Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 335: One of those days

Well, I didn't get to write this blog post yesterday because we were super busy in the afternoon and evening.  And then I spent 4 hrs with a great friend of mine just hanging out and talking until 2 am at her house!  Yes, sometimes that does happen.  And I was determined to get up, get going, and not take it out on the kids if I was uber tired.  I'm doing ok so far.  So, I'll be posting more on tomorrow's blog post and post whatever pictures I have for the last two days then.  Sorry about that!

And if you are in the Indianapolis area, and want to come see me at a craft fair/Christmas event called "Christmas in Wanamaker," you can find me in Wanamaker, IN, which is in southeast Indianapolis, Frankline Township area.  I'll be inside the limo business which is across the street from the flower shop.  There is a Christmas parade at noon as well.  Lots of treats and discounts and people selling their wares, including my fellow stylist and I.  I'd love to chat, so come on by anytime from 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, December 3rd.  Thanks!

Christmas in Wanamaker

Photo Courtesy of the Christmas in Wanamaker event, Wanamaker, Indiana.

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