Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 345: Performance Day!

Woot! Woot!  Keturah had her first really big performance in Children's Choir tonight!  She didn't have a solo or speaking part, but we feel it's important to acknowledge when the kids have a "first."  And since there's over 100 kids in this particular choir and they sing on the huge stage in the auditorium, it can be a little daunting to tackle.  Lots of hand motions for every song.  Standing on risers for 40 minutes (after another dress rehearsal before hand.)  But she took it all in stride.  Just like Benaiah, she wasn't scared to be on stage.  But unlike him, and more like Justin, she doesn't want a leading role in anything either.  She was actually more concerned that the pizza they were going to have for dinner didn't show up and so she gobbled up 3 cookies afterwards!  2 hrs later and she comes to me complaining about a stomach ache.  But the show was awesome and they all did well with their lines, solos, and dances.  So many people though!  And so many people I had no clue who they were!  That's what happens when you a) move away for 4 years b) have a 6 year gap between the participants so that the kids and families you are used to hanging out with are not even in choir anymore and c) not being as well connected as before (on purpose).

I did have a fantastic time singing along (because I had to listen to the musical while she practiced at home) and playing videographer and photographer from the balcony.  I had the unique advantage to observe how events like this are recorded now by parents - all on their smartphones!  I saw maybe 2 other regular video cameras and maybe half a dozen regular digital cameras.  And here I am walking around like paparazzi with my big DSLR and tripod.  I wasn't embarrassed, I was actually having fun with it! Working behind the scenes and capturing moments on film as always been a hobby of mine that goes way back to high school.  I enjoyed being at youth group, but I wasn't in the all the activities or conversations with my peers.  So, I would take pictures.  And that was back when all we had was film cameras and we didn't know what the pictures would look like!  Point is, I'm happiest BEHIND something, whether behind stage or behind a group of people, or behind a lens of a camera.  I take pleasure knowing I can share what I captured with us.  Thus, the blog.  Thus all those albums on Facebook from years' past.

Enough about me, although, I want my kids to know about me when I'm gone.  Speaking of gone, I got an email today from the monument person back in Hooksett, NH where my parents are buried saying the gravestone is finally in place!  First of all, it was NOT his fault it took 6 years to get it made and installed.  It was my siblings and I who have led incredibly complicated lives and didn't quite have the headspace to complete the design that slowed it down.  This guy was a local guy who knew my parents and our family and he was so incredibly patient with us.  We took our time because we knew that we were going to be looking at it for many, many years to come.  My sister, Stefanie, did most of the design and made sure quotes were right.  In fact, the bottom quote comes from a song she wrote and sang for my mom's funeral and includes lyrics from one of my mom's favorite hymns, "It Is Well With My Soul."  So, all I have to do is send the 2nd payment and call it done!  How's that for a 6 year project?  Phew!  (pictures are below)

Ok, what else?  Oh yeah, Abishi-isms!  He's really attached himself to Grandma and going to Grandma's house.  When we pulled into the driveway after the play to collect a 2nd vehicle to take home, he made a 3 syllable sound that could have been "Grandma's house!" And was put out when we didn't take him out of the car.  Earlier, when we had stopped by before going to church, we went inside and he immediately attached himself to Socks, then Benaiah's drum set, then the refridgerator, and then asked for choo choo's and went to the toy closet in the den.  I know it warms Grandma Leah's heart to be able to have that kind of connection with Abishai as she has had with the other 3 kids.  Everly and Nora, Aaron's kids, also share a bond because of how often Gary and Leah have visited them and how often they have traveled north as well.  But they were born in New Orleans, so Grandma was somewhat used to them being so far away all the time.  Anyway, yeah for heavily involved grandparents!

You'll want to download this one or zoom in on it because it's so awesome!

I love the cemetary that my parents are buried in.  From the stone walls that are from the 1700's to the little stream flowing through the mature woods, THIS is what small town NH is like!  The cemetery is in Hooksett, NH.  It's so quite, small, quaint, and peaceful.  I wish I could visit there more often.

Get those snuggles in before they get too big!

What better way to start the day then to work on your loom in your bathrobe and Santa hat? Lol!

This boy is in heaven when he's got all his cars packed up in his big semi truck!  He did most of the packing himself and most of them are facing the same direction, and they are right side up!

I'm just posting a few pictures here.  I posted every picture I took on Facebook for various friends to pick and choose from if they want to.  Keturah is in this group and is on the third riser in a green shirt right in the middle with short hair.

Benaiah and Grandpa took on the job of counting how many people were in attendance.

Herod's department store!  Herod was more concerned about his shoppers than the real story of Jesus.

My friend Rachel got to participate this year.  She loves acting, but has been busy with her young kids, one of whom is Keturah's age and doesn't want to be part of choir, and the other one is not quite old enough and can't wait to jump in!

They actually had a sign language interpretor there tonight!

Jesus, Others, You of course!

Miss Christy in the green shirt has been directing the choir since it's inception over 8 years ago.  Benaiah was in the very first group she put together.  She's also a full time kindergarten teacher and so she knows how to keep those kids in line!  We all love Miss Christy!


What you do with a 2 yr old who can't sit through a musical performance.  And yes, Jared is wearing a vest to show Keturah how important we think it is that she got to do something big like this.

Herod learns the true meaning of Christmas!

Everybody taking pictures and videos on their cell phones.

Giving gifts to Miss Christy and her crew of volunteers!
Before naptime, we bundled up and went outside while Jared chopped wood.  Well, I had just put Keturah's coat in the wash, so she had to layer with sweaters.  But she was skating around well enough that she wasn't cold.

You can't do this on PEI in December!  Wearing his snowboats, with a fall jacket, driving his tricycle around.  Poor guy didn't have gloves on so his fingers were cold and getting red.  However, he was NOT happy when I had to bring him inside.  I do have mittens for him, don't worry.

Getting wood ready for a fire.

We borrowed Grandma's car because the truck is not drivable.  This however, confused Abishai.  He's used to getting in the car on Mondays and going to Grandma's house!  He even tried to open the door!  He's ready to go!  

I got a video of this, but Abishai can now go from the TOP of the small hill in front of the garages, and then turn just in time to get up on this sidewalk!  Say what?!  He learns so fast and IS fast on his trike keeping up with Sissy!  The older boy were with Grandma and Grandpa today because they had stuff at church to do this morning.

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