid side.  Superbook, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Muppets, PBS kid educational shows, will go on the kid side, too.  I can't wait to have them fully accessible for the first time ever!  They were available to the kids in Charlottetown, but they were in the basement.  Keturah has watched some of them, though.  Should be fun!

Let's see.  Other than that project during naptime, I chased the toddler for the rest of the day.  He is definitely that toddler that won't sit still for longer than 1 minute and constantly makes messes and needs to be supervised.  Which meant that it took me two hours to pick at a piece of chicken to eat it for dinner tonight.  I was missing my built in babysitters aka the siblings because Benaiah was off with Jared getting the crib and couch from the condo, Keturah was at camp and Justin has a headache.  There's still a bunch of small errands to do as well, like go get the microwave from storage! Poor Jared can't stay long enough in the office to get significant work done it seems.  Like today, the truck was still at the shop, so I couldn't even take Benaiah to church for the afternoon.  Therefore, after leaving at 10 for work, because we thought the guy was coming between 8-10, Jared had to come back at noon to get Benaiah.  Thankfully, AT&T arrived at that time so Jared was able to explain to him directly what he wanted him to do.  My least painful and most awake time to run errands is mid afternoon, but that's naptime.  It's just all those little things that add up.

But tomorrow, I will be doing office work because there are quarterly taxes to be paid, and pictures to upload, and other tax and health benefit things to take care of.  I could have made some of those things happen without internet, but I often have to refer to something online for them, too.  Tomorrow is a new day with new tasks.

My feeble attempt at keeping the child on the driveway by giving him a bigger, more visual boundary.  #momfail

At least he listened and went back around the boundary.  Ugh.  I knew it was going to be hard having a toddler outside again!

When Jared was back at our house, I drove her to Mom's house to switch around laundry and let the dog in because it was raining.  When I opened the back door, I found Socks under the roof eaves in this big hole he dug out for himself!  What's neat is that this is where the doghouse for Skippy used to sit and I believe Baxter used it, too.  If not, I think he might have laid down in this area as well.  I know it's a trick animals use to stay cool, too, so I find it fascinating that our dog did that!  And props to Mom for pushing the laundry through the washer and dryer again for me!

I had actually never opened this game called RSVP after receiving it from my parents.  It's just been put in a box and taken out several times.  It's nearly brand new but was made in 1966.  It looks like it could be a form of Scrabble.

And what a sweet surprise!  This is my Dad's handwriting!  And based on how busy my mom was having kids every 2 years, I'm going to guess that they played this on February 21st, 1981, a few months before I was born.  Because, like always, my Dad dated everything, so it does say February 21st.  I know it's my Dad's handwriting, too.  My dad loved board games, and he had the time and money growing up to have lots of board games.  Plus, he was the packrat and some of the games are for deep thinkers.  My mom was a thinker, but not as logically based as my dad was.  Anyway, sweet surprise!

Abishai can watch his favorite bus show again!

Mommy!  It's a wee-oo wee-oo hat!

I tweeted, "See that little black box there on the right?  It's our connection to the real world!"  And it's quite powerful, too!  We were able to reuse the box we had in the condo, which is a good thing according to the service guy because he said that they are on backorder and he and his fellow service people don't like the replacements.  PLUS, we got to keep the same server name and password which made it all the more quicker to get online today!  Praise the Lord, indeed!  The signal is very strong everywhere in the house and because we pay for the highest speed, we are getting some great numbers in that department.

This one is my laptop, which is probably slow because the hard drives are full.

And this is from my phone.

Since Daddy was home this morning, we got some extra snuggles with him.

In the throws of sorting the games and puzzles.  Plus, you can see the Howell nativity set on the piano!  Yeah!

Only a fraction of the DVDs we own.

All of the contents of these boxes.....

....are on the shelves now!

Gorgeous sunset (but sunsets on the beaches of PEI are my favorite!)  I did see some fireflies, too!

Like father, like son, again!  The whole "take my socks off and leave them in the living room" habit begins in teenagehood I guess.  Good grief! I don't mind toys lying around, but the rules are that all clothing and food items must be picked up often.  But, "Magic" will do her work and serve her men and pick up their dirty socks.  Just because I can.

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