Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 61 A Variety Show

Some days, it's hard to decide on what pictures to post! It was a great day filled with learning, games, goulash for dinner, and these pictures.

Abishai likes to grab Justin's pencil and eraser.  Most of the time, he just carries them around.  Sometimes, he tastes them, too. Lol.

Special Shirt Alert: The shirt says "Wang" on it.  My dad worked at Wang way, way long ago I think when I was 5.  So, this shirt has survived for 30 years.  Yup, happy memories of hearing about Wang. (Not really, it was just a computer job.)

Apparently, I love all seasons, because as I was looking around the house today, I noticed that I had representations of them up all around the house! I like to "decorate" based on what I like, which usually doesn't have a rhyme or reason to it.  Most of the time, there's a connection to a memory, especially of my parents.  Here is that rain/snow cloud I made for Keturah's birthday last June, along with the naked tree that's been up and used several times in the last 4 years.

I never got around to putting up the Christmas wreath this year.  Oh well, fall is my favorite season anyway!

The last of the Christmas decor are these stockings which have very special meaning to me because my mom made them as each of my siblings, I, and our families came along.  I'm working on one for Abishai, so these are a constant reminder that I need to get to that project!

This hangs in the front hall nearly year round, only to be replaced by a Christmas one.  My mom I think was going to make one for every season/couple of months, but didn't get around to it.  This one is obviously Easter and St. Patrick's Day.

I had to make sure I aimed the camera right to get the focus on Keturah's feet, but I love feet, so I took advantage of the way she was sitting.

Awesome shot! I didn't realize I had gotten one so good! Playtime with Daddy, obviously, and you can see Abishai's teeth very well here.  This kid is either very giggly happy or very mad, throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.  He's extremely expressive and loud!

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