Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Year 2, Day 173: Summertime at the Movies

I took the 3 younger kids with Grandma to see a movie at the $1 movie theater today.  It was "Trolls" and it was ok, but no, not everything is cupcakes and rainbows nor can you turn every situation into that just by thinking positively on your own.  Sorry, you need God in there somewhere.  The story line was pretty straight forward and cute and yes, I did enjoy the songs and colors.  I didn't realize Justin Timerlake was the voice for one of the main characters, but the songs did have a "boy band"/ pop feel to them that reminded me of the days of 'N Sync.  Ask me how I know what THAT sounds like, lol!  Yes, my sister liked both 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys, and our whole family enjoyed some of the songs.  ANYWAY, it was a nice trial run to see if Abishai would stay still through a whole movie.  And yup, he's still too young.  He didn't like the booster and only sat for 1/2 of the movie.  Good thing there was a mini arcade with a racing car game and we had Grandma to help watch him.  Thanks Grandma!  This theater shows a 2nd run movie at 10 am on Wednesdays for $1 throughout the summer.  I think that in general their prices are cheaper anyway because they only do 2nd run movies.  I've been there a couple of times when we were in college.  There were some summer school/day camps there, but at least on my side, they were pretty quiet during the movie and in the hallways.  Abishai loved seeing the buses outside, too.

Then Grandma treated us to Chick-Fil-A and we got to see how they have started the upgrades on the building on the outside.  FYI, the Southport Rd. store will be totally closed all through July.  What are we going to do, Franklin Township?!  It's a very busy/popular location close to St. Francis Hospital and other doctor office buildings and it's been there for 15 years or so.  Anyway, it was so busy today that we had to park at the Taco Bell next door.  I don't like doing that, but we had to.  We bought sandwhiches for Jared and Benaiah, too, and went to church to drop them off because Benaiah was working for Grandpa in the office.  Gary and Jared were busy with an e2 meeting, but we explored Grandpa's office for a bit.

AND, Abishai looked at Jared and I's wedding picture and said, "Benaiah!" (in the way he says it with his tongue wagging back and forth).  Why yes, Jared and Benaiah look very similar and since Jared had hair then and doesn't now, I think Abishai got them confused.  I also showed Benaiah a picture of him as a 2 yr old and Uncle Aaron when he grew out his hair to make a curly mop of a hairdo (which was fun and I liked!).  He couldn't believe it was him!  Yes, it's you and it was taken at Cracker Barrel.

Then we went home for naps and the middles played outside in the pool and had their other screen time.  I even had a nap, but it was very intense and I tried to wake myself up unsuccessfully several times.  After that, we were off to church for the last Bible Bowl practice before Nationals and our prayer group time.  We stopped off at Ice Cream's house and Abishai insisted that everyone got out.  We did, we played on the moving wheel devices, and ate Popsicles/sorbet.  Then I brought the wild children home and it took a bit of extra effort to put Mr.A to bed.  Now I'm just trying to stay awake to finish the blog.

Abishai said, "Doggy home!" when he saw Socks first thing this morning!  He did look for Socks at Grandma's house this evening though.  But yes, doggy is home!

Abishai loves feeding Socks.

"Bad guy!"

Sunsets are much more beautiful than I can capture.  But, yes, they are there!

Bedtime shenanigans.  


Ha, ha!

First movie as a big boy in a booster!  "Trolls"

Abishai preferred to stand and see the screen between the chairs in front of us.

4 big buses of day camp kids.

Vroom! Vroom!  Of course!

Where'd Abishai go?

There he is! 
Benaiah shredded a huge filing drawer filled with sermon illustrations and ideas from 30 years ago!  I'm not joking!  This paper says 1986 on it!  Crazy!

I don't think these two are named Gary.  When Granpda is away, the mice will play (in his office).

Abishai was lying down in the chair and saying that he was sleeping during his movie time.

I did something to Dad, so I need to runaways so he doesn't get me!

We love our little bunnies!  And there were two of them tonight!  Abishai kept saying, "Bunny, hop, bunny hop!"  And  triped to hop around the yard.

Justin tried to entice the rabbits with a carrot.  It didn't work.  Oh well.  Socks saw them , too, but stayed put behind the glass front door.  Goofy dog!  Check out the videos below!

Bunnies! Part 1!

Bunnies! Part 2!

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