Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 77 The End of the Season

Well, first, I have to tell you that between my appointments and Jared's meetings (he was off work today), the van left the driveway and came back a total of 10 times!  I thought it was interesting so, here's a little workup:

10 am Melinda and Keturah leave for an appointment
11:30 am Melinda and Keturah return

1 pm Jared leaves for a meeting
2:15 pm Jared returns

2:45 pm Melinda leaves for an appointment
3:30 pm Melinda returns

4 pm Jared leaves for a meeting
5 pm Jared returns

6:15 pm We all left for Justin's last basketball practice of the season.
8:15 pm We all return.

Phew!  Did you catch all of that?  Some of you may say that it is NORMAL for you to do that much running around.  Well, it's not usual for us to have the back and forth like that.  If I'm out, I usually string together several stops in the one outing.  And when you only have one car, you have this coming and going routine.  I'm SO grateful we live "in town," i.e. Charlottetown, and everything is minutes away.  Now, for today's pictures from basketball.  Ok, ok, so I took a ton of photos of Abishai, again.  Sorry, that kid is too photogenic!!  I did take lots of videos too.  And I have some great photos of Justin from his tournament a month ago.

Jared is wearing his basketball shoes he used to wear on early Wednesday mornings playing ball at Indian Creek with some guys!  That was like a long time ago, maybe 8 or 10 years ago? Nice to have them on again though!

Abishai got lots of walking and crawling practice tonight.  He has made a few steps on his own and can stand for 5 seconds.  He's making more and more progress every day!

Cute baby on his throne.

Keturah has been practicing her basketball moves when she's joined Dad and Justin during practice.  I and Abishai usually stay home.  Abishai liked touching the basketball net too.

Trying to keep Abishai entertained and contained during the actual practice was such a chore!  He was growling and screaming and pitching a fit because he wanted to play!

Super, super tired baby.  We wore this kid out!!  He's in a "catch me if you can" phase that probably will never end because he's so active like Keturah.

Justin has improved SO MUCH in just 1 "season" of basketball!  From crying about dribbling drills on the first night to actually getting the ball to the net and scoring, wow, I'm impressed!

Today's funny moment brought to you by: a working pay phone! Yes, they still exist! And a month or two ago, I asked Keturah if she knew what this was and she said, "No!" So I had to explain it to her.  The last time I saw a pay phone was probably when I used it and a prepaid calling card before I had a cell phone when I went to school at UIndy.  That was 13 years ago!

Keturah: "What's that?" Me: "A phone book." Keturah: "What's a phone book?" Me: "It has phone numbers listed in it." In this day and age of yellowpages.com and Google, it's rare to see an intact phone book.  Our city isn't backward though, we have lots of great internet and up to date aesthetics, but it's nice to also know that those in an older generation can still have what they are used to as well.  I LOVE our city!

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