Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 337: GREAT DAY!!!

God really showed up and showed off today in a big way for me! I was at an all day craft fair type event to sell the Lilla Rose products and had a blast. I had my fellow stylist with me and we worked very well as a team.  We sold a few flexiclips each, which might not seem like much, but it was just the confidence booster I needed for God to say, "Hey, you CAN do this WITH my help."  We handed out a lot of brochures and collected people's information for a drawing for a free flexiclip and to sign them up for my email list.  It was a very small event called, Christmas in Wanamaker, and they had this little map and you had to go around to different businesses in the little town to get a stamp.  Fill up the card and then you can be entered into a drawing.  There was also a small parade that drew a little of the crowd as well.  It was cold, maybe 35 F degrees, but terribly windy and no snow.  However, we were in a heated garage of a limo business and they did not keep the heat on the whole time, so our fingers and toes were a bit numb.  My friend and I had a great time chatting together and meeting new people as we shared our product.  It was so much fun to a have a partner this time around!  I didn't see any of you out there today, but if you are interested in Lilla Rose products, just let me know.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family was split up big time today.  Jared had Benaiah and Justin at their Bible Bowl competition (they only one 1 out of 10 games today and need to study more for the next competition) all day.  Then they went directly to church for the 4pm service because Benaiah is now a greeter at the Welcome booths.  That's a perfect job for his outgoing personality.  I'm so proud of how he loves to serve at church, too.  I volunteered a lot at his age and really enjoyed it.  I'm sure Jared was roped into some things, but he also volunteered on the sound board and I know he enjoyed that a lot and that's why he enjoyed doing it at the Cornwall church as well.  I joined them for the 5:30 service and made Justin sit through the service again with us, and he did not like that.  We had been up since 6 am, so I know he was tired, too.

Abishai and Keturah spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa and also had a blast.  Keturah needed to be at the church before the 4pm service because the kids' choir is singing at the beginning of all 4 services this weekend.  They start their songs a few minutes before church starts, so don't be late tomorrow!  She was not nervous at all at being on stage.  I'm not surprised.  She's usually not too hesitant trying new things (that's Justin, though, who shies away from most things).  She gets to sleep over at Grandpa's house tonight, without her siblings, so that they can take her to church early tomorrow.  Grandpa's 8 yr old princess.  I say "8 yr old princess" because Grandma likes to say, "You are my favorite 11 yr old." to Justin.  Or "You're my favorite 7 yr old" to Nora.  That way everyone gets to be Grandma's "favorite."

Abishai kept Grandma and Grandpa on their toes by making lap after lap around their house.  He doesn't usually get into trouble, but he's just so busy it's hard to keep up with him.  He took an early nap, and therefore, it wasn't a very long one.  He got up from the nap around 1pm and we just put him to bed at 9pm.  Usually he's only awake for 5 hrs at a time.  To say he was delirious is an understatement.  His antics tonight thoroughly entertained us for over an hour.  He doesn't get grumpy, instead he gets giddy and hyper.  It's so much fun.  Seriously!  Stuff like telling him, "Abishai, bubble!" and he grunts like he's trying to fart.  Or "Give me a cheesey smile." or "tickle Daddy's ears".  Or just bouncing from one person to another.  Gary talked about in the sermon tonight how he's an extrovert and thrives on relationships.  Abishai is definitely the same way.  The more people around, the happier he is.  We think he said, "Mama" and I responded "Yes." and he might have said "Nothing." and went on his merry way.  Yeah, that kid.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those "I'm so sore" kind of days, and I'll have to take it slow to prepare the week and recover from today.  And Abishai will need a good nap, and the other kids will need some seriously quiet alone time, too.  Then, it's back to the grind on Sunday night with kids' choir rehearsal and youth group.  Fun times!

That expression says it all. "Look at me go!"

Our little set up today.  It's small, but it can be mighty!

As I slowly and calmly set up, I looked around and thought, "I'm so glad I sell small things and don't need an elaborate display."  Other stylists who sell at bigger shows have incredible displays, but it's not necessary for everyone.

If you see way in the background there, one vendor sells clothing, so they have to transport the clothing racks and everything from show to show.  No, thank you!  Plus, I know that some DS companies require you to have a big inventory or have a huge start up cost, and I'm glad our company is not set up that way.  It's something like $50 for your kit and you get 5 Flexiclips worth much more than that, the smaller banner that you see in the front of my booth, and some marketing materials.  Easy.  And you only need to buy $25-30 retail of product per year to stay active.  Again, easy.  I had Jared bring in my table and big tote this morning, but I carried them out this evening just fine.  Simple and easy.

Justin would have loved to see this!  It's a Jurassic Park jeep and a raptor that moved up and down!  Awesome!

And this was fun, too!  Stormtroopers and other Star Wars characters in costume with Santa hats on.

Just your average teenage plugged into his headphones during lunch today.  I like the way Jared put it, "Might you notice anything...o, "anatomical?" Especially around the auditory canals...."  Benaiah is working on being less hooked up, but I think we all know that it's hard to put down the electronics.  I know I'm guilty of that.

And this one is great, too.  Jared said of Justin, "He's an estrongen sink/magnet....ALL the ladies on BB team w/in a yr of Justin surrounding him."  And it's true.  Justin is one of those big hearted, look out for everyone "nice" guys and does attract the ladies a bit.  He has no clue that he does though.  He did write some nice friendly notes to a lady on PEI a couple of times.  He's just sweet.  And I guess he did get to help out his team some, but did very poor on his written test today.  Bummers.

One last caption taken straight from Jared's twitter feed tonight, "I like the stage design. Simple yet full, emphasis on brightness/light...#11yoSez 'Oo yeah, a forest; I can go hide in it!' "  Oh Justin, you are so funny and you don't even have to try!
Here comes the famous kids' choir!

Keturah is all the way on the left, second row from the bottom.  She did a great job singing and doing her motions, but did get a little distracted by things happening around them.

Feel free to join us for their full performance next Sunday, December 11th, at 6 pm in the big auditorium at Indian Creek Christian Church, southeast Indianapolis.  I'm so glad we get to continue this "tradition" with another child of ours!  Justin had no interest in choir even when we lived here before.

Here's a few pics of the boys when they were in choir.  Benaiah was almost 6 in this picture.  He is the 2nd one from the left on the 2nd row I believe.

There's Justin!  I think he did do choir just once.  He must have been 5 or 6 as well.  It's for grades K-5.

My "little" angel from 2009, almost 7 years old..  Ahh.....Benaiah did have a major role in one of the musicals (they do two a year) when he was in 4th grade.  The funniest line he had was, "Yeah, my grandpa wears cufflinks and he's OLD."  And at the time, Grandpa did where cufflinks occasionally, and was still wearing a nice button up shirt and tie with trousers every Sunday.  My oh far we've come on the dress code for church, lol.  Anyway, it was perfect!
Abishai did knock out for part of the car ride home, so technically he wasn't up for 8 hrs straight.  But he did have to play for another 2 hrs before he was ready for bed.

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