Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 347: When the going gets tough...IT SNOWED!

You make no bake cookies! (They are really for my cookie exchange moms' party on Thursday).

It's been an emotionally challenging day today for me, but I'll try not to focus on that.  When you get an upsetting email and then you also hear of a relative's health issues, it makes for a mind that is preoccupied and has a hard time focusing on the positive.  BUT, how can I stay sad/mad/upset when Abishai is so loud running through the house and so excited to go outside and play in the 4 inches of snow we got!  Hurry outside before it melts! Lol.  It snowed ALL DAY, big fluffy flakes, and thankfully none of us had any where to go.  We've had a couple of very busy days so we needed this day of rest.  Abishai was a bit clingy as well since he didn't see me much yesterday.  But it was hard to convince the middles that they could slow down and just get a bit of math and reading done today so I can count it as a day of school.

I puttered and decluttered a bit to catch up on the reverse advent stuff.  Justin really struggles with giving things away and said he thought about something that he had given away for 3 weeks straight afterwards.  Wow.  That's why we need to practice doing that now.  I told him it doesn't have to be his stuff.  It can be very random stuff all over the house.  I understand him for sure.  I still think about some of the things I gave away.  But I don't have time to dwell on it for very long, so I move on pretty quickly.

Goodness, me, I don't know what else to say for today.  I'm pretty physically and emotionally tired, that's probably why.

I guess I forgot to post the pictures I got on my phone or from a friend's wall from yesterday.  I thought this was cute of the kids finishing up their gardens.

Great minds think alike and where the Santa hats!

The view from our window this morning - makes me miss Charlottetown even more.

Lots of snow!

So they created their own indoor games!

Throwing a frisbee from the top bunk!

Playing pretend "I'm the 11th doctor!"

Ready to go outside!  He couldn't wait and didn't mind getting dressed! 
We don't have our snowpants and Justin and Jared don't have their snowboots yet, but since it's only a few inches, we made do just fine.

Awesome packing snow!  Here we go! 
Big pile of snow from the parking lot!

Pretty trees!

He walked through the snow by himself without throwing a fuss.  That's my Canadian for ya!

Abishai would knock the snow out of the other kids' hands.  Something different than I've ever seen done regarding snow.

The pile is so high I can reach the tree!

Because of the slush, that will freeze overnight and this weekend, it's going to be pretty slick out there the next few dyas.

Keturah found pre made balls for snowmen in the big pile made by the plow truck!


BB8 again!

Why can't I ride my bike, Mommy?

They had a fight and over went the snowmen.

Trying to find any patch of ground without snow so he can ride his bike.

Aw, pretty!

Naked baby playing his "pew pew" game.

Been using the same No Bake cookie recipe for 11 years thanks to our MOPS cookbooks!

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