Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 83 A little of this, a little of that...and then...Jesus met Batman

Today was one of those days that lots DID get accomplished.  All of us moms decided not to have homeschool co op today just because we needed the break (it is spring break for the public schools though).  It was great to just stay home and do our schooling in the morning, leaving plenty of time for one last (ice) skating session this afternoon, and a movie after supper.  The kids didn't get to skate much this year, but they still improved their skills!  While they skated with Dad, Abishai napped at home and I got to start tackling the basement again.  I knew that when I packed up our house in Indiana to move to PEI that I would have to go through things again, especially my parents' belongings.  Today I was able to to let go of a big bagful of yarn from a box that had gotten broken in one of our many leaning towers of rubbermaid totes.  I also went through some baby clothes and moved boxes around to put back what I am keeping.  I have a new goal in mind, and that's always helpful.

Meanwhile, we were privy to an oration from Justin today.  He was reciting Matthew 5, but in a dramatic, Batman-like way.  It was utterly hilarious as seen in this video.  I also gave him my parents' old camera to mess around with and he made some great Lego mini figure videos I will share with you at some point, dear readers.  Justin can be such a ham! Just like his big brother Benaiah, who is still in that goofy, awkward, barely a teen way.  (And I still can't seem to get a picture of him because he's always hiding out somewhere with his iPod!)

Jesus meets Batman

But what is a blog post without the one and only Abishai, the 4th little ham of the bunch! He's SO cute and SO adorable and SO photogenic.  Yup, he's the baby of the family!

Always reaching for the piano!

Melting Momma's heart! That grin, which, is such a beautiful combination of BOTH sides of the family!

While we were eating dinner, Abishai played with the Resurrection Eggs set by shaking each egg to see if there was something inside it.  He did try putting them back and did NOT throw them on the floor when I told him not to.

He's big enough to stand, or kneel, or sit in a big chair! He stands really well on any surface and has great balance (although he is leaning against the table in this picture.  He reminds me a lot of Benaiah.

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