Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 341: The Unexpected

Well, that was a day.  Nothing tragic, but some plans changed on a minute to minute basis.  Hm,....first up, Jared had his dental appointment to fill in some cavities and then couldn't eat for a good portion of the day because his mouth was numb.  Fun times.  Then, because I was coughing up a lung (not literally, although I feel like I was), I made a 4pm appointment to see the doctor.  He gave me cheratussin (robitussion with codeine? that's going to throw me for a loop) and benzonatate, to suppress the cough.  No antibiotics, which is fine.  I just need to stop the coughing part of things because it's tensing up my whole body causing all kinds of other pain, including a headache on the left side of my head.  Most if not all of my tension headaches are at my temples or forehead, so this is new and different.  I can feel that my lower back left is in much more pain than usual.  I'm glad I went, and I know it will take some time, but maybe these other prescription strength things will help me with the symptoms while the body fights whatever this is.

I took Justin with me at 4 so that we could run some errands and then go to church for Bible Bowl/Bible study.  Well, this sweet 11 year old spent $60 on gifts for 3 friends who don't do an all out celebration at Christmastime, and therefore, no presents.  $60 from reading books and writing out book reports.  Yes, this is my compassionate one.  Benaiah is very passionate, but it different ways.  Justin also bought himself a Lego set, so now I have to take Keturah to use her birthday money and earned money to get her Lego set.  I know, I know, it's close to Christmas.  I was going to have her wait until after Christmas, but now, it's not fair that Justin bought his and she's been waiting 6 months to spend hers.  Anyway, I still have other Christmas errands to run, so I'll fit it in somewhere.  We then had dinner at McDonald's (yeah for peppermint hot chocolate to soothe the throat!) and I dropped Justin off at church.  I didn't stay for Bible study because I knew my coughing would interrupt class.  Plus, I wanted to get my prescriptions filled and make a couple of other stops.

Meanwhile, Daddy, Keturah and Abishai watched the Penguins movie, ate supper together, and Abishai made Keturah so mad she was still pouting when I got home.  I think that was their first real fight!  Abishai was a handful today since he only had a 1 1/2 hr nap.  It makes the day really, really long when he sleeps much less than he usually does because he's so wired all the time.

Because I have only 4 pictures to share, I'll link some videos as well.

Jared was very impressed that Abishai knew how to unplug the extension cord to the Christmas lights in the hallway and plug in his favorite lightup bunny.  Genius!

And it's a big plug, too!  The bunny came from our old neighbor lady in Charlottetown.  Very random, but it's been a very well loved toy.

These are two of the toys Justin got for his friends (who happen to be girls) at co op.  He asked them what they wanted, and they wanted Star Wars stuff.

While out and about, I spotted trees with their leaves on still!  It's finally going to be in the 20's tonight, temperature wise, and there might be some accumulating snow on Sunday.  I did put on my heavy coat today, and my hat, but got annoyed at the hat and the coat felt bulky and too warm.  And it was 34 degrees!  I guess I really got used to the cold up there in the north.

My parents got this doll for Keturah when she was this age because they loved the sounds it makes.  Abishai has taken to the doll much more than Keturah did.  Hopefully this a good sign that he'll make a good dad someday, because his daddy models it so well for him.

Just your average child with your average amount of energy to run off.  Actually, I called him the Energizer Bunny/AAA personality/Gary mini me today.  THIS KID He also climbed up the ladder, paused, yelled for Dada to come see, and then when Dada came, he head dived onto the bed.  Oh boy.

If someone sings one line of this song, I'm done for!  I'll have it in my head ALL DAY LONG.  They love these "BLR" or "Bad Lip Reading" videos.  I especially love Benaiah's changes in voice here.

Just playing with his cars, as normal, right before a nap, thus he was lying down.

I guess I need to take more videos of the other kids, eh?  But who wants to see them playing video games? Or reading? Or...yes, I'll take more videos of them.  I did take a few of them reading aloud in the last few months.  And I'll have Keturah's performance videotaped on Sunday.  But everyone in this J6 family agrees that Abishai is the cutest, and therefore, it's ok if he gets more video and picture coverage than the rest of them.  And yes, I did ask the other kids and made sure they were ok with how much attention Abishai tends to get.  We try to keep it even, but it's hard when the Mr. A shouts ALL DAY LONG at us to get our attention.  He shouts loudly! The other kids never did until they were way older.  Oh, and he woke up from his nap today and immediately started chanting "Baby, Sissy, Baba, Sissy."  Sibling love right there!

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