Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 348: It was a Wednesday

So, it was a Wednesday, work, school (vacation starts next week), errands like dropping of a broken truck, Bible Bowl, groceries, etc etc.   Keturah is just starting on multiplication in her new math book and Justin is working on converting fractions and learning the rules of order of operations.  Benaiah has finally, FINALLY understood slopes and equations in his Algebra I class.  He got a 102 out of 100 on his exam on Romeo and Juliet - all without studying much!  He once again clarified with his teacher why he got a question wrong because he misunderstood the question and she gave him the point!  Benaiah also sits at the self declared "party table" at lunch.  Well, ok then.  Oh, and he played his box drum during chapel.  His drama class also performed during chapel.  AND his Grandpa Johnson got to preach on Ruth at chapel.  And get this?! When it was snowing yesterday, the principal let the whole school go outside for 5-10 minutes during one of their class periods so that they could enjoy the big snowflakes!  One of the students is from Texas, so he never has seen snow before.  Cool!

Let's see.  I implemented a new "rule" for Christmas break that the middles have to play a board game (by themselves or with each other) and read a Christmas story (but not ones they have repeatedly read over the years) before they can have electronic time.  They will continue math lessons tomorrow and Friday, and can continue them if they are bored and they want to next week and the week after, but they are not required to.

It was getting pretty chilly out there tonight when I took the younger two to the grocery store and Jared took the boys to Bible Bowl.  Not as chilly has poor Prince Edward Island where tomorrow they will get yet another dumping of snow and then Friday their windchill will be -22 Fahrenheit!  Brrr....

Not exactly what the math manipulatives were designed for, but it does look like a pretty neat house!

Abishai loves the baby that my parents gave Keturah that babbles and blows raspberries. Today he thought she was hungry.

So he fed her some french fries.  No on got out the pretend fries and showed him how.  That's all him just practicing what he sees.

Then he had to try them.

All comfy and cozy on this chilly day reading a book in mama's bed.

I do enjoy the bright blue skies of Indiana.  Roads were a bit icy still because the temperature was below freezing.

My Aldi's finds!  Sugar free Hazelnut non dairy creamer!  Non alcoholic pumpkin cider!

Pumpkin spice syrup I'll save for next fall (maybe) to put in my coffee to make my own PSL!  And wow, oh wow, gluten free French Fried onions!  I can put them on green been casserole again!!!  I LOVE Aldi's!  Live G Free is their own gluten free brand, plus TONS of their other products don't contain gluten like hot dogs and breakfast sausage.  Always check the labels though!

Christmas shaped rainbow pasta, fun for the kids!

CLICK THIS LINK, it's another video that wouldn't load onto the blog b/c it was too big:

Abishai playing in closet

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