Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 346: SWIDN

Say what?! What is SWIDN? Oh, it's See What I've Done Night!  i.e. show and tell for our homeschool co op!  We nearly spent our whole day at the church where co op meets because we had regular classes, set up for tonight, and then tonight's event.  I loved being able to show everyone what the little kids and I have been doing all semester.  And then Keturah and another one of my math students set out their math books for everyone to see.  But we also had art displays, history displays, their fairy gardens, English papers and the like.  We had snacks and the kids got watch the movie "Elf" on the big screen in the sanctuary.  They really loved having the extra time to spend with their friends.  Justin gave his friends their gifts he bought them, and they were really excited about them.

The kids also did a white elephant gift exchange where everyone bought a brand new pair of socks to exchange!  We separated them into the kids with small feet and the kids with big feet.  Poor Justin got stuck with the little feet because I bought socks for little feet.  Oh well, they still had some fun.  Although, these homeschool kids are way too nice to each other to steal from one another, like the game is usually played.  Us moms tend to be a little more into the game and sometimes it can be downright vicious with lots of laughter.  I missed last week's mom's night out with this group, but will be going to my MOPSnext group party with ornament and cookie exchanges on Thursday.

Dads and other siblings came, too, to admire the kids' work, which means Benaiah and Jared were both there as well as Abishai.  Oh my goodness, Abishai was thoroughly wound up today by the time he got back to the house around 5pm with Benaiah and Jared.  The truck did not get fixed today, so we are still shuffling around cars.  That means he was with Grandma all day.  She doesn't fill him up with too many treats, but just having that one on one time just does something special for that extroverted little boy.  He indicated he wanted momma when he got home but then ran away from mama, straight to Justin saying, "Baba!" and then "Sissy!"  I was overlooked!  And then when we took him to the event tonight, he just could not settle down!  Bedtime was almost a disaster because he was so fired up and overstimulated by all the people today!  I have a feeling we're going to become party central when he gets older.  He was loud and running around and being all cute, but boy, oh boy, it's hard to keep up with him!

My littles class enjoying some marbleworks time first thing in the morning.  I had told the little guy to remind me that we were going to play with the marbles FIRST THING this week because they didn't get enough time last week.  And sure enough, he DID remember and I forgot!  But yeah, I'm glad they had plenty of time to play, work together, learn physics, etc.

Abishai loves watching the big kids.

We brought our breakfast with us today.

Making paper bag owl puppets!

Lots of beautiful feathers!

They did great following instructions and being creative.

The next teacher came in after our class and did their fun and games with letters and reading.

I had the privilege of watching one of the mom's youngest two kids while she taught a class and they were angels!  This little guy played Lego the whole time.

The reading teacher plus the little girl that Abishai loves to hug just hanging out in her lap.  This little girl walked around playing with stuff and never once put a Lego in her mouth.  She's 1 years old.

Justin helped serve pizza at lunch today.

The little feet sock exchange.  They didn't understand the "exchanging" part of taking another person's socks that they like more than the ones they have.

The big kids doing their exchange, and they were a little more into the game than the littles were. 
Our wonderful botany teacher helping each and every student complete their fairy gardens.

Our display for a our stories/unit study class with the littles.

Justin's finished garden

Keturah's amusement park fairy garden that she made for all the others to come and visit and play!

A wonderful Mommy helped her little ones with their garden and it looks beautiful!  

Our jars of healing salve from plants the botany students found. 
Lots of art!

Keturah and Justin's pointillism.  

Justin was fascinated with this ziggurrat the older kids made.

To Be Continued.......,  

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